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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Bloo's Reviews | Rather Wonderful #paperhaul

"Your monthly paper fix."

I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Ignore the squishy. It's covering my address.

Something I haven't really touched upon much on my blog is my deep rooted love of stationery. When I was younger one of the highlights of my year was when the end of the summer would draw near and it was time to head into town with my friends to stock up on new school supplies. It was sort of an in joke with my friends how much I enjoyed it. I've also been known to keep pens long after they've run out because I just don't have the heart to part with them. Not to mention keeping postcards, stickers and other stationery for years just waiting for that 'special occasion' to use them. So when I saw Crafty Creatives were looking for bloggers to review their #paperhaul, I jumped at the chance.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Disability & Choosing Death

I was scrolling through Facebook as usual when a headline caught my eye, 'One ‘last dance’ for this Wisconsin teen who has scheduled her own death' with the caption, 'Months after turning 14, Jerika Bolen, who is terminally ill, decided it was time to remove the ventilator, time to die.' [link] Along with it there was a photo of a smiling young girl. So I clicked and I was met with an article about a fourteen year old living with Type 2 Spinal Muscular Atrophy who had decided, with the support of those closest to her, to end her life after her prom. The article talks about Jerika, her disease and why she has chosen to end her life. All of which I'm not going into but you may read the article linked above.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Toys 'n' Stuff | Disney Lego Minifigures Blind Bags

 "Happiness is the richest thing we will ever own."
Donald Duck

I had hoped to have a disability related post up today but earlier in the week I went out looking for Pokémon for three hours and cleverly decided to forgo sunblock. Living in Northern Ireland we aren't afforded sunshine very often and this means every year I forget what it's capable of and every year I get at least one bad burn. Well, this year I topped all previous years. Not only have I spent the last couple of days in a lot of pain but my arms and hands swelled up. I'm also in the pre-period stage where I feel lethargic, frustrated and have cramps, preparing for the blood beast to arrive. All in all it hasn't been a great few days BUT I did catch an abundance of Pokémon on the outing so it wasn't totally in vain. Anyway, as I find it difficult to concentrate at the best of times I decided to go with an easier blog post for today. I already had these photos taken and had planned this post for a while anyway. Today I'm going to show you some Disney Lego Minifigures Blind Bag toys I got a while back. I'd been anticipating these blind bags for ages and was excited when I finally picked some up. So on to what I got.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Pets 'n' Stuff | Snail Care Tips

"To be conscious that you are ignorant of the facts is a great step to knowledge."
Benjamin Disraeli

If you read my last post you'll be aware that three months ago my Giant African Land Snails surprised me with some itty bitty babies. If you haven't read that post you can check it out here. I had been planning to do a GALS care post for a while but with the arrival of these little ones I decided to wait until around the time they were ready for re-homing. Kill two birds with one stone. Write my post and also use it to inform prospective new snail owners. It's important to mention that this is just how I personally care for my snails. Other's may do things differently. If you want to source information from different owners you should check out this snail forum.

The species of my snails are Achatina Fulica and as such this care may be more applicable to them than other species. So keep that in mind.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Pets 'n' Stuff | How I Became A Snail Granny

"In philosophy if you aren't moving at a snail's pace you aren't moving at all."
Iris Murdoch

More than two months ago now I was doing one of my regular egg checks. For those of you that don't know I have three adult Achatina Fulica Giant African Land Snails. This means I have to check their tank every three or four days in case they have laid eggs so I can dispose of them and not end up with thousands of baby snails. They are prolific breeders and the invasive nature of their species means they're even banned in the US. Thankfully I live in the UK and because our climate isn't warm enough for them to survive in the wild, we are free to have them here.

I'm holding Violet Chachki and Duro in the photos above.
I didn't get a photo of me holding my biggest snail, Agron.

