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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Toys 'n' Stuff | Latest Build A Bear buys!

Welcome to today's Toys 'n' Stuff post. This week I got some cuteness in the mail and I figured I might as well make it an unboxing post. I had been eyeing up one of these cuties for a while but I kept putting off buying him as Build A Bear bears take up quite a bit of space and I don't have much of that right now. He was an online exclusive and I was worried he was going to go out of stock and not come back in so I bit the bullet and bought him. Being me - and despite not having much space - I was content with bordering the one bear I'd been wanting for a long time, I also treated myself to one of their new Halloween cuties. You'll understand why when you see him! Now on with the unboxing. 

The bears came in their own individual Build A Bear workshop boxes inside a bigger cardboard box. I really do love these B-A-B boxes but I always feel guilty tossing them away, or well recycling them. 

I also love that there's a little sneak peek hole in the box. Can you guess who I got?

First we have the bear I had wanted for aaaaaaaages, Grumpy Bear! 

One of my favourite videos growing up was The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland and Grumpy Bear was my favourite. I loved that he was blue and I also loved his song about pickled beets, not to mention the fact he was grumpy and made no apologies about it. I don't know why that spoke to me as a kid but it still does as an adult. 

How cute are those little blue paws? I don't know why they make me want to squee and cuddle them so much!

I think the Care Bear line in B-A-B are probably one of my favourites they've ever had. There's been times I've felt a little let down by the cuteness - to my personal taste - of the bears but I really can't fault the Care Bears. They stand up in both cuteness and quality.

I love that they come complete with their adorable tushie Care Bears button. I didn't buy Grumpy Bear any clothes, much like I didn't buy any Tenderheart Bear any either. They would only cover their cute belly badges anyway.

I also bought a scent with Grumpy Bear and opted for cotton candy. I'm pretty sure I got it in one of my other bears but it's one of my favourites. Plus the picture on the packet is of blue cotton candy and I figured that was a sign. Pity I couldn't a get pickled beet Scentiment though...

Finally, Grumpy Bear came with his birth certificate. I don't know why it didn't auto put in his eye colour or fur colour. Oh well.

Next we have my spur of the moment buy. I might make this a Halloween tradition, since I don't really have any of those. Last year I got my werewolf from their Halloween range and this year I couldn't resist this cutie.

How adorable is this pumpkin bear?! I just thought he was so unique. I love how he has two kinds of fur to make up the lines on his body to give him more of a pumpkin look and the green and black detailing on his paws and ears too. 

This dude came with his B-A-B patch on his hand and his regular B-A-B ear tag. I love how his patch is black. It really stands out on his orange fur.

For his scent I got pumpkin spice. I'm not a big fan of pumpkin spice lattes and such but I figured it was pretty apt for this guy and it's different than the cotton candy, strawberry or bubble gum scents I always get.

Finally, his birth certificate. I had to come up with a name for him, unlike Grumpy Bear. I think it's pretty adorable, if I do say so myself.

There's a little bit of a size difference between Grumpy Bear and Punk'in and Punk'in is considerably lighter and thinner. The photo below really doesn't do the difference justice though. If anything Punk'in looks a bit bigger but that's because it was difficult to get them so sit beside each other and he's a tiny bit closer to the camera. 

I also love how Punk'in looks so happy and Grumpy Bear looks... well, grumpy. What conflicting characters! 

These dudes are just the coolest and I'm glad I finally got around to getting Grumpy Bear and impulse bought Punk'in. There was a Mummy bear that I was tempted to buy too but I figured that would be pushing it a little bit. I'm thinking I might do a future post about my whole collection, so look out for that if you're interested in these kinds of posts!

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