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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Making Changes

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

I hadn't actually planned on writing a post about this but I figured I probably should, rather than just writing it on Twitter like I already have. I've decided to discontinue the My Week In Words series for the foreseeable future. I've been thinking about it for a while and even mentioned it in a couple of posts but considering I've been writing the series for over a year I was reluctant to drop it without putting a lot of thought into it first. When I originally started writing it back at the beginning of 2015 I was trying to bring a little order to my blog. I was writing My Week In Words at the beginning of the week and then posting two other posts during the week. At first it went well but eventually I felt like the posts were becoming repetitive. I hoped they'd motivate me to do more so I'd have things to write about and while that was true to a point, I'm just not capable of doing enough to make writing about every day interesting. While I tried to make them as interesting as I could - while doing very little - I was finding them extremely boring to write. Recently I've been spending so much time trying to gear myself up to write them that I end up not posting anything else. Writing has started to feel like a chore and a weight on my shoulders. Something I never want it to feel like as it's one of my biggest passions. So I'm hoping that canning the series will mean I'll feel more motivated and enthusiastic about blogging again as I'll be working on the things I want to be writing rather than putting those things off because have a My Week In Words post to write first. I think this will also ease the load now that I also have my toy blog to run as I've been putting it on the back burner too. So this is a fair well to My Week In Words. It was nice knowing you. 

So what can you expect in the future?

I will continue to write about what I'm getting up to but only when I feel like it's of importance or remotely interesting, much like I did before starting the weekly series. I would also like to get some of my other series up and running again rather than sporadically as they have been. I had originally planned to do an arts and crafts post every other week but it fell by the wayside. I want to get back at that and I also want to write reviews more. Mostly I would like to write more opinion pieces. I want to write about things that matter. Like disability, mental health, gender identity, sexuality and feminism etc. I want to share my opinions and hear other's; hopefully expand my knowledge.

I feel like this is the best move for my blog and me as a blogger. I love writing and I want to continue growing my blog and reaching more people. Most of all I want to do that with posts I enjoy writing and things I care about writing.


  1. You have to do what's right and comfortable for you and sometimes that means saying goodbye to certain features or ideas and I hope this gives you some more free time to focus on things you love, especially if it's been bothering you to get the momentum just to write them. If something's becoming a burden it's often a sign you're not enjoying it as much anymore, which is fine and sometimes better things can come out of that too. I used to do a monthly series back when I first started which featured my favourite things of the month but it soon became more of a chore as I got busier, so I definitely know that feeling, but I have loved the series while you've been running it and look forward to more of your toy posts too! - Tasha

  2. Can't wait to see where your blog goes from here!

  3. It's very scary to make changes to your blog but you know best and you also know what you want to throw your efforts into in the future. I personally really enjoy your writing, particularly when you write about social issues so I'm looking forward to a lot more of those kinds of posts sweetie!


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