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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bucket List Reveal!

"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
Abraham Lincoln

Howdy and welcome to this week's Miscellaneous Tuesday post, Bucket List Reveal! I've wanted to make a bucket list for a long time. I've had many things on it for a long while but just never took the time to write it down. I had thought about doing a 30 before 30 list but I didn't like the idea of putting such a time constraint on it. So I decided to go for the traditional things to do before I die bucket list. A while ago someone gave me the idea to make it a page on my blog and I'm finally getting around to it now. You can find that page here. However I decided reveal the list on today's blog also! So far there are 109 things on the list, some of which I've already done. I know that's technically cheating but they're all things that were always part of my mental bucket list but I ticked off before I actually got around to writing or, I guess, typing it out. 

I tried to dream big and while I do believe in the go big or go home motto, I tried to keep the list to things that I feel are achievable. I know 109 seems like a weird number to finish on. I had originally aimed for 100 but the extra ones just came to me. I look forward to checking each off as I go and adding more in the future. I'm welcome to ideas. Now on to the list so far!

  1. Watch an ice hockey match from ice level. Pref the Belfast Giants.
  2. Be a Belfast Giants season ticket holder again.
  3. Attend an Ice Sledge Hockey match in person.
  4. Attend a NHL match in person.
  5. Take Gary to a Belfast Giants match.
  6. Win a Belfast Giants shirt of the back.
  7. Buy Eva's first born their first Belfast Giants jersey.
  8. Attend a Belfast Giants away game.
  9. Attend the playoffs.
  10. Sponsor a jersey.
  11. Attend the Paralympics.
  12. Attend the Olympics.
  13. Attend a golf match.
  14. Fly somewhere again.
  15. Go to New York.
  16. Visit Ground Zero.
  17. Have a road trip around Europe.
  18. Visit Disneyland Paris.
  19. Visit Disney World Florida.
  20. Visit Amsterdam with Eva.
  21. Visit Berlin.
  22. Visit Norway.
  23. Visit Canada.
  24. Go on a Cruise with Eva.
  25. Add to the love lock bridge in Paris.
  26. Get a chocolate labrador. 
  27. Get a long haired cat. 
  28. Get a chihuahua. 
  29. Get another hamster.
  30. Get a betta fish. Pref blue and purple.
  31. Get a female chihuahua.
  32. Hold a snake.
  33. Hold a ferret.
  34. Hold a bearded dragon.
  35. Feed a sea lion.
  36. Go camping in nature.
  37. Reel in a fish by myself. ✓
  38. Buy a memorial plaque for my past pets.
  39. Keep a plant alive for at least a year. 17/02/2015 -
  40. Plant a tree and watch it grow.
  41. Dip my toes in the sea.
  42. Start an autograph book.
  43. Write a novel.
  44. Publish a novel.
  45. Finish my first Wreck This Journal.
  46. Complete my five year journal.
  47. Buy a Filofax and actually use it. 
  48. Tie dye a t-shirt.
  49. Try candle making.
  50. Take tasteful nudes.
  51. Design my own wedding dress.
  52. Design my own wedding wheelchair.
  53. Have a pen pal.
  54. Record a duet with Eva.
  55. Write or do my WTJ in Starbucks.
  56. Guest post on someone's blog.
  57. Send fan mail.
  58. Write and illustrate a children's book.
  59. Find my drag name.
  60. Put together a photograph album.
  61. Attend a Broadway musical.
  62. See The Book Of Mormon.
  63. Go to a Miranda Sings show.
  64. Go to a music festival.
  65. Go to a formal.
  66. Go to Gay Pride.
  67. Go to Disability Pride.
  68. Go to an awards ceremony.
  69. Reread Harry Potter.
  70. Go swimming.
  71. Go to Yo! Sushi with Eva.
  72. Attend a book signing.
  73. Tour a prison.
  74. Tour a concentration camp.
  75. Be in the audience of one of my favourite TV shows.
  76. Be made over by a drag queen I admire.
  77. Get a tattoo. Pref a brachiosaurus.
  78. Have my nails done by a professional.
  79. Master liquid eye liner.
  80. Master fake eyelashes.
  81. Have a movie and pamper night with Eva.
  82. Live in a bungalow with Eva and our pets.
  83. Have a family photo taken with Eva, Berty and Edwin for our bungalow.
  84. Fall in love at least one more time.
  85. Get engaged.
  86. Get married.
  87. Take singing lessons.
  88. Achieve an A grade in at least one subject.
  89. Take a course online.
  90. Own a library card.
  91. Learn to cook a signature dish.
  92. Try weed at least once.
  93. Receive a snail mail fan letter.
  94. Do a colour run.
  95. Try on a fursuit.
  96. Drive on an ice rink in my electric wheelchair.
  97. Drive around a velodrome in my electric wheelchair.
  98. Ride on a Zamboni.
  99. Make a time capsule.
  100. Go geocaching.
  101. Learn another language. Pref Spanish, German or French.
  102. Crochet or knit blankets and donate them to an animal shelter.
  103. Get business cards made for my blog just because.
  104. Put flowers on my granda Carroll and uncle John's graves.
  105. Put flowers on my granny Murdy's grave.
  106. Raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.
  107. Sent a care package to a soldier.
  108. Take part in Operation Christmas Child. 
  109. Take part in a teddy toss.
And there you have it. The list so far. At first I tried to put them into categories but some just didn't seem to fit anywhere or fit in more than one. So I gave up. Sorry if that makes the list a little difficult to read. So readers, what's on your bucket list? 


  1. Well you need a bucket first :p and we do need to race crabs!

  2. Wow that is a great bucket list. 2 trips that are on my bucket list are to Ireland and Scotland. The hard part about this is that I'm scared to fly. Will have to get over that fear. Maybe that should be on the bucket list. Get over fear of flying.

    1. Thank you! Well I live in Northern Ireland and have been South but I've never properly been to Scotland, only passed through. But yeah, I had a bad experience flying when I was younger as I have breathing problems. So to fly to the US or anywhere far I have to be assessed first. Hopefully that won't be a problem though! But yeah, I'm a little nervous to fly again. :) Hopefully we both overcome it! xo

  3. I love your list, especially that you have so many hockey things on there! Being in Canada, I'm a big hockey fan and have been to tons of NHL games. You'd love them! You can also check out my life list here: http://www.robynpetrik.com/my-current-life-list/

    1. Thank you! Yeah, the hockey things came pretty easily to me. Someone else has a bucket list just for hockey things and she had some things I didn't think of so I'll be adding more in the future! That's so awesome though! You're so lucky. I really hope I get the chance to go. I'll definitely check out your list. :) xo

  4. Giants away trip is great fun! (When we win!)
    Best to fly to Birmingham, coach trip to Coventry is only 20 minutes and Nottingham is also easy get to by coach.

    1. Oh, thanks for the tips! I'll definitely keep it in mind. I really hope to fulfil that goal next season. Hopefully it'll be better than this one! :D xo

  5. YEY!! Love this soooo much :D I did one a few years back and desperately need to update it.
    #73 is something I'd be really interested in, I think a visit to Alcatraz is actually on my bucket list...though I may be mistaken. #77 has a thumbs up from me too!!

    Really enjoyed reading through this list and have definitely been inspired to take a look at mine a re-do it.


    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed putting it together but now that I have I want to get on it asap. Hopefully I can. Did you ever post yours on your blog?
      Oh that would be cool! I'm hoping a prison tour is doable. I know a lot of them aren't exactly wheelchair accessible but even if I can only tour half of it it'll be something! :D
      UGH, I hope I can be brave enough to do 77. I'm not great with pain. xD xo


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