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Saturday, 23 April 2016

My Week In Words | #16 2016

"For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather; To cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands."
Christina Rossetti

Welcome to the lastest edition of My Week In Words. I'm sorry it's late once again but last weekend we had an impromptu visitor and then I wasn't feeling up to writing. This week we have a birthday, I introduce Eva to another awesome show and we give my parents a surprise! Today's post covers from Sunday 10th to Saturday 16th of April. Enjoy!

Sunday was Edwin's birthday. I got up for my fry as usual and once I'd finished I took the opportunity to record another future toy video. I still haven't edited the first one but my parents were out and Eva was at work so I thought I'd take advantage of the quite house. When I went to save the footage on to my laptop I realised I had somehow lost some of the original footage from my first vid. The introduction. I could have cried. I spent ages trying to get it back but had no luck. I ended up re-filming it. The original introduction was awful but I had done my make up for it and taken more time while filming, the second introduction was a lot more rushed so it's not as good. But nobody expects the first video to be perfect, right? After working on some video and blog stuff I sorted Edwin's present and card to give him. 

He must have smelled the treats as he tried to get into my room while I was writing his card and I may have shouted to him, "You can't come in yet! I'm sorting your present." ...Yeah, as if he knew what that meant. I gave him his presents on my parent's bed and I did attempt to video it but I ran out of space. I did get a couple of photos though. 

My handsome boy with his card.

Enjoying his WHIMZEE crocodile.

Sorry the quality of the photos isn't great. The lighting kind of sucked. The presents went down well. Edwin loved all of them. He's very easy to buy for. My other dogs are more picky. Berty doesn't really like toys and is picky when it comes to treats. Baby only really likes certain toys but likes most treats. Edwin - reluctantly - shared his cupcake with Baby and Berty but he wasn't letting anyone have his croc or his toy. 

I had asked my mum to take Edwin for a walk and said she'd get me ready to go with her. Edwin is usually good for my mum but he was a little more unsettled than usual. Especially when my mum gave me the lead so I could get a photo with him. Eh, we didn't get a great photo but here is me holding Edwin while he barks at traffic. 

He was mostly fine once my mum took the lead again and we had a lovely walk on the most part. The evening was pretty bright and warm. It was nice getting out with my mum and having a chat. Well.. until Edwin fully pulled out of his harness. I'm not really sure what happened. He just started pulling back for some reason and the harness came off easily. For a Chihuahua he is big and pretty strong but my mum was able to scoop him up but I was scared he was going to to struggle out of her arms and get away. She gave him to me and she struggled to get the harness back on. We both had our hearts in our mouths and we still had about a 7 minute walk home. My mum had to make sure Edwin stayed in front of her and thankfully we got home safely. A few days later my mum got the courage up to try and walk him again after tightening the harness but she just didn't feel safe and didn't go far. We're hoping to take him to the vet on Monday and see if they can recommend a harness that will fit. He's an odd shape so he's been able to pull or wriggle out of so many I've bought, which is one of the reasons he doesn't get walked as often as he should. I'm committed to helping him lose weight but I can't put his safety in jeopardy. Hopefully he gets a suitable harness soon! 

That evening I got to work on My Week In Words and just chilled before heading to bed. It felt like a pretty productive day.

On Monday morning I was supposed to have a meeting with my Occupational Therapist and someone about the adaptations to my house. I just couldn't face it and my mum left it too late to get me up anyway. So I let her handle it. I don't think they needed me anyway as they were just surveying things and I'd already explained to my OT on numerous occasions what I wanted. When they left my mum got me up for breakfast and I spent most of the day working on My Week In Words and mooching about online. In the evening I ended up debating about abortion and crying at an episode of 24 Hours In A&E. Pensioners are my emotional kryptonite! After that I fell into the YouTube black hole before finally getting on track with My Week In Words. I rushed to get it finished before I had to head to bed and as such I ended up pressing publish rather than schedule. I also hadn't added a quote or proof read it so I hoped I hadn't made any embarrassing mistakes. You can check out the last instalment of My Week In Words here if you missed it.

My dad was off all week as he and my mum were going away for a few days on Tuesday. He got me up for breakfast and I then had a shower. I wasn't feeling well and developed quite a migraine. Because my parents were leaving and Eva was at work I couldn't go to bed to rest it off like I usually would. I was pretty much out of commission all day and just before my parents left around 3:30pm I gave in and took some painkillers. Thankfully they worked this time and helped the pain ease. By that time Eva had just gotten home from work. She fixed us dinner and we ate while we watched RuPaul's Drag Race. I feel like this season is just flying by and I'm yet to really fall in love with anybody. Like, I love a lot of the queens but I'm not in love with them. But I digress, after we watched RuPaul's Drag Race I got to work on a post for Wednesday and then headed to bed a little early. 

