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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Highlights: 2014 Edition

"Over and over I marvel at the blessings of my life: Each year has grown better than the last."
Lawrence Welk

It's the 30th of December and that means we have one full day and a bit left of 2014. I know I've been saying it a lot lately, but I can't quite believe it. It seems like just yesterday we were on the cusp of 2014 and everyone was saying how terrible 2013 was and that they hoped 2014 would be better. For those people, I hope it was everything you wanted and more.

For me this year had many ups and downs, but all in all I feel like I've grown and improved a lot. I thought for my last post of the year I would reflect highlights and things I'm most grateful for this year.

1) I started blogging in March of this year and I have to say, blogging in general has been a highlight. I feel like it's benefited me so much, more than I ever would have imagined. It's pushed me to challenge myself and live up to what I say I'm going to do. It's been a huge part of all the personal progress I've made this year, and I hope it continues.

2) You guys! I'm so grateful to my readers and the blogging community. Aside from what I gain from being able to unload everything, having people to share it with and get to know just makes it all more worthwhile. Having people tell me I've inspired them or how much they love my writing is what makes me strive to do it better, because it isn't just for me. I've chatted to some awesome people I now consider friends through my blog and through the community on Twitter. People like Meghan, Danielle, Dee, Haley and Michelle, to mention a few (I hope the rest of you know who you are!). It feels so great to be part of something and I want to thank every single one of you. 

I'm going to write the highlight and then link a post or two that relate to it.

1) Eva and I went to see Ron Pope, Wakey!Wakey! and Alexz Johnson. It was the first gig I'd been to in years and an amazing night. I was super proud of myself for asking Alexz Johnson for a photo when I'd usually be too shy. It was back in February before I started this blog, but I wrote about it on Tumblr. (link)

2) Getting Edwin back in June. I can truly say he's filled a void I didn't realise was so big and I don't know what I would have done without him when Gracie passed. He's a nightmare sometimes, but the good outweighs the bad. Mostly. And at least I can say there's never a dull moment. (link)

3) Starting the process to move out and become independent. It was scary at first and certain family members struggled with the idea, but I'm so glad I plucked up the courage to go for what I want. Everything might be at a stand still right now, but I know what I want and I'm on my way. I know it's not going to be easy, but you have to fly the nest some time. (link) (link)

4) The Winter Paralympics and being introduced to what I now consider one of my favourite sports, Ice Sledge Hockey as well as someone I now consider one of my idols, Kevin Rempel. I was lucky enough to Skype with him recently after winning a competition. He even checked out my blog! But I'll be writing more about that in a later post. I also really enjoyed the Commonwealth Games. (link)

5) Getting back into ice hockey has been a huge highlight. I forgot how much I enjoy it and going to Belfast Giants' games. It's fun being part of it and getting to know others that go. I've especially enjoyed getting Eva into it and going with her. She didn't think she'd like it at first, but now she loves it and even bought herself a jersey! I've also really enjoyed watching the NHL games online. (link) (link)

6) The Memory Walk. It was a hectic day as we took the puppies and they barked A LOT, but it was still a highlight. We had a lot of fun and it was awesome doing something as a family to raise money for something very close to home as my granny has Alzheimers. I didn't think I'd be able to raise much, but ended up raising almost £230 for a great cause. (link) (link)

7) Mine and Eva's stay in Belfast was a BIG highlight. We hadn't stayed anywhere by ourselves before, so even though we weren't far from home it felt like an adventure. My favourite part was the first night and the Belfast Giants' game. It was fun staying after the game and seeing the players, even though we were too nervous to ask for photos with them, I loved it. Plus I did get a photo with Steve Thornton, the coach and ex-player I love. I can't wait to do it again! (link) (link)

8) My diagnosis was another major highlight. I was nervous having a new name for my disability, because I don't like change. However, now that I have it I feel a lot better. Even though nothing changed, having a proper name to put to what I have gave me a weird sense of completion. (link)

9) Although I had a difficult time around my birthday, my birthday was also a highlight. As a tradition we always go to the local Ark farm and I love seeing all the animals. Especially the baby goats. I especially enjoyed this visit as my granny came along. She really enjoyed herself. Also for my birthday Eva got me a dinosaur figure I'd wanted for ages. All in all, it was a great day. (link)

10) Lastly, Christmas this year was immense. With my granda being ill a few times this year and my granny's Alzheimers being so bad, we weren't sure how it would go. If granny would recognise us, or if they'd make it round on Christmas morning like usual, but they did. In a way it feels like this year might be the last of our traditional Christmas' with Eva and I possibly moving out by next year and with granny and granda's health not being great. I'm grateful it went so well. (link)

So that's some of the things I'm most grateful for his year. There are many other things too and things I'll probably think of later and kick myself for not including. Like I said, there have been many ups and downs this year but all in all I have had a lot to be grateful for and many positives I can take away. This is my last post of 2014. So see you next year!

Tell me one of your 2014 highlights!


  1. Awww I'm so glad I've gotten to meet you through blogging! I'm so stubborn with becoming friends with other people my own age especially ones with disabilities. You really have become a good friend to me and I love how we've bonded through blogging and our disabilities even if we live on total opposite sides of the world. My mom still hates this by the way! I talk to her about you all the time. Lol I can't wait to see what 2015 for you and what else we can get ourselves into! ;) Love ya!


    1. Me too! I think you're one of the first bloggers I started talking to. Having people to talk to and being part of something and having support with what I'm doing means so much. It's even better when it's people you can relate to, and I don't just mean because we're both disabled. :) Aha, that's so funny though! My parents are pretty used to me having friends online. My mum didn't like it at first either, now she has them too! Thank you and I hope 2015 is everything you want it to be! <3!


  2. Awww this is an amazing post! Im so glad you've had a good year :D
    Thank you for the mention since starting my blog, I've met some lovely people (you included) I would defiantly consider you a friend now & I hope 2015 brings you even more happiness and success :)
    Have a great new year!
    Michelle xx

    1. Thank you! I tried to keep it short, but it didn't really work out. xD
      You're welcome! It never thought I'd meet such awesome people through blogging. I'm very lucky. I hope 2015 is everything you want it to be!

      Hope you have an awesome new year! <3


  3. starting my blog was definitely one of my highlights too! I'm glad you had a good 2014 and hope you have an even better 2015 :)


    1. Yeah, little did I know how much I'd love blogging. And thanks! Happy new year. I hope you have an awesome 2015!



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