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Saturday, 9 April 2016

My Week In Words | #14 2016

"We should not be afraid to go into a new era, to leave the old beyond."
Zack Wamp

Welcome to My Week In Words. Yes, it's late again. I thought I was back in the flow of things but I guess not. Still, at least I got it up before I'm two weeks behind. I'm seriously thinking of discontinuing this series for a while. I'm finding it a little boring to write as I don't feel like I'm doing enough of a variety of things. Maybe I just need to make more of an effort to change things up. Tell me what you think! Would you miss these posts? Anyway, today's instalment covers from Sunday 27th of March to Saturday 2nd of April. I can't believe we're into the forth month already. Enjoy!

Sunday was a day of pain as my period hit with full force. I haven't seen my granny (on my dad's side) in months, since she moved to a care home. There are a number of reasons for this I may go into in a later post but I'm not really sure how much deeply I want to talk about it yet as it's quite a difficult and personal thing to talk about for my extended family. I have their privacy to think of too. But I digress, we had hoped for Easter Sunday we would visit my granny for the first time since she moved but Eva and I - being as in sync as we are - both felt like we were dying. Got to love the menstrual cycle.

We also had dinner reservations for after visiting Granny but we ended up cancelling them and just having a chill day instead. My aunt Karen was supposed to go for dinner with us so we invited her for takeaway but she ended up declining as she wasn't feeling well either. Eva and I watched some Equestria Girls films - which I totally recommend! - and later on we ordered Dominos. It was a super low key day compared to what we'd planned but I was happy with that. Eva and I spent he evening questing on Tera.

Oh, this Easter I got three Easter 'eggs'. I say that because only one was actually egg shaped. My aunt got me a Cardbury's Twirl egg and my mum got me a Hello Kitty and Dinosaur 'egg'. They were legit the cutest and it was quite a while after Easter before I could bring myself to start eating them.

I was feeling a bit better on Monday but not 100%. Even so we decided we wouldn't cancel our plans again. My mum was in England with my granny so it was just Eva, Dad and I hanging out. We'd invited my aunt Karen but she declined again. We decided to go to the farm, which ended up being a mistake for more than one reason.

If you are a fan of my blog then you know I love animals. I don't like visiting zoos and I've always been conflicted about farms. I love seeing and getting to pet and interact with the animals but my enjoyment is on a very shallow level. I was brought back down to earth with a bit of a bump on this visit. First, here are the few photos I was able to get.

I say was able to get because our first mistake was going to the farm on Easter Monday. Basically leaving the house is a mistake on Easter Monday but particularly when going somewhere like the farm. We went to Streamvale again. I wrote a post about it before, singing their praises but that all changed on this visit. On arrival we realised our mistake. The farm was chock-a-block with people. Not just people, children. There was a sea of them and it all went down hill from there. I could barely get my chair around any of the enclosures for fear of running over a child's foot. People gathered around the pens and didn't seem concerned by the fact that other people wanted to see too. I couldn't get into the bunny petting corner or the puppy room. I did get to hold a chick but more and more people filtered into the tiny space regardless if there was room or not. To the point I had to wait around for a window of opportunity to be able to escape. People let their kids run wild, chasing the chickens and kicking the cages. Eva also saw some child shake a chick and being rough with it and the mum nor the farm hand said anything to him. We also seen a teenage girl lift the lid of the mouse tank and stick her hand in.

Now you're probably thinking that's all stuff you would expect on a busy day such as Easter Monday. Get enough people and children in one place and madness is expected. What isn't expected is to see dead animals. I actually had a cuter mouse photo than the one above but I had unwittingly captured a dead mouse in it. Now I could probably have excused that. Mice don't have long lives and it looked as if it had just passed in it's sleep. The other mice were ignoring it. But then my dad and sister also saw a dead hen. Not only was she dead but she was being violently pecked by the other hens in her pen. I'm ashamed to say we didn't bring the farm worker's attention to either of this incidences. We have no excuse other than my sister and I have bad social anxiety which was already in overdrive due to how packed and crazy the farm was. The whole thing resulted in leaving the farm after about forty five minutes. Half of which was spent on the nature trail rather than actually looking at the animals.

To cheer us up after that horrible ordeal my dad dropped Eva and I off at Smyths Toy Store to look at toys but you know me, I can never just look at toys. Eva and I both ended up spending a fortune. A lot of which was on blind bags.

I got a couple of bigger things I want to review on my toy blog too. After spending an abundance of money on toys Eva and I invited Dad to go for coffee as he'd gone to visit my granda. It was 5:30pm and we knew places were closing at 6pm but while we were ordering they started putting away the chairs in the food court. So when my dad arrived we decided to take our tea and soft pretzels home.

By the time I got home I had an awful headache. The whole day had just drained me. We ate some leftover pizza and our soft pretzels, then Eva opened her share of the blind bags (which you may remember on my Snapchat story if you follow me at BloonStuff). I opened a couple but kept most for later toy blogs and videos. I decided to start a blind bag box like Chad Alan.

I also opened a couple of booster packs of Pok√©mon cards. It's been a little while since I added to my collection or played the game. Eva and I plan to rectify that soon. 

Lastly I took a quick photo of a couple of toys that I bought that I plan to review. I'm yet to open them but I cannot wait. Especially to check out the turtle. 

I spent the rest of the evening chilling until bed, questing a little on Tera. My headache meant I wasn't good for much and I was glad to get into bed. Monday was also the last Belfast Giants home game of the season but I didn't go as nobody was really fussy apart from me. Probably for the best considering I ended up with a massive headache. It was a Playoff game that we ended up losing anyway, so the Belfast Giants didn't advance any further. Bit of a rubbish end to the season to not even make it to the games in Nottingham but not completely unexpected.

