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Friday, 11 November 2016

Books 'n' Stuff | Daring Fate by Megan Erickson

"Life was hard, then you died."

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Daring Fate, Megan Erickson, Silver Tip Pack, Rating: 4/5
Author: Megan Erickson
Series: Silver Tip Pack
Release: 14/11/16
Genre: M/M, Shapeshifter, Fantasy Romance

Daring Fate is the first in Megan Erickson's new shapeshifter series, Silver Tip Pack. If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll be familiar with Megan's work as I've reviewed her collaboration with another of my favourite authors, Santino Hassell. I thoroughly enjoyed Fast Connection and can't recommend it enough. You can read that review here. Although Fast Connection is the only other book I've reviewed by Megan Erickson, it's just one of many that I've read and loved. I recommend checking out her other works too. Basically all of them. But I digress, back to Daring Fate.

Daring Fate is the story of Reese and Dare. When Reese wakes up in a cell with his younger brother, Jude, he realises he's escaped one prison only to end up in another. However, things take a turn when he's taken to meet the Alpha of the Silver Tip pack, Dare. Sure that he's about to lose his throat, both he and the Dare are shocked to find out they're fated mates. The silver lining is that Dare is far less likely to kill him after the revelation but it still presents a hitch in his plan. Reese has a sister still being held in the prison that is his former pack and Dare will never agree to letting him go so he can rescue her. Still, Reese must find a way.

"Why did I feel like every step away from Dare was the wrong one? Was this the mate pull? Because fuck, it was strong."

Things become more complicated as Reese learns more about Dare's pack and what could become of him if Reese does leave or worse, if he dies. As Reese and Dare get to know each other and he and Jude settle into the Silver Tip pack, Reese and Dare become more than just fated mates. They begin to develop real feelings and that only adds to Reese's conflicted emotions. The time is running out for his sister and Reese needs to make a choice, her life or possibly his mate's.

Big surprise... I LOVED this book. Once I'd finished it I got that heavy feeling in my chest usually reserved for finishing the last in a series. It was a shock to me to have it after the first. I loved these characters and didn't want to have to say goodbye to them until the next book so soon. But I had a deadline for this post so it was a necessary evil.

I don't read Paranormal or Fantasy books very often but when I do my preference is for either shapeshifters or vampires but usually within a contemporary setting. When I read that Megan was starting a shapeshifter series I was excited and when I found out it had a post apocalyptic setting - complete with blood thirsty undead shifters roaming in packs - I was more than intrigued. All of Megan's other work I've read have been contemporary and non-paranormal, so I was excited to see how she tackled this new world and I must say she tackled it well.

"Kissing him was better than air, than any plate of food he could deliver to me. Kissing Dare was life."

As Daring Fate was the first in the series and set in no ordinary world, it was something of an establishing book. Not only are we learning about each character and their pasts, as well as establishing side characters for further books in the series, Megan was introducing us to this new world. That gave Daring Fate more finer details than other books. I feel like in books like this sometimes authors can get so caught up explaining the world in which characters live to us that the storyline can feel a little lost, relying too heavily on the novelty of the paranormal or aspects that makes their world different from ours. However, I feel that Megan gets the balance right and ties everything in nicely while keeping the story moving.

Something I love about shapeshifter romances, particularly werewolves, is the idea of a fated mate. I always enjoy how the biological or destined layer of the romance adds to the story. Not to mention it kind makes the idea of two people falling in love in a couple of weeks a little easier to swallow. Then again, I'm jaded.

"Fate is not always right. A lot of times she's a wrong bitch. But she was right with you, my mate. She was so right when she gave me you."

Dare and Reese were just great and awesome characters to kick start this series. I particularly liked the fact they're different species, adding yet another layer to their story. Not only did we meet Dare and Reese, we also met a bunch of other characters. My particular favourites were Dare's brother Bay, Reese's brother Jude and Dare's two guard's G and Vaughn. Megan did a stellar job of writing these characters in a way that really grabbed me. It was so much more than a book about Dare and Reese, it was about them all and I can't wait to learn more about them and their world in the next book, which I believe is Bay's story.

As I said, I'm really looking forward to Bay's story but I'm also intrigued to find out whether Jude and G get a book of their own and how that will be written. [Spoiler Alert] In Daring Fate we see Jude and G fall for each other but from Reese and Dare's perspective. As I read I was hoping we were just going to see them try to resist each other and the next book would be them finally coming together. I felt a little bit robbed that their relationship formed mostly behind closed doors. I wanted to know what was going on in their heads... and the rest. Though, I guess that's a credit to Megan, writing characters that I cared about that much. I hope in the future they get their own book and perhaps it will be complete with flashbacks. If you're reading this Megan, please and thank you. [/Spoiler Alert]

"Reese could hold a knife to my throat and cut slowly, laughing gleefully. I'd still want him even as I bled out at his feet."

Another bone I have to pick with Megan is, WTF. You almost made me cry. That is some feat considering my emotions have an impenetrable fortress around them 95% of the time. I'm not going to go into why because I've filled my spoiler quota for this post but whoa, I was not ready for it. I guess that's another thing about the type of world in which these shifters live. Things happen that don't generally happen often in regular contemporary or non-fantasy/paranormal books. You know, aside from the whole turning into wolves or weres thing. 

As I said, I just loved this book. Megan has really outdone herself once again and I look forward seeing what comes next for these characters and what other monsters lurk in this scary world that she's dreamed up in her head. Not to mention if they'll be friend or foe. In the mean time I may have to reread Daring Fate to tide me over until then...

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