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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

My Week In Words | #9 2016

"I have gained so much more from my experiences of being open and loving humanity rather than being jaded and being closed-off."
Mary Lambert

Welcome to this belated edition of My Week In Words. I'm still getting used to having a second blog and writing an extra post a week. Well, that an I just suck at focusing. This week was full of body positivity, toys and ice hockey! Today's post covers from Sunday 21st to Saturday 27th of February. I can't believe February has been and gone already. I didn't even notice the extra day! Anyway, enjoy.

On Sunday I posted the introductory post on my new toy related blog. I was excited to start posting on it even if it wasn't an actual toy post. At the moment I'm going to stick to posting on it once a week. If you have an interest in toys please head over and check it out. Anyway! I got up for my usual Sunday fry up and Eva and I chilled together as she as off work. Eventually I got around to starting some work on My Week In Words but it was very slow while I got distracted by social media. I was happy to catch some live NHL games for once instead of replays. I always forget they are earlier at the weekend. I even watched my first outdoor game, which was kind of cool. Though watching it made me feel cold in a way that watching indoor games doesn't. While I worked and watched ice hockey I also chatted and took part in some Twitter chats. Talk about multitasking, I know. The lovely Prompts By Dee was on Periscope so I stopped by chat to her. If you don't know Dee then you NEED to go check her out. I hope she Periscopes more in the future and maybe I will too! After dinner I knuckled down and was able to get My Week In Words scheduled just before bed.

I woke up to Eva on Monday. She was supposed to be at work but was able to get home after only being in for three hours. My mum was out so Eva got me up and made me breakfast. She made something for herself too and we watched Good Mythical Morning while we ate. Eva's Oyatsu Box arrived so we tried the yummies she got this month. If you don't know what a Oyatsu Box is it's a monthly subscription box full of Japanese sweets. Although it's Eva's she always lets me have some. If you follow me on Snapchat (at BloonStuff) you might have caught my attempt at the build your own candies kit that came with the box this month. Eva doesn't really like the kits so she said I could have them. Later on in the evening I took part in my first chat my toy blog Twitter. It was The Girl Gang chat and the theme was magic. Such great fun! Another chat I took part in was Zchat and it's theme was sexuality. It felt good to be a little more open about that side of things than I usually would. Eventually I got around to cleaning out and feeding my snails. They really enjoyed tucking into some sweet potato. The only thing is it turned their poos bright orange! At least they weren't hard to miss on clean out day.

The rest of the evening I worked a little on my notes for My Week In Words and then had supper before heading to bed. My Week In Words was also posted on Monday and you can check it out here if you missed it.

Tuesday was a Belfast Giants game day! I got up with Eva and had breakfast. There was a little bit of a fiasco before Eva made breakfast as my mum did the thing all mothers do, "There's loads to eat in the cupboard." You know the thing. Thankfully Eva was able to rustle something up. We watched YouTube videos while we ate and then after breakfast I attempted to phone and make reservations for Eva and I to stay at the hotel on the night of the Belfast Giants Awards but I got an answering machine. I may have mastered calling places without having a melt down but I'm not ready for leaving messages! I ended up asking my mum to try again later for me.

I was a little out of blogging ideas for my Midweek Misc post for the week but as luck would have it I had someone message me about something I'd said about my pancakes turning into crumpets when I'm on my period and it gave me the idea to write a body positive post about boobs! I love getting a spark of inspiration. It's probably one of the blogs I've enjoyed writing most recently. I guess because it was about something important. I also talked about things in it that I don't open up about often. It felt good. I got a good bit of it down before I had to get ready for the game with Eva. We got the 6pm train and the journey flew in because I tried out the Snapchat fun filters for the first time! Eva had to teach me how. Okay, I get why people are so obsessed. They are pretty fun. Anyway, we made it to the arena in good time but the game was delayed anyway for the big crowd. It was a Challenge Cup Semi Final game and they'd also had a deal so people could get free tickets if they had a season ticket. It made for a great atmosphere.

I was taking some Snapchats of warm up when I realised I had a DM from a friend Suzanne. She was in the wheelchair area at the opposite end of the ice with her boyfriend and had taken a photo of me. So naturally we sent each other selfies too. Before the game started Eva went to get us Shirt Of The Back Tickets and she also picked up this poster for my dad. It's the leaflet that tells you who's playing for each team but this week it was my dad's favourite player on it. Yes, you can probably tell I was a little Snapchat crazy. The game itself wasn't great. In short... we lost. So we didn't progress any further in the Challenge Cup. Still, as always it was fun to get out of the house with Eva.

