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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Mini New Look & Tesco Haul

"Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive."
Elbert Hubbard

Howdy everybody! I've been feeling a little off my blogging game lately and just not felt like writing. I have a bunch of ideas but no motivation. I'm hoping that will come back soon but in the mean time here's a mini haul that I picked up when Eva and I went for coffee a couple of days ago. Some of the items were bought in New Look and others I got in Tesco. Now on with the haul!

New Look


I've wanted to get a flannel shirt for ages but hadn't gotten around to it. I ended up letting Eva pick this one for me. All the others were too red or green but this one goes well with my grey, black and white aesthetic.


I really feel like the photos don't do this top justice. It's a tad more pink and bright than most of the things I'd usually wear but I'm hoping I'll feel comfortable in it once I've grunged it up a bit with whatever I wear it with. The material is velvety and feels great quality despite the price. I look forward to wearing it on a night out in hopefully the not too distant future.


You may know from one of my last hauls that I have a thing for camo print. I also like these little crop tops since a lot of my t-shirts and vests - especially those from Primark - are see through or have hella wide necklines because I'm a tiny person with no boobs.



I love me some mugs but I couldn't pass up these mermaid mugs. I have such a thing for mermaids right now. I guess it comes from a mixture of Adore Delano, people saying I look like one because of my hair and the mermaids in wheelchairs stickers I bought from Jemma at Dorkface. Mermaid everything for me!


£6 per pack of three

Basic underwear doesn't really need an explanation, right? 

£4 each

No shopping spree would be complete without a few toys! I picked up the Tangled Tsum Tsums. I think Pascal is my favourite. My Tsum Tsum collection has grown so much lately. I'm going to have to send someone into the loft to look for the ones I accidentally put up there. 

And there you have my recent mini haul. I hadn't really planned on spending as much money as I did but I've been feeling a little low, anxious and unmotivated recently so I decided to treat myself. Sometimes you just gotta...


  1. Those mugs are super cute I love them xoxo


  2. I really like that Bae shirt! It's so cute and the material looks nice!

  3. I like the flannel shirt and saw a picture of you wearing it on twitter - it really suits you and your make up is lush in the pic too 👌🏻

    Mel ★ www.meleaglestone.co.uk

  4. Oh I love those mermaid mugs, too cute! And the bae top made me smile, very cute. Love the new tsum tsums you got too - how cute is Pascal?! I've been feeling a little off the blogging game recently too - so much so I'm taking a mini, mini break until this Friday in hopes the creative juices come back! I hope the same for you too! <3 - Tasha


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