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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Long Distance Besties | Meeting Dominic

"The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it."
Hubert H. Humphrey

Howdy, readers. Welcome to today's post. I know I said in my last post that I'm going to concentrate on the future but what I meant by that was that I'm not going to go way back and write about all the things I've been up to this year. However, that doesn't mean I'm not going to write about anything before that post. So in today's post I'm going to tell you about the awesome week I had last week and how it came about.

As I mentioned in my last post, back in November I became obsessed with a Norwegian teen drama called Skam. Along with that obsession came an amazing fandom and a group of friends. It was like no other fandom I had ever been part of or show that I'd watched. It was more than a show, it was an experience. The way in which Skam was released was completely unique. Each episode was made up of a number of clips that were released throughout the week in real time. Meaning you never knew when a clip would drop. More than that, each character had social media accounts that would be updated randomly and they'd show you text messages and group chats between characters, bringing a whole new level of realism to the show. It was easy to be sucked in and nobody understood that more than the others that had been sucked in a long with you or that you'd met in the pit of Skam addiction.

While I met an abundance of amazing and wonderful people through Skam, I never quite imagined how close some of those friendships would become. I wish I could give you all a shout out but chances are I'd forget one of you and then I'd feel awful. But I digress, I met and connected with some of the most cool and like minded people I'd ever come across but even knowing that, I never could have imagined I'd actually meet one of those people in person! And last week, I had the opportunity to do just that.

I don't exactly remember when I met Dominic. I think he said it was late December, when the third (and my first season) of Skam had already ended. We met in a chatroom that I'd found a link to in the Skam tag. It was a group chat for people within the fandom. I have a lot of great memories from my time there. Our friendship quickly blossomed and we began talking every day. Dominic is basically the polar opposite of me, aside from the fact we both have the tendency to hyper focus on things and we're both incredibly open minded and understanding, we're very different. I think it was this difference that really brought us together. Mostly he didn't let my evasive nature put him off and slowly and surely I started to express my caring side a little more, both thanks to him and our other friend Lizzie. I'm still not great at it but it's nice to not feel complete loss of control any time I hint to someone that I care about them, even as a friend.

So after a few months of friendship and talking, we'd discussed Dominic coming to visit me. Then he surprised me with his ticket information and the count down began. Originally he was going to stay at a B&B because it was our first time meeting but in the end he stayed with me and I'm so glad he did. It meant we really got the most out of our days. He arrived on the 18th of September and honestly, I was nervous but soon found out there was no need to be. Our friendship in person, much like online, was completely natural and fun.

Before he arrived, we'd talked about a bunch of things we'd maybe do. It's been a long time since I'd had anybody come stay, or entertained anyone myself. Literally years. I was worried he was going to be really bored but I should have known better. We're two people who spent the majority of our time online, amusing us wasn't going to be difficult. So we spent a lot of the time chilling, just enjoying each other's company. It was nice having someone around that really 'got me', as cliched as that sounds. It doesn't really happen often. He even laughed at my lame jokes!

On the first day, I met him at the train stop and we walked to my place. We stopped off at the shop on the way home because it was lunch time and he hadn't eaten all day. A coffee and the excitement of his first ever flight had somehow sustained him. Monday was pretty chill and we ordered take away for dinner. I think we also introduced Dominic to the film, The Room, that night. If you are yet to see that film, I really recommend it. It's legendary. I was glad Dominic found it as funny as I did.

On Tuesday we got some lovely weather and decided to make the most of it in case it didn't come up again. It was nice having the chance to show off my local coastal walk. I sort of take it for granted because I've always lived by it.

We then walked up through town and stopped into Eason to buy some drawing supplies for Dominic. After that we went to Bob and Bert's for some cake and coffee. Dom got carrot cake and I got this beautiful cheese cake. I wish I had it now.

We just sat and chatted for ages, about all manners of things. It was really nice. When we got home we watched some Dan and Phil videos and Eva made us dinner. I then decided to treat us to the game, Dream Daddy. We'd been watching Dan and Phil play it and I just couldn't resist buying it for us to play together. That's when the wonderful, Bloominic Loxling, was born. Is he not the coolest dad you've ever seen?

On Wednesday the weather was back to rain, so we decided to just stay in. During the day we watched an abundance of Dan and Phil videos and doodled. It was a lot of fun and Dominic's plan to make me love Dan and Phil as much as him was really working. I've always been a fan but I've definitely grown to love them more. In the evening another friend, Jodie, came over and cooked us and my sister bolognese for dinner. We then watched The Stanford Prison Experiment. Another film that I highly recommend. Especially if you love psychology as it's based on a real experiment and real people.

The rest of the week had flown in and we were down to our last full day together, Thursday. During the day we watched Dan and Phil's The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire. I had never seen it and Dominic had bought a copy. Despite watching it many times before, he was happy to watch it with me. Once again, we doodled while we watched it. Here's a couple of the things I drew.

After playing some more Dream Daddy, in which we went on our first successful date, we ordered pizza for dinner before we went to the cinema to see IT.

Honestly, horror isn't usually my thing. It's just because I scare easily or anything, I just usually find it boring. However, I actually really enjoyed IT. Okay, the actual horror bits with Pennywise were kind of boring to me but the kids really pulled it back. The cast of children were really immense actors and their interactions were so funny. It also really made me want to watch Stranger Things. So even though I really could have done without the horror aspect and the clown, I still really recommend the film. What were your thoughts on it?

When we got home we had some of the left over pizza and chatted for a while before bed. I had a little bit too much caffeine and Dominic got to see an interesting side of me. Not one I'm sure he wanted to see. And that really concluded our last day.

On Friday morning, Dominic had to get the 8am train. I slept in a little bit I was up in time to walk him to the train stop. We were even a little early for the train. Goodbyes with friends always such but I was glad we got a few minutes together rather than a big rush. I even had time to take a photo of Dom looking sad but cute while sitting on his suitcase and we got our last selfie until next time.

And there will definitely be a next time! We had so much fun and we've even already been thinking about things we can get up to when he comes back, whenever that may be. I'm sure we'll think of even more before then and I can't wait.


  1. SaraBloo I just sat down to read this and it has blown me away how well you summed up my visit. I had the best time meeting you in person and it was really rare for me to have such a strong connection with someone. I am so glad you are my best friend, I really am.

    I also agree, IT was a great film but it wasn't what I would call 'scary' but the kids were so funny and I would totally watch it again. I did like Pennywise which.. I don't think you're supposed to..

    - Dominic <3

    1. I'm glad I did your visit justice! I felt like I rambled on a little bit I didn't want to leave anything out. Haha.

      And yeah, I didn't really like Pennywise but again.. I don't think it was for the reason you're supposed to dislike him. Lol.


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