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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Moving Out; What I'll Miss

"At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents."
Jane D. Hull

In today's post I'm going to discuss some of the things I'm going to miss when my parents move out. If you want to read about my road to independent living check out this post. A lot of these may seem trivial or superficial but I think it's all the little things you miss most when someone isn't around as much. Not to mention all the things those people do for you. So yeah, on with the list!

Having people to tell stories to and the company.

This is a pretty obvious one. I'm just going to miss having my parents around for their company. Every day I have my mum to talk to if I want or need to and every day I look forward to my dad coming home from work to see him. We might not always have super deep conversations and most days I probably don't have much to tell him at all but the option has always been there. I'll miss that.

Having someone to answer the phone.

I'm getting a lot better at making phone calls myself but when the phone rings I still freeze. I will miss having my mum around to answer the phone when I'm too scared to.

My Saturday and Sunday fries.

Every Saturday my dad goes to golf early in the morning and then comes home, makes me a fry up and then gets me out of bed to eat with him. The Saturday fry up predates me. For years it was a tradition to go to my grandparent's house for lunch with them and my aunts and uncles on a Saturday but in my teens that stopped and my dad started making it home. I don't really remember why. Perhaps as my grandparents got older it was too much for my granda to cook for so many. We usually have it for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday now. Though the tradition might not fully die with my parents moving out as my dad has mentioned starting a Saturday tradition where we have a family get together on a Saturday afternoons for a fry up lunch.


Watching Storage Hunters with dad on his days off. 

When my dad has a day off work he usually ends up making me breakfast and getting me out of bed. Usually we end up watching Storage Wars together while I eat breakfast. Probably the most father/daughter time we've had recently has been spent watching that show. I'll miss that.

My dad turning me over in the morning before he goes to work.

Every day my dad comes in to say goodbye before he goes to work and helps me turn over. I can turn myself over but it's quite a bit of effort and it's a lot more comfortable if someone helps me. Especially because I have a chunky Chihuahua taking up a lot of space usually. The sleep from 7am until whenever I get up is usually the most comfy sleep I get all night. I'll miss seeing my dad in the morning and having that most comfy sleep.

My washing being done without having to ask.

This one is pretty straightforward. I mean... who wouldn't miss having someone to do their washing without having to ask?

Being able to ask parents to pick stuff up while they're out. 

I'll miss being able to ask my parents to pick stuff up while they're out or on their way home from work. Even if it's just chocolate or something. Sometime's it's also more important stuff like pet food. I think it's going to be a little bit of an adjustment period getting used to making sure I buy everything when I have the opportunity and don't run out of stuff. Plus side it my parents do only live five minutes away so I can still ask them in a pinch...

Christmas traditions.

My Christmases have remained largely the same since I was a kid. I wrote about them in this post around Christmas time. The reality is with my parents moving out - as well as my granny now living in a care home - means a lot of our traditions will have come to an end or in the very least will have to change. It remains to be seen how our Christmases will change but hopefully they are still as family orientated... and involving my dad's amazing Christmas dinners.

Having three people to call during the night.

Often during the night I have to call for help. Sometimes I need help turning over, sometimes I don't feel well or occasionally my Chihuahua is taking up too much space on the bed or he needs a drink or the bathroom. Having three people in the house means I'm usually guaranteed at least one will wake up. It also means I can spread it out so I'm not disturbing one person's sleep all the time and I can do it strategically depending on who has an early start or is working etc. With my parents moving out it means that Eva will be the only one at home during the night so when I need somebody I will always have to call her. I don't envy her.

The Eleventh Night and Twelfth traditions.

Lastly, our traditions for the Twelfth change. On the Eleventh night we usually drive around the bonfires and then on the Twelfth morning we all get ready, watch the bands pass our house then go into town to watch them all gather before heading off to whatever town is hosting the big parade for our local districts. My parents are talking about perhaps going to their caravan over the Twelfth now that they have more free time since I'll have carers. Since Eva doesn't drive I'm not really sure what that means for us or whether we'll still get to the parades or what. I guess time will tell.

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There are just some of the things I'll miss when my parents move out. It's going to take a while to get used to things and I'm sure I'll always miss some of it but I hope the pros will outweigh the cons. Hopefully things will be better not just for me in the long run but also my parents. 

What is a pro and a con about moving out?


  1. I decided that after uni I was going to live with friends and my boyfriend in my uni town rather than moving back in with my parents and it has been really hard. I find myself feeling so jealous of people who could rely on them financially/emotionally and I really miss the opportunity to see my sister. But, having gone a year independent I feel really proud of myself for things I've achieved even though my mental health has held me back

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  2. I first moved out when I was a few days older than 18 (approximately 8 years ago). I can't remember something being especially hard, it was more like everything was hard all at once. When my health got bad and I needed to live with my parents again, I found they'd packed up my bedroom and given it away. I was so upset. It meant I could never live as I did again, even though I didn't feel any different at all. Then I went to live in supported housing for a while, I remember I talked to you a whole lot in them days ^^. But besides the internet, it was very lonely. There just didn't seem to be enough people around, the house was empty. I didn't have any 3D friends or my cat.
    It's not like that now. I mostly wish I had someone to fill out forms for me... ._.

  3. Your cat is adorable! There are so many pros & cons for moving out. I think they're different for everyone too, in one way or another. For me, independence was both a pro & a con. I was able to come & go as I pleased at uni, but I struggled with looking after myself. I really hope the pros outweigh the cons for you, I'm sure they will! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  4. Awww, I definitely know this feeling. When I first moved out to go to uni it was a big shock as I missed having my parents around but over time I began to love my freedom and even enjoyed taking on all of those tasks my parents had originally done. I know that in your life your family play a vital role and it's easy to see how much you love each other and they sound like amazing parents, so hopefully they'll be over to visit you often and you can still have a couple of those fry ups every now and again :D - Tasha

  5. This is such a great little list. I mean, heading off to college it wasn't too bad because I had roommates to deal with so plenty of people to talk to and such and I made good friends. But after college and moving out onto my own it was weird without my parents around.

    Single Vegas Girl

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  7. Some of these made me miss when I lived at home! I would say the biggest pro of moving out is personal space though - being by yourself can be really nice and relaxing. Thanks for sharing those lovely pics of your family too <3

    | princessparasox.wordpress.com | bloglovin' |


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