Something else that happened on Tuesday was I got a text from my sister in London asking if Eva and I had any plans for the weekend. We didn't. So she ended up buying a last minute ticket to come home for a visit. We decided to keep it a secret from our parents so it was exciting to surprise them. It's the first time we'd ever done it.

Eva and I woke up super late on Wednesday, despite our early night. For brunch we had boiled egg, avocado and toast while we watched YouTube videos.

I'd spoken to my dad when I'd just woken up and completely forgot to wish him a happy birthday so after eating Eva and I phoned him back and sang him Happy Birthday down the phone. Later on I chilled online until Eva made pasta for dinner. We watched Skins while we ate. I love when Eva cooks as she always makes things different to what my parents would make or at least if they're the same she puts her own spin on it.

After watching some stuff online I did a much needed egg check and clean up of my snail tank. I didn't realise how needed it was until I came across this...

If you're unsure what you're looking at that is a clutch of eggs. Well, the top of a clutch of eggs. I wasn't too concerned at first until I started collecting them and noticed some had split. They. Were. Hatching. I swear my heart stopped for a moment. I had to sort through the eggs one by one and determine which I felt were 'too hatched' to freeze. It was horrible. I felt so bad. There was no way I could keep them all because even the few I felt I couldn't freeze will be difficult to rehome.

There was a couple fully out of their shells and others that were partially out. By the time I had sorted through the whole clutch I was left with 14 hatched and semi hatched baby snails. The rest went into the freezer. I've come across two kinds of people while owning snails. Those that don't see the big deal in killing them and those that wonder how I can bring myself to do it. I'll never be a person to take it lightly or not care.

As I said, one of the main reasons I had to be so ruthless while deciding which to freeze was the fact these snails are so difficult to rehome and I might end up having to care for them all myself. That freaked me out a bit and I was completely panicking. More so because I was worried my parents would be pissed at me. More pets is the last thing I want right now, especially with my housing situation. But once they started moving around and stuff my heart kind of melted and I fell in love with them. Everything felt a little bit brighter and I couldn't help but smile. I mean they are frickin' adorable baby snails! We set them up in their own little tank and by the time I was done I was shattered. I mean I'd been on quite the emotional roller-coaster. I got into bed and watched some Playoff hockey and read a little before going to sleep. 

On Thursday I got a shower and had breakfast before I got ready to go into town with Eva. We had to get my dad a birthday card for him coming home on Friday and I wanted to check out some toys. Naturally we also got some food, even though we had ordered a Tesco home delivery for Tuesday. We really need to learn to budget.

I had my eye on these My Little Pony sets for quite a while so I bought all the ones they had in stock. Some are Asda exclusives and our Asda has such a small toy isle I was worried I'd miss out. I also picked up two more Littlest Pet Shop figures. I think they'll be perfect for me to review on my toy channel for practice as they are small and easy to open. .

By the time I got home I was shattered. I don't know why. My stamina hasn't been great lately. I tire easily and get those dreaded headaches. For dinner Eva made salad wraps and some puppy chow. If you don't know what puppy chow is you have to look it up. It's so yummy! We have to put our own twist on it though as we don't have the cereal you're supposed to use locally. It still tastes super good though!

The rest of the evening Eva and I watched Skins. We ended up finishing the generation we were on so I talked Eva into starting The 100. I was pretty sure she would love it as much as I do. We got into bed to watch it as my head was splitting. We watched a bunch of episodes and Eva was soon hooked. I kind of forgot what some of the characters were like at the beginning. We got up late and had something to eat. A lovely midnight snack. Then we got back into bed for a few more episodes of The 100 before going to sleep.

At some point on Thursday I also checked on the baby snails. Some more had hatched and others were still in their eggs. I wasn't sure if maybe I had damaged them when I was moving them and perhaps they weren't going to hatch. The ones that had hatched were pretty active and in the photo below you can see one was even enjoying some lettuce. I wish this photo did justice to how small they were. Their shells were about 4mm.

Eva and I watched more of The 100 while we ate breakfast on Friday. After a few episodes Eva got started tidying the house for our parents coming home and I worked on a post for Saturday. It was a book review I'd signed up to do and I was both nervous and excited. It was the first time I'd received an arc to review so I wanted to make sure I did it well. I really hope I can do more of that kind of thing on my blog. I think writing reviews is actually one of my favourite aspects of blogging. I think I just love nit-picking the good and bad. Eventually my parents came home and they came home with gifts!

An adorable WWF turtle and a cool punk Aladdin printed t-shirt.

