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Friday, 14 March 2014

Introduction to Bloo

Hello and welcome to my first blog post. I know I have some information about myself in the little side bar, but I thought I would start of my blog with another little bit about me. An introduction to myself and what themes or topics you might expect to find covered in future posts. So here goes nothing... 

Well as you've probably guessed by now my name is Sara and as you may also know, most people call me Bloo. Now, the reason for this is that my parents nicknamed me Sara Blue as a baby because of my blue eyes and it kind of stuck. As I got older I started using it as a screen name online and such, but after Googling myself (as you do) I found out there was a porn star called Sarah Blue. So I decided to change the spelling a little, and eventually people dropped the Sara and just called me Bloo. And that's the story of my nickname. 

At the time of posting this I am twenty three, but I will be twenty four next month. My birthday is the 20th of April, and fun fact: it's the same date as Hitler's birthday and the Columbine shooting. They do say bad things happen in threes, just saying. 

I live in Northern Ireland, currently still with my family. My mum, dad and younger sister. I also have an older sister who lives in London. I don't have many friends locally, or at least ones I hang out with. That is something I'd like to rectify with my whole 'do more stuff' New Years resolution. In the past I've always let friendships get away from me for a number of reasons which weren't always my fault, but I don't want that to happen anymore. 

At the moment my social life in the real world is centered around my younger sister Eva and my best friend Gary. I do everything with Eva. She is my sister, best friend, drinking buddy and carer combined. I literally don't know what I would do without her. As a disabled person who requires quite a bit of assistance, when doing anything you need to be with someone you're completely comfortable with and you don't get much better than your sister. I'm sure she'll feature a lot on this blog.

Gary kind of came out of nowhere. I've known him for a bit over a year now and we met on a dating website. It wasn't like that. We've always been just friends, but we've quickly become super close best friends. It's like we've known each other for years. We don't get to see each other nearly often enough, but again hopefully that will change this year. Still, I don't think we've gone a day without texting since we've met and I can't imagine it not being that way. I'm hoping when he finally gets the super awesome girlfriend he deserves, the fact I'm disabled will mean she won't see me as a threat and won't have a problem with our friendship. Sounds like legit logic right?

Eva is about five years younger than me, and my older sister is about five years older. Her name is Jann. Like I said she lives in London, so we don't get to see her much, but all three of us are still pretty close. Thank God for this age of technology. She lives with her boyfriend and works in a hospital. She recently got into King's College to study nursing in September, so we're all super proud of her. Growing up I never thought she'd become a nurse, but it will be super handy having one in the family. And she's so good at it. Anyway, Eva and I are hopefully visiting London in Summer 2014, so we'll be seeing her then. I'm super excited. 

Then there's my parents, Cathy and Trevor. They're your average parents. My dad is an electrician by trade and my mum works in Tesco. I love them a lot and they have done a lot for me. They're struggling with the fact I'm wanting to become independent and I'm attempting to grow up, but they're trying to be supportive.. most of the time. Despite anything I may rant about or moan about, I will always be eternally grateful to them. Never doubt that. 

Another thing you probably already know from my blog description is that I'm disabled. I have Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, which is a muscle wasting disease. I was initially diagnosed at three and a half, but I am technically undiagnosed because CMD is an umbrella term that has now been divided into different types. Research has come a long way since I was diagnosed. A lot of the things I've been through such as Scoliosis or Sleep Apnea, that we weren't warned about are common knowledge and can be found on CMD fact sheets now. Things have progressed a lot in twenty years and although there's still no cure, it's still encouraging. Even so, there is a lot of diversity within the CMD bracket alone, it sometimes even surprises me how different we all are. It's really quite interesting, and I really hope my blog might lead me to meet some more people like myself. 

I would like to put a disclaimer at this point and say although my blog will include a lot of things about my life as a disabled person, my thoughts, feelings and opinions in relation to disability, it will not be all doom and gloom. If anything I want to show that living with a disability isn't as depressing as most people seem to imagine it to be. I don't view my disability as a big problem to be overcome, or something to be sad about. It is what it is. Obviously there's frustrations, but everyone has frustrations. You have two choices in life, dwell on the things you can't change and let them break you or accept them and deal with them the best you can and sometimes they can make you. As much as I would say my disability doesn't define me, it definitely has played a big part in who I am today. And I think I'm pretty great. So it can't be all bad, right?

I know I'm rambling on a little, so I'll try and wrap it up. Other big parts of my life that will probably feature in this blog are my extended family, pets, my art, my crafts, music, my thoughts and opinions on current events and such. My family and my pets mean the world to me. Since I can't have children my pets are my babies. I have two cats called Findlay Wilder Reid (who we call Findlay) and Ethel (who we call Effy), I have a dog called Baby and we have a family dog called Gracie who is 15! and my sister has a snail called Gary

That pretty much sums me up I think. Don't worry, I don't imagine all my posts will be this long. Though I am known for being a bit of a rambler, so I'll apologise in advance anyway.

So yes, I'm Bloo and welcome to my blog.  ♥


  1. Awesome first post! Excited to read more! Btw, it says you tagged me on instagram but the post is gone. Just know I didn't ignore whatever it was, it just appears to have been removed.

    1. Oh yes, sorry about that. I had posted a little screen shot to promote my blog on Instagram and I tagged you saying that yours had inspired me to finally start one and that people should check yours out.. but I got a little bit of stage fright and deleted the pic. :D But anyway, thanks! Have a couple of ideas for my next couple of posts, hopefully I'll find plenty of stuff to write about. :)


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