Monday, 11 July 2016

July Primark Haul

"I like to shop. That's what I do. Online shopping; any kind of shopping."
Sloane Stephens

I did a poll on Twitter a couple of days ago to see what post you wanted to see next and a recent Primark haul got the winning vote so that's what we have today. I had a hospital appointment in Belfast and my sister wanted to get some new clothes so we thought we'd kill two birds with one stone. Naturally I ended up getting myself some new clothes too. I also picked up a few things from the Disney Store but you'll see those in a later post.

I hadn't planned on getting many clothes and as such that was my excuse for treating myself to some toys in the Disney Store but I should have known better. I can never resist the bargains in Primark. I ended up getting both clothes and some homeware. On with the haul.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Bloo's Reviews | Fast Connection by Megan Erickson, Santino Hassell

"Yeah, you're necessary."
Fast Connection

I received an arc in exchange for an honest review. 

Fast Connection, Megan Erickson, Santino HassellRating: 5/5
Author: Megan EricksonSantino Hassell
Series: Cyberlove
Release: 11/07/16
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

You may remember a while back I reviewed another of Santino Hassell's books, First and First. I was introduced to his work by Megan Erickson when she collaborated with him in the first of the Cyberlove series, Strong Signal. A book I completely fell in love with. I was overjoyed when I found out there would be a second book in the series and we would learn the story of a character that had intrigued me, Garrett's army hand-job buddy, Dominic. Sometimes you just come across a character and you hope they get a book of their own. You want to know them more. Well, Megan and Santino delivered in spades.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My Month In Words | June 2016

"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced."
Soren Kierkegaard

Today I've decided to start a new monthly series, My Month In Words. This will replace My Week In Words and rather than documenting everything I get up to it will just be a highlight reel. This post is for the month of June. Enjoy!

At the beginning of the month Edwin was scheduled to be groomed. I have a knack for picking animals with weird fur. My cat, Findlay, is the same. Although Edwin and Berty are both long haired Chihuahuas, Berty only ever gets small matts in his ear tufts that he'll let us cut out ourselves. Edwin has what I like to call candyfloss fur and as such he gets matted a lot more and he won't let you near him with scissors. Thankfully he doesn't mind going to get groomed by the professionals. I always love when he comes out looking all tidy and handsome, which lasts about a day. Then he'd back to being my little ragamuffin.

When I saw these mermaids in wheelchairs stickers by Jemma at Dorkface I could not resist them so I headed on over to her Etsy store and purchased some. They arrived a couple of days later, beautifully packaged and perfect. I cannot recommend that you check out her stuff enough.

My parents were away on holiday in Greece at the beginning of June so Eva and I were left to fend for ourselves. Eva took the opportunity to try her hand at making the weekly fry up for the first time. She did an amazing job. She's a natural! I was a little worried I'd have to miss out on my fry - my favourite meal of the week - when my parents moved out. I'm not worried anymore.

When my parents came back from Greece my dad stayed in my house one more night then started staying in their new flat. My mum stayed two nights and then also started to stay in their flat. My mum was supposed to be staying with me to do my care until the care package was put in place but it turned out with Eva here and my mum coming to get me out of bed on the mornings Eva started work too early, we managed without her actually staying the night. So my parents have moved out now. It kind of sneaked up on us. One night became two and then my mum just didn't stay at my house again. A lot of their stuff is still in my house as they're slowly clearing it out and we're also keeping some of it until I get my house work done. We don't want to get new stuff and risk it being ruined when they do the refurbishment.
I'd been anticipating Jeffree Star releasing his Skin Frost highlighters and Eva got in straight away ordering them moments after they were released. She got Peach Goddess and I got Ice Cold. I was living for it when it arrived. I'm looking forward to writing a review post about it in the not too distant future.

When I saw a friend Twinklestah had Flash from Zootopia for sale or trade I had to jump on it. I haven't actually seen the film yet but I LOVE sloths. It turned out I had a figure she wanted too so we did a trade. I swapped her Officer Clawhauser for Flash. I thought I did my package up all pretty like but I was speechless when hers arrived and she'd sent me so many lovely extras! I'm definitely going to pay her back at some stage.

