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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Bloo's Reviews | Rather Wonderful #paperhaul

"Your monthly paper fix."

I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Ignore the squishy. It's covering my address.

Something I haven't really touched upon much on my blog is my deep rooted love of stationery. When I was younger one of the highlights of my year was when the end of the summer would draw near and it was time to head into town with my friends to stock up on new school supplies. It was sort of an in joke with my friends how much I enjoyed it. I've also been known to keep pens long after they've run out because I just don't have the heart to part with them. Not to mention keeping postcards, stickers and other stationery for years just waiting for that 'special occasion' to use them. So when I saw Crafty Creatives were looking for bloggers to review their #paperhaul, I jumped at the chance.

#Paperhaul is a monthly subscription box filled with stationery goodies. It is £10 + P&P and posts worldwide. Also, for every #paperhaul box sold, they donate 10p to UK charity PostPals! More info here. What's not to love about that? Each box contains an exclusive collection of co-ordinated paper goodies, featuring a different illustrator every time. This particular #paperhaul is the July 2016 box and it features the work of Gaze Of Dolls Designs

Something I love about #paperhaul compared to other subscription boxes is the fact it fits right through my letterbox. Which is super handy for me as the inaccessibility of my house right now means I can't answer the door myself. Often this means my packages go undelivered and I have to pick them up at the Post Office. Thankfully that wasn't the case with this beauty.

This box is Wonderland themed which I just love. The designs are bright and quirky and everything is beautiful quality. I really can't fault a single item and believe me, I tried!

As someone who I loves sending snail mail, I look forward to putting this stuff to good use. Though I am tempted to keep one or two of the cards as decorative items for my pin board. I did say I found it hard to let go of nice stationery! The stickers also make a great addition to my sticker collection.

On the whole I love this subscription box and I think the exclusivity, quality and practicality of the items really make it worth the money. Especially for a stationery lover like me. You can check out their past boxes here. With my #paperhaul cherry well and truly popped, I hope to add this little bit of stationery luxury to my life soon. I can't recommend it enough.


  1. Everything is so cute, I love the twist they've done on the Alice in Wonderland theme. The cards are so adorable x

    Darling Jordan

  2. These are adorable; I'm a big stationery lover. What a fab review! Enjoy your new bits & pieces!

    Charlene McElhinney

  3. Everything in this box is so pretty! :) I love the theme! My favourite items are the notepad and the postcards. What a great box; I'm gonna have to subscribe x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey


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