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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A New Home For Moe

Howdy and welcome to today's post. If you've been following me for a while you may remember a while back I wrote about getting my marimo, Moe. If you missed that post and have no idea what a marimo is you can find it here. In short, a marimo is a ball of algae. You may be asking why anyone would want to keep one of those and basically I think they're hella cute. When I bought Moe they came in a little jar but I switched them out into a bigger one and put some healing crystals in for decoration. I've been meaning to change things up for a while now and thought I'd try a few ideas that I could share with you guys. Enjoy!

So I raided my craft supplies and came up with ideas for four different set ups. Pictured is also the set up I originally had Moe in. Below is a closer look at the supplies. 

Moe looks a little black in these photos but it's just because the lighting wasn't great so I had to put a filter on them. I assure you Moe is green. But I digress, on with the set ups.

First I put together a beach theme. I had a Sebastian Tsum Tsum toy and I stole these shells and sea glass from a display jar my mum has in our living room. I was worried that the Tsum Tsum toy would be a little big but I needn't have. This set up turned out to be my favourite of them all.

I used the colourful beads pictured in the photos above for the next set up. I didn't take another photo of them displayed in front of the jar like I've done for the rest of the supplies because those thing were trying to escape off the desk as if their life depended on it. Out of all the set ups this one was my least favourite. I thought it would be nice with all the different colours but I think it might worked better if Moe was bigger. Moe sort of just got lost in amongst the beads. Definitely an idea to keep in mind for the future. I bought these beads on Ebay.

In the next set up I used super adorable little turtle beads that I've legitimately been saving for years. Out of all the beads I've been saving for 'a special occasion' these are by far my favourite. These beads were also bought on Ebay.

At first I thought this one was going to be a bust when all the turtles floated but once I poked at them a bit most of them sank to the bottom. Some of them still refused to but on the most part I think it worked well. Though, I feel like perhaps this is another one that would work better with a slighter bigger marimo.

It wouldn't be a crafty type post if I didn't incorporate buttons somehow, so I broke out my old Cath Kidston button tin.

This was my second favourite after the beach themed set up. I decided to keep the beach theme this time but I think I'll go with buttons next. I'm a sucker for buttons. I had well and truly lost the light by this stage so when I tried to take photos it really didn't do this set up justice. It was actually really cute.

So there you have four fun ideas to make your marimo home just that bit cuter. Moe has been living in this jar for a while so perhaps for my next marimo post I will try and find some interesting containers to house Moe in or ways in which I can decorate the outside. I'd love any suggestions so please leave them in the comments!


  1. This is so lovely, and Moe is so cute! I've been looking into getting myself a marimo for a little while as I loved looking at all of the different set ups on Pinterest and seeing how creative people have been with them. I love the first one you did with Sebastian, it' so cute and I could see Moe straight away too! I also love the buttons and while I know what you mean about the second one you tried, with wishing Moe was a bit bigger to stand out, those colours are lovely, and the one with the turtle beads was also adorable. Loved this! - Tasha

  2. Really cute ideas. I've been looking for new ways to decorate my marimo tank, not sure what I'll do yet but I like the one with all the beads.


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