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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Bloo's Reviews | RPDR S8 First Impressions!

In today's post I'm going to discuss my first impressions of the twelve queens that graced our screens in the first episode of season eight of RuPaul's Drag Race. Originally I was going to write a review for the whole episode but I felt like it was going to end up too long when including my first impressions. I also didn't want to share any spoilers as I know many people probably won't have seen the episode yet. I may review the episode at a later date.

Naomi Smalls
She is just beautiful. She legit has legs for days and I overall love her supermodel look. I really like how she didn't pad her chest and still looks all woman. Her outfit wasn't anything spectacular but on her it doesn't really matter. With a figure like that nobody is looking at your clothes, am I right? I say that but I also look forward to seeing more looks from her.

Cynthia Lee Fontaine
She doesn't excite me at all and I don't find her funny. Her outfit was meh and she's trying to hard to make her 'coocoo' happen.

Dax ExclamationPoint
I'm really interested in seeing more of Dax. Her outfit was pretty cool and her make up was interesting. She paints her nose like a Who. Anyone else think that?

Naysha Lopez
She's beautiful but her outfit left a lot to be desired. I'm always wary of a queen who cares about looks over all else as I feel they struggle quite a bit with a of the challenges.

Acid Betty
Her entrance was probably one of the more memorable this season but that's as far as I can go with compliments just yet. I feel like she thinks she's a lot more original and out there than she is. Perhaps that's just because I watched and read a lot of Club Kids related stuff lately. I hope she proves me wrong and shows me something that whoas me. I think another thing that puts me off her is her self proclaimed 'bitch' status. I'm just a bit over that if I'm honest.

Robbie Turner
Okay, I understand she has been doing drag longer than Jinx and Jinx started off like a Jinx reject herself but that's just the feel I get from Robbie. I feel like after Jinx winning she should have came out with something more. Stepped it up. It's season eight after all. I also feel like she's another overly shady queen. I mean I love some shade as much as the next person but sometimes rather than being funny it just makes you look like a dick. I feel like Robbie thinks she's funnier with it than she is.

Kim Chi
I was initially put off Kim Chi when she mentioned wearing a head piece with a live bird in it during a club performance. That's just wrong. However, so far she is very likeable. She reminds me of Trixie Mattel's sidekick or vice versa. They could be a crime fighting duo or something. I really liked her outfit and her entrance and over all she's come across really talented, creative and sweet so far. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

Thorgy Thor
Thorgy is one of my favourites so far. She seems funny without trying to be a bitch. I'm interested to see some more of her drag as she mentioned she doesn't wear gowns very often. I want to see how Ru and Michelle etc feel about that. I also really like her make up as it definitely comes across as clown so far but also really pretty. Her entrance outfit wasn't exactly memorable but it wasn' horrible either.

Bob The Drag Queen
So far I love Bob and he was the queen I was most excited to see after seeing the promo. He's hilarious, talented and knows it but he doesn't come across as a dick. So far I've felt like his drag style is a little pedestrian so I'm excited to see him in more tasks where his other talents can shine.

Laila McQueen
I'm interested to see more of Laila. Her entrance wasn't exactly memorable and while her outfit was bold in colour it left a lot to be desired. It just didn't really do anything for me, which is odd considering it my favourite colours. It was an outfit that felt appropriate for a young queen and I look forward to seeing her grow. She seems kind of shy but she comes out with these shady one liners which I find funny.

Chi Chi DeVayne
Chi Chi reminds me of Tyra Sanchez but with personality. I'm hoping we get to see a lot more from her. She wore a trash bag dress and although it looked well put together I feel like a few little tweaks would have made it more flattering. She said she's a cheap - or resourceful - queen so I look forward to seeing how she fairs in the creative challenges.

Derrick Barry
Britney realness. That's about it.

Tell me some of your first impressions of our season eight queens.
Do you have a favourite yet?


  1. I haven't seen the first episode yet so I really need to get onto that! From all of the promo material I think that Bob is my favourite so far but then it's also so early to tell! Great post. - Tasha

  2. I'm so excited for the new season! Season 7 was kind of boring after season 6, but this one seems like it's going to be good!


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