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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My Love Of Fan Videos #1

It is no secret that I love fan videos. I mean... LOVE fan videos. I can spend hours watching them and when I'm not watching them, I have them playing in the background. It's gotten to the point that certain songs just feel plain wrong without quotes from my favourite shows playing over them at certain points. I even know when the quotes are and find myself talking along with them like they're just part of the lyrics. Which is admittedly a little weird for the people who can hear me. Fan videos have introduced me to new music, new shows and new ships!

(Shipping, derived from the word relationship or friendship, is the desire for two people, often fictional, to be in a relationship, romantic or otherwise.) 

They cheer me up or help me cry out the boohoos when I need it. They let me live vicariously through them when I feel lonely. They combine two of my favourite things, music and television/movies. I've even had a go at trying my own hand at it, though mine don't even come close to some of the masterpieces people have put together. It really is a skill.

Obviously I love fan videos for my favourite shows, but there are also certain songs that when I find a new show or a new ship, I check if there's a fan video with it for my favourite couple couple or character. In this blog post, I'm going to tell you five of my favourite fan video songs and an example of one of the videos it's used in! Disclaimer, videos may contain spoilers! 

Ships In The Night by Matt Kearney

I just love this song and it's great for those will they, won't they relationships. My sister newly introduced me to Gossip Girl and this song couldn't have been used any more perfectly in this Dan and Blair video.

Remember The Name by Fort Minor

This song is perfect for badass characters. So naturally I've included a Damon Salvatore video. There's also a video for Klaus and my personal favourite, one for Brian Kinney from Queer As Folk.

Losing Your Memory by Ryan Star

I first heard this song in The Vampire Diaries and fell in love with it. After my sister introduced me to American Horror Story: Murder House, I found this Tate and Violet video. I'm one of those Tate fan girls and I love that there's so many talking parts in this video. I was tempted to use one of the newer TVD fan videos for this one, as they go really well since (spoiler) Elena erased the memory of her relationship with Damon. (/spoiler). There's some really great videos in relation to that. If you're a TVD fan, I really recommend looking them up.

The Way I Loved You by Taylor Swift

This was the first song I became obsessed with when it came to fan videos and I think this is one of the first fan videos I became obsessed with too. The characters are from a Spanish series called Física o Química. The fan video is about the love triangle between Fer, Fer's boyfriend Borja and Fer's ex David. I actually stopped watching this show before Fer and Borja got together as I was getting too... emotionally involved. But Fer and David remain two of my favourite characters ever! And totally not just because they're both highly attractive Spanish men. Anyway, I always look up this song when it comes to new shows and new love triangles or when character gets with a new person etc. It's also a song I really relate to personally, so I guess that's why I love it.

Holocene by Bon Iver

Lastly, I don't think you can ever go wrong with a bit of Bon Iver, but particularly when it comes to the song Holocene. It's just beautiful and emotional, particularly when coupled with the friendship between Damon and Alaric and especially Damon's monologue when he's drinking at Alaric's grave. This video really gets me right in the feels.

There you have it. Five songs I always look for when it comes to fan videos. Obviously the full list is much longer and changes all the time, but this is a good start! I usually post a fan video of the day on the Bloo 'n' Stuff Facebook Page so please give the page a like if you'd like to check them out, or if you'd like to see another post like this one in the future let me know in the comments below! 


  1. I love fan videos! People are so creative :)
    I also like crack vids, they are soooo funny! I just found them last month while looking for more Once Upon a Time videos and I just couldn't stop laughing.


    1. Someone else that loves them too! They really are. :)
      Oh my gosh. I LOVE crack vids too. I love the ones for The Vampire Diaries. Never checked out any Once Upon A Time ones. I'll have to do that. :)

      Sara Bloo xo


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