We met Suzanne in the queue for the lift and she informed me that they Giants lose every time she goes, so I guess we have her to thank for the loss. Aha, I wish that was true. Dad picked Eva and I up and made me something to eat when I got home as I'd skipped dinner. Mum informed me she'd booked the hotel room for Eva and I, so that was a great end to the evening. Roll on March 20th!

I got up late on Wednesday and had breakfast by myself as Eva was working. I watched YouTube while I ate then got to work on my 'You Have To Have Boobs' post. I try to have posts scheduled the night before I'm due to post but I didn't get it finished on Tuesday because of the game. I really need to be more organised. I eventually got it posted and you can check it out here if you missed it. I got it done in time to post before I had to quickly get ready and head to a doctor appointment. I had my usual doctor and he didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. It's kind of annoying when you've been about the same thing multiple times and they give you the same spiel. I have problems with dry skin and lately particularly a patch on my scalp. It's been harder to shift as I can't avoid using shampoos and it's not exactly nice having cream in your hair. He's prescribed me something different and I'm hopeful it will work this time. By the time I got home Eva was back from work. This cutie had arrived earlier in the day and I was excited to open her!

I can't wait to write about her on my toy blog. Sorry, but I couldn't resist posting one photo on this blog too. I guess toys won't disappear altogether. Eva had ordered pizza before I got home and it didn't take long for it to arrive. We ate together and watched stuff online. Later on in the evening I took part a Twitter chat and generally chilled online. I didn't watch the Brits but it felt like I had because everyone was posting about it Twitter. I did get a little bit done on my Friday post but on the most part it wasn't a very productive evening.

Thursday wasn't a very eventful day at all. Eva came home again early and we had left over pizza together for breakfast while watching YouTube. I wasted most of the day but eventually got around to working on my Friday post while watching some NHL games. Being distracted as usual by social media meant I only got it scheduled just in time for bed. The highlight of Thursday was definitely that it was a good social anxiety day as I made a couple of appointments on the phone. I know I'm doing that a lot now but it still feels like an achievement every time.

My post 5 Films They Shouldn't Remake was posted on Friday. If you missed it you can check it out here. I had a lot of fun writing it. I love writing posts that include gifs as it's fun scrolling Tumblr to find them. I was up a little earlier than usual as everyone was off to work, so Mum had to get me up before she left. I ate breakfast by myself while watching YouTube and then spent earlier in the day tweaking my blog. You may or may not notice the changes. If you think there's anything I could do to improve my blog I would really appreciate any feedback. I took a break from blog work to take part in a Twitter chat that I hadn't participated in before, Lunch Time Bloggers. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the fact it was earlier in the day. I procrastinated a lot of the day and then it was time for the SpoonieSpeak chat. I was a little bummed out that for once I was home to take part but the topic wasn't really anything I had experience in. Oh well, next time! After the Bloggers Do It Better chat I finally did some work for my toy blog while watching NHL games. I had A LOT of photos to edit for my first toy post. The photos weren't the quality I thought they were but I did my best to make them passable. When Eva came in from work we ended up just going to bed after she had something to eat to watch the latest episode of Girl Meets World and more Degrassi.

I got up in time for my fry up on Saturday. I was glad I was able to catch The Superhuman Show on Channel 4 plus an hour. I'm so excited that Channel 4 are already talking about the Paralympics. I really enjoy their coverage. I cannot wait until Rio! I watched it while I ate and then after I chilled with Eva for a while before starting work on a toy unboxing and review. I worked very slowly but eventually got it scheduled. While I wrote I followed an away Belfast Giants game on Twitter and watched a Pittsburgh Penguins game live. Later on in the evening I had a go on my Xbox 360 as Eva's been gaming more recently. She was playing Lara Croft and I wanted to see how bad I'd be. The answer is VERY. I thought Eva was going to take a swing at me. It's safe to say my hands cannot work an Xbox controller anymore. After about ten minutes I gave Eva the controller back and decided to go back to something I'm moderately good at, blog work. After I had supper Eva and I got into bed to watch an anime Eva had found on Netflix, Glitter Force. I've never really watched anime before but I'd like to watch more. This seemed as good a start as any. The show is super cute! I asked for some anime recommendations on Twitter and got a bunch so I'm looking forward to checking them out too.

And so concludes my week. Tell me something you got up to!

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