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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Books 'n' Stuff | The Elf On The Shelf

"Have you ever wondered how Santa could know if you're naughty or nice each year as you grow?"
The Elf On The Shelf

Howdy and welcome to today's blog post. It's a bit of an unboxing and a bit of a review. I've been eyeing up The Elf On The Shelf for a while but considering I have no kids, I wasn't sure if I could justify splashing out the £29.95 it cost. However, once I figured out that I could probably incorporate it in my blog some how it didn't seem like such a frivolous spend. I'm wanting to start a few new traditions this year as a lot of our old family traditions won't be happening or at the very least will be changing somewhat. I figured some elf fun might be exactly the kind of tradition I'd like to start. 

I purchased The Elf On The Shelf direct from their website here. For the £29.95 you receive The Elf On The Shelf storybook and your elf in a lovely presentation box. I do love a nice box to keep things in and this particular one is great quality. The front of the box has the same artwork as the book and on the back it explains a bit about where The Elf On The Shelf originated from.

Aside from the book the story is also available on DVD and Blu-ray.

When you open the box the book is stored on one side and the elf is on the other behind a plastic window. When it comes to choices of elf there is a girl and a boy with brown hair and light skin and a girl and a boy with black hair and darker skin. As you can see below, I opted for the lighter skin boy. 

The elf is attached to the box with some wires. I plan to reuse them when I put my elf away for the year and replace the plastic window over the top to keep him safe. 

He has just the cutest and mischievous little face, hasn't he? I love how retro he looks. His face is hard plastic and his body and hat is felt material.

As expected considering the cost of the whole thing, the storybook is just beautiful and great quality. I almost wish I had a kid just so I could read the book to them. Though... that's probably not a good enough reason to have a kid. 

As I said, the book is the story of the scout elves and explains the reason for their  visit and how you can follow Santa and the scout elf's rules. The story has a very Dr. Seuss feel as it rhymes throughout and I really liked that. I also really love the illustrations. I've taken photographs of some of my favourite pages.

On one of the last pages there's spaces to your name, when you started the tradition and the name of your elf. I'm not sure I'll fill this in because I get nervous when writing in books like this because I'm prone to making mistakes and this book is too pretty for that. However, I have decided to name my elf. The name I've bestowed upon him is Elfred. 

I'm really looking forward to having some fun with Elfred in the run up to Christmas. I'm not 100% sure how that will play out in relation to incorporating it with my blog but it definitely will in some way, so do look out for that soon.

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  1. Oh this is extra cute and comes at just the right time of the month for me, as I'm getting more and more excited for Christmas by the second! I've seen a few viral posts about the Elf on the Shelf before but I can't wait to see what Elfred gets up to with you this Christmas. I love the way he was packaged and the book that came with him too, super cute and Christmassy! This might be my favourite post of the day Sara, it made me smile that much. - Tasha


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