Eva was working on Tuesday and Dad went to golf as he was still off work for Easter, leaving me on my own as my mum was still in England. It was a pretty chill day.

Relaxing with Princess Ethel after breakfast.

I still wasn't feeling great with my period and the day before had completely shattered me so I was happy to just stay in even though we'd usually do something on Easter Tuesday. I wasn't totally unproductive though as I drew myself a new banner for my toy blog's Twitter account.

I haven't drawn much in quite a while so I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I'm planning to draw one for this blog too and I'm hoping it will turn out just as good. 

(Bloo's Toy Box has now been discontinued)

On Wednesday I was inspired to write a post about feminism after seeing a video on my Facebook feed. Dad was working and so was Eva so Dad came home at lunch time to get me out of bed. After eating breakfast I buckled down and let the inspiration flow. Considering I'd had such writers block up until that point it felt good to have my mojo back for a bit. I'd just gotten the post posted when my cramps started to resurface. You can check out the post here. I always seem to get the worst pain when I'm by myself and I'm unable to do anything about it. Thankfully Eva came home just in time. She fixed us something to eat and we watched television for a bit. After a Twitter chat I edited my new toy bloy Twitter banner to be suitable for the blog, changing the layout and shading the characters. I hadn't long finished it when I headed to bed.

Again Dad came home from work to get me out of bed on Thursday but it would be the last day that he'd have to as my mum was due home on Thursday. He made me breakfast and once I'd eaten I did some questing on Tera.

My mum came home at some point and fixed me something to eat. All in all it was a pretty unproductive day. I really should have been working on a My Week In Words post but I just couldn't face it. As I said, I've been considering discontinuing this series for a while for this very reason. Again, I'd really like your thoughts. In the evening I took part in the Crazy Blogger's Twitter chat and then cleaned out my snails and checked for eggs. I also gave them a shower which they really enjoyed.

Once I had my snail babies all settled back in their tank I quested for a little before doing some digital doodling before bed.

My mum was working on Friday so she got me up before she left. I had breakfast and then finally did some work on My Week In Words but ended up procrastinating as usual. Gosh darn Twitter and it's addictiveness. I then remembered I'd started a drawing the night before and procrastinated by working on it instead. I could pretend to myself that it was somewhat productive as I can use the Belfast Giants' logo on it for my Twitter and blog banner. I also saved a fly that had tried to drown itself but sadly missed it flying away. But yeah... I'm basically a superhero now.

Later in the afternoon I didn't feel very well and ended up on my ventilator. I've been using my vent a lot lately because of headaches. I prefer using my vent than taking painkillers. Despite the headache I was still able to get My Week In Words scheduled for Saturday and quest for a while on Tera before heading to bed.

Eva made breakfast on Saturday and got me up. Usually my dad gets me up for a fry up but I woke up too early and was too hungry to wait on it. Eva and I watched some YouTube while we ate. She introduced me to the We Bare Bears cartoon and now I'm pretty much hooked.

If you haven't seen it I can't recommend checking it out enough. It's hilarious. After that I set about taking some toy blog photos of some Littlest Pet Shop figures. I'm loving these brighter days, something being a blogger has made me appreciate. Later on in the evening I worked on a toy blog post and started watching another cartoon with Eva, The Lion Guard. I'd seen one of my favourite toy YouTubers opening blind bags of characters in the show but I hadn't actually seen it myself. I made some reservations clear on Twitter while I was watching it but on the whole it's a great cartoon. The day kind of just disappeared. I don't know why. One minute it was sunny and I was taking photos and the next it was time for bed. Still, I was glad to got the photos taken and another toy post written. 

How was your Easter?


  1. So many cute photos of bunnies, piglets and more in this post! Love your top haul too - I've just followed the Twitter for your new blog and will have to catch up with your other posts. I hope you're feeling a lot better now too - sending get well vibes your way lovely! - Tasha

    1. The animals were still adorable, even if the experience wasn't great. :) Thank you! I've been going a little crazy, using my new blog as an excuse to splash out on toys even more than I usually would. Haha. Thank you. I feel a bit better. Hopefully get my blogs back on track and feel even better. :) xo

  2. I don't think you should write a weekly roundup if it feels like a chore. Maybe write just as much throughout the week or just find something you enjoy writing about. However, don't listen to me. I hardly ever blog now. I've been trying to build up the courage to vlog. I notice what works best on the line is content that takes 10 minutes to consume. Is tera any good? I played WoW when it first came out on/off for a year.

    1. Yeah, I don't know. I started doing the weekly round up to motivate me to do more so I have stuff to write about so stopping kind of feels like a cop out or being lazy. I guess I'll give it more time and see how I go before I stop as I might regret it if I do. I'm hoping to start making toy related videos. I attempted my first one this week but I haven't edited it yet. Didn't go well though. Haha. So nervous. :) Uh, well I'm not much of a gamer and I'm easily amused. I personally think it's great. Especially considering it's free. I've never played WoW so I can't compare.

    2. WoW has a trial which is free till level 20. But. When I played wow that's pretty much all I did. It's even more addictive now they've changed it. It used to be things took ages. Now it's like more instant gratification - you still spend the same amount of time playing it but it quickly becomes repetitive and hollow. So I'm like 4 years clean now! I was going to play archeage but it got switched into a F2P. I tried it since it was free and the cat peeps are cute but microtransactions totally ruin it.

  3. loving all the cute pictures :)



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