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Friday, 30 May 2014

Pets 'n' Stuff | A Chorkie Takeover

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." 
Roger Caras

Over the last two weeks we have been minding my cousin's dogs while she's been on her honeymoon. They are nine month old Chorkie (Chihuahua/Yorkie mix) sisters called Minnie and Betty. At first glance you'd never imagine they were sisters. Minnie just looks like a Chihuahua. You wouldn't think she was a mix at all. She's considerably smaller than Betty, who looks very much like a Yorkie. Though she doesn't look full bred. They are both gorgeous though, and I was so happy we had the chance to mind them. I mean, they're not exactly the perfect house guests. They're still not really house trained, and even if they were, our garden wasn't exactly safe for them because of their small size. Even when my mum did let them out they never went to the toilet. Another slight downside was the fact they weren't used to cats, and took every opportunity they could to bark and chase our two cats Findlay and Effy. It didn't help that Findlay loves annoying dogs by calmly walking into whatever room they're in and sitting somewhere, usually just out of reach. I think this gave the impression they were living up to the yappy stereotype little dogs have. However I think any dogs that were unfamiliar with cats would be much the same.

All the small downsides aside, I think having them here really did a lot for me. It took my mind off a lot of stuff. They kept me busy. Because of their size they couldn't get on to the couch or my bed themselves, and I was a little bummed out because it meant I couldn't reach them either. But I had the idea of using an upside down shopping crate for them to use as a step. The day after they arrived I started teaching them to use the crate to get on to my bed and then from the bed on to my lap. It meant I could get cuddles any time I wanted! Well, provided they wanted to give me cuddles. The two of them are completely inseparable. My cousin had said Minnie loved to be held all the time, but Betty didn't like it so much. True to her word, Minnie did love to be held a lot. She'd fall asleep in your arms like a baby. However it turned out that Betty liked it just as much. I think people are just less inclined to hold her because she's bigger, kinda long, and a little awkward. It wasn't long until they'd found the space behind me in my wheelchair, and I was carting them both around with me. I'm surprised I never ended up on the floor! Especially since they'd both curl up in the space behind me (a space usually occupied by my cat Effy) and then scramble to get out if someone they liked more came home or they seen a cat. Yeah, I was by no means their favourite. For some reason they were obsessed with my mum, Minnie more so than Betty, but Betty always wanted to be with Minnie. It irked me a little they loved my mum so much when she couldn't be bothered with them a lot of the time. Childish, I know. For that reason Thursdays and Fridays were my favourite. I had them all to myself for most of the day since everyone was out. The first Thursday there was a man doing work next door and Betty was terrified. They were both scared a lot, but Betty particularly scared easily. I ended up having to hold them both, but they wanted to also see the man out the window so they could keep an eye on them. He must have wondered why that strange disabled girl holding two small dogs was watching him out her window.

My biggest fear having them stay was that they'd get hurt by our chocolate Labrador, Baby. She's a very submissive and good hearted dog, but even at the age of seven she is like a big pup. She doesn't realise her own size or strength and I was worried she'd hurt them when playing. We needn't have worried as they didn't like her all too much and were afraid. After the first night Baby largely ignored them. Gracie our 15 year old Shih Tzu also largely ignored them, though more so because she's mostly blind and deaf. She did however have a bit of a go at Betty when Betty tried to share food from Gracie's bowl. there's life in the old dog yet. Gracie also took a fancy to their cage and tried to sleep in it a few times. Another thing they were scared off was my BiPap mask. It took a while to coax them on to the bed with me. Surprisingly it was Betty that first decided it wasn't so scary after all, and came up to give me face licks. Minnie stayed at a safe distance, but was eventually coaxed up to lie beside me.

For a long time now my sister Eva and I have wanted to get a Chihuahua each. My parents always said after Gracie 'went' that we could get them. I hadn't actually ever met any Chihuahuas in real life, so I wondered would I still want one after minding Betty and Minnie. The answer is yes. As silly as it sounds, I loved being able to lift them and hold them, teach them how to come to me etc. I enjoyed looking after them when they got scared and them relying on me. It was different to my other pets. I guess they're just size appropriate. I can't even hold my cats they way I held them, and even my rats were too fast and got away too easily. I know it's not the same, but it almost felt like the closest I would get to the feeling you get looking after a baby. That's not to say if I do get a Chihuahua that I won't train it and treat it like a dog needs, but I would hope I'd still get that feeling.

So now they're leaving tomorrow and it's going to be very emotional. They've kind of become like a little part of the family, it's going to seem so dull without them. Eva wants us to get ours now and my dad seemed open to the idea during the first half of Betty and Minnie's stay. However I think the novelty kind of wore off for them. Now that I'm supposed to be moving out, I figured I'd wait until I was in my new place since I'm not taking my Labrador with me as she's too attached to my dad and Gracie's health isn't so good, so she'd be staying at home too. Then my aunt and dad started saying there was no way I could take care of a puppy by myself and that I should get them while I'm at home so I can have them trained before I move. However like I said, the novelty wore off and my parents changed their mind. Mostly they used the fact I'm getting carers as an excuse. In case the carers don't like animals. So basically they don't think I'll be able to have a puppy on my own, but I'm not allowed to get them while I'm at home. Though the other side to it is if I do get one before I move, there is the chance I won't be allowed pets in my new place. Or at least as many pets as I have. I'm already taking my two cats. Overall that is one of my biggest fears for the future, because my happiness is built a lot on my pets. They are my fuzzy children to make up for the children I'll never have. It's really thanks to them that I accepted I couldn't have children. I'm hoping it won't be an issue. We live in a Housing Association bungalow now, and they've never had a problem with our pets. But still, it's a bit of a conundrum trying to figure out the best way to go. But since my parents aren't allowing us to get them now anyway, I guess it's something to figure out at a later date! But for now here is some photos of Betty and Minnie during their stay. Hopefully it won't be too long before we see them again.

Miss them already. :')

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