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Monday, 8 September 2014

Bloo's Reviews | Morgan

"Sometimes you have to dare to dream."

I've decided to change things up a little and introduce 'Bloo's Reviews'. My lifestyle/diary type posts will continue as usual, but I'll aim to do one review a week. Originally I had thought about doing Film Fridays and Music Mondays or something, but considering how much I lack organisational skills I thought maybe I'd make it a little less restrictive. So like I said, I'll aim for at least one review a week and I still might schedule it for a Monday, but the review will be about anything. The kinds of things I'll be reviewing are movies, books, make up etc. Basically anything I feel inspired to recommend or warn against! I hope you enjoy them. Now on to the first(ish) review...

The first movie I've decided to review is Morgan

Warning: Review may contain spoilers.

When I first watched this movie I was kind of looking forward to it since it involved two of my favourite movie themes, disability (particularly physical disability) and LGBT themes. I had read reviews before watching the movie, and therefore knew what I was getting into. I'd seen some comments on the acting and such, but since I'm a sucker for low budget and independent movies I didn't really mind. Admittedly there was some painful acting and some of the cinematography looked like it was filmed on an iPhone. I found that a little weird since in other scenes the cinematography was quite good. Some of the sound quality wasn't great in parts, but it was bearable. As for the bad acting, I’d seen some people say how bad Leo Minaya’s acting was as Morgan, but to be honest he was one of the best. His mum, his friend and his doctor were woeful. I really liked Jack Kesy as Dean. I liked Morgan and Dean's chemistry, even if I did cringe at certain parts.

I liked the storyline overall. Morgan Oliver is a former competitive cyclist who became paralysed from the waist down after an accident during a race. At the beginning Morgan's days are spent wallowing in a state of depression, drinking and watching the sport that he can no longer take part in. As much as I hate the bitter depressed disabled person stereotype, it worked for this plot. Morgan's injury is pretty new, so it's only natural he's not at the point where he's accepted it yet. He then meets Dean Kagan and they begin a relationship. While there is the love story element to this movie, it's as much about that as it is Morgan learning to accept what has happened to him and realising it doesn't mean life is pointless. He might not be able to do everything he could before, but that doesn't mean he can't do anything at all. This is in relation to his love life and life in general.

I think Leo Minaya did quite well playing a paraplegic in my opinion but others more knowledgeable may beg to differ. I remember when Dixon in 90210 was paralysed for a while, I felt he was subconsciously using his legs a lot whilst in the chair. And obviously nobody had told him how to push a wheelchair while sitting in it either because he was doing it completely wrong. And that’s coming from someone who’s never pushed their own wheelchair. It’s just common sense. Anyway, back to Morgan.

While this move was in no way perfect, I think if you’re used to or like me like the quirks of an independent or low budget movie them definitely give it a watch. I’d really like to see more movies like this. Especially disabled characters that stay disabled. All to often (especially in tv programmes) they have miraculous recoveries and that is one of my pet hates.

Director: Michael D. Akers
Writers: Michael D. Akers, Sandon Berg
Stars: Leo Minaya, Jack Kesy
Rated: 18+ (adult content)

I hope you enjoyed the first of Bloo's Reviews! Any feedback or constructive criticism would be welcome.

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