There's not much to say on this one. As a family we went and we voted on the EU Referendum. Voting is always a highlight as I know I'm very lucky to be able to vote, as a woman and as a disabled person. 

After voting Eva and I chilled together and in the evening we watched the count results rolling in. Eva and Edwin both faded eventually but I ended up staying up to 7am as I couldn't tear myself away from the shock results.

With only three hours sleep and Leave winning I wasn't in a great mood the day after voting. I was also supposed to be taking my information to the Housing Executive for my housing benefit and just as we were about to leave I checked what time it closed at and it turned out it had closed around three hours before. As I was dressed Eva and I decided to go to the Spar and get some sweets to cheer us up. We ended up getting gelato and despite walking home eating it in the rain it really made me feel better. 

I had until the 13th of July to get my information in to claim my housing benefit but I ended up getting it in at the end of June instead. It was a big highlight as it was a bit of a weight off my shoulders. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out in regards to it.

Even though my parents left a lot of their stuff at my house and basically said we could keep whatever we wanted Eva and I decided to have a trip to IKEA to buy some new stuff to put our own stamp on the place. As I mentioned, we don't want to get any big furniture until I get the work done but we got some of the smaller things. It was fun but it was more stressful than I thought it would be. Still, once we were home it was nice having some of our own stuff. I'm looking forward to doing a homeware haul post in the future. 

So if you follow me on Twitter you may have saw me post about this day at the time and I wasn't that nice about it. My parents invited me to their apartment for dinner and I gladly accepted. I hadn't seen their new carpet and some of their new furniture so I was looking forward to it. However, I ended up sitting by myself for about four hours before I got dinner and then they didn't actually eat with me. They also didn't have internet so it was kind of boring but on reflection it was still a highlight because it was a milestone. A big one. One that I can't take for granted. If you had told me three years ago I'd be sitting in my parents home having a cup of coffee, a home that I don't share with them, then I probably wouldn't have believed you. To be honest if you had told me that six months ago I still may have not believed you. 

Eva was looking for a childhood photograph for a work thing and we ended up looking through a bunch of old photos in this box. Not only was it really fun but it also gave me an idea for a future post. So look out for that!

Findlay has started doing this really cute thing where he greets me when I come home from anywhere. He'll jump on to my lap or my wheelchair and come into the house with me. It's probably the most cuddles I get from him these days. I love my Findercat and it makes me feel special.

Earlier in the year I mentioned that I didn't get to see my grandparents a lot anymore. My granda had pneumonia for a long time and we couldn't risk me catching something. My granny moved to a care home and it took a while for us to adjust to this new normal. In June I got back into the habit of visiting my granda on Saturdays. We watched a Northern Ireland UEFA Euro 2016 game together, which was fun even if we lost. I still haven't seen my granny much but we did FaceTime on her birthday and she's doing well. 

Eva and I found two full boxes of My Little Pony Mystery Minis and we split the cost of one full box. I've been wanting to get my hands on these for ages so it was a big highlight of the month. I actually already wrote a post about which figures I got so if you want to check that out you can find it here.

I signed up to receive another arc to review. This arc is by the same author I previously reviewed but was co-written by one of my favourite authors. I loved the first instalment of the series and was extremely excited when I got the email to say I was getting an arc. I may have squealed so loud my dogs came running to see what was happening. I'm two thirds my way through the book and I am in love. I can't wait to review it later in the week for you all. 

After the whole Brexit fiasco I've decided to try and be a little more involved in politics. Hopefully learn a thing or two. I also decided to partake in a Green Party membership. Not sure this qualifies as a highlight but it's a thing that happened you may be interested in.

And there you have my June highlights. It was a pretty busy month, probably more than other months will be if I'm honest. I guess that just means it was a good one to jump start this new series. 

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