How cool does Aladdin look? I would love it if Disney actually made a prince or princess like that. Also the turtle is sort of really fitting. I've been toying with the idea of collecting one specific animal. I mean, I'll still collect toys of all shapes, sizes and species but I'd also like a go to animal and turtle/tortoises had been my first pick. I hadn't told my mum or anything so it was cool she kind of read my mind. This turtle is also perfect for me to rest my elbow on my desk.

My parents were only home a couple of hours before the left again to go to a Motown evening, all dolled up and everything. So once again Eva and I were on our own. Eva made us dinner and we just chilled, watching stuff. Later in the evening I checked on my snails and the babies. It had only been 6 days between egg checks when I found the eggs. Usually I check every 3 to 4 days but I'd left it a little extra. It was a wake up call finding the hatched eggs so I'm committed to doing it every 3 days again. As cute as the baby snails are, I don't want to find any more!

While I did the snails I listened to The Odd Pear podcast by Jemma of Dorkface and her partner. It was their first podcast and it was super hilarious. I can't recommend checking it out enough! Once I finished my snails I settled down to finish off my blog post for Saturday and once it was scheduled  I headed to bed.

On Saturday I made sure I got up a little earlier and showered as I knew I was expecting my sister home and we had plans to go out in the evening for a drink. I tried to subtly figure out what my parents were doing and tried to make sure they'd be home for my sister's arrival. Sadly it didn't really go to plan. I spent a lot of the afternoon working on a toy post and was able to get it scheduled before Jann arrived. My mum went into town and my dad eventually left to go visit my grandparents. He had planned to visit them then pick Eva up from work at 4:30pm and be home for Jann getting in around 4:45pm. But that didn't happen. He left it too late and ended up picking Eva up, dropping her home and then going to my grandparents house. At this time my mum was still in town. So when Eva got home she walked to the train stop to meet Jann and walked home with her. It sucked a little that neither of my parents were home but it meant we could have a little bit of a catch up first.

We had a cup of tea and chatted. My mum came home first and we surprised her. I wish I had filmed it but my mum hates being videoed. Needless to say she was happy to see Jann. It was a couple of hours later before my dad finally came home and at first he didn't even recognise Jann. He thought it was Eva, so he kind of ignored her for a minute and then jumped when he finally realised. Thankfully neither parent had a heart attack from the shock. The whole thing had put my skills of deceit to the test but I think I did well. Neither parent had a clue. After chilling for a while and a catch up we started to get ready for our night out. We headed out between 9 and 10pm. Sorry the quality of the photos suck. That's what you get for bar lighting.

It was fun all being back together again. It was over a year since I'd been in a proper bar for a drink and I was anxious at first but once I was there I felt fine. I was also nearing my period so I wasn't feeling my usual self, pretty drained and alcohol wasn't really doing much for me. I didn't end up drinking much at all so I was sober but I had fun nonetheless. We bumped into a couple of Eva's friends and the bartender we've known for quite a while came over to say hey and gave us a hug. Cue a super awkward hug but it's nice to be remembered. One of the female bartenders that I didn't know also came over to tell me she doubled as a hairdresser and my kind of hair (as in blue) is what she's interested in doing and to contact her if I ever needed my hair bleached or redone. Her hair was a similar colour to mine. I didn't have the heart to break it to her that my cousin would kill me if I ditched her for another hairdresser. I was raised right so I just smiled, nodded and thanked her.

At around 12:30am we began the long track home. I really wish wheelchair accessible taxis were easier to find. It was freezing and Jann and Eva walked super slow. Jann ordered food on Just Eat and I was worried we wouldn't make it home before the delivery. Thankfully we did and I was glad to get into our warm house. It wasn't long until our food arrived and we ate before heading to bed.

Oh, also on Saturday I posted my latest instalment of Bloo's Reviews, a review of First and First by Santino Hassell. If you missed it you can check it out here.

How was your week? What did you get up to?


  1. Happy Birthday to Edwin! The things you got him were so cute and the shot of him with his card is so sweet. I love your Aladdin top - very cool and it looks like the snail babies are doing well too, they're so adorable! Sorry to hear you lost footage you'd taken - hate it when that happens and I hope all of the arrangements for your house are going well :) - Tasha

    1. Oh, I forgot to take a photo of the bed we got him too. Well, we split it between him and Berty for both of their birthdays but my cat, Effy, sleeps in it a lot too. Haha. Yeah, we lost one of the babies but the rest are doing really well. I can't believe how big they are getting. In a week or two I'm going to do a blog post about them. They should be quite a bit bigger by then. :) Yeah, it sucks but I finally got the video up with the footage. I'll know to be more careful next time. Haha. xo


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