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Friday, 24 April 2015

Cruelty Free & Topshop Haul/Review

"We, as human beings, have the capacity for extreme cruelty."
Lupita Nyong'o

Yesterday was the first Thursday I haven't posted since the new year. I was supposed to post a Bloo's Review but with my parents away this week I was busy just spending time with Eva. Yesterday we were out a lot of the day too. So I just never got around to writing and posting something up. I'm definitely not going to make a habit out of it. Instead of just not posting three blogs this week, I figured better late than never, so here I am with another haul! I know it was supposed to be a review but I wanted to give this haul a post of it's own and I can tie in a bit of a review of the items I've used. So everyone's a winner!

Eva and I had a couple of days out this week and I took the chance to pick up some stuff in town. I mentioned before I am trying to be more cruelty free. I said it's going to be a gradual thing and I'm switching my make up over as I run out or just whatever I buy new. I bought a couple of things a little while ago that I mentioned. This is where a little bit of a review comes in.

First we have Barry M Blink Precision Eyeliner in black. It was £4.59 in Superdrug. I already had a liquid eyeliner by Maybelline. It was what I used recently to learn how to do liquid eyeliner in the first place. I have to say although it isn't crueltry free, I prefer the Maybelline eyeliner. I find the Barry M pen a little dry or something. It doesn't go on as smoothly. However that could be something to do with my technique or something. So for now I am going to stick with it, if I can't master it I'll explore other cruelty free options. Suggestions would be appreciated. 

Secondly we have Barry M Blusher in the colour Peaches & Cream. In short, I all round love this blusher and I think it will be my blusher of choice from now on. In person it looks a lot more orange than it looks in the photo above. I was worried it would be too orange, but it isn't. I used to wear more pinky tones, but I really wanted to get a peachy colour. This was just perfect. 

Lastly we have Gosh X-Ceptional Wear Make Up in Porcelain 11. This used to be my foundation of choice until last year I wished to a L'Oreal foundation. The only reason I did that was because I found it hard to source this particular GOSH colour. I then decided to switch back when I decied to go cruelty free. It's so difficult to get affordable foundation as light as I need it. That's really my only downside to this foundation. 

Now on to what I actually bought this week. Other than make up I wanted to switch my toiletries over to cruelty free also. Like I said before, I find it all a bit daunting. Knowing which brands are cruelty and which aren't. I asked on Twitter if anyone could recommend a good shampoo, I think it was, and my friend Eimear suggested I try Superdrug's own brand. I hadn't realised they were completely cruelty free. She works there and recommended their products so I thought that sounded straight forward and we have a Superdrug in town. It's super affordable too, which always helps. 

So far I'm really loving all the products. They smell so good too. I've been having a bit of trouble with dry scalp for a while now and while the shampoo isn't making it better, nothing I've tried has including prescription things, it's certainly not making it any worse. And it leaves my hair in lovely condition. So yeah, I'm very pleased with these items and I look forward to trying more. I would definitely recommend giving them a go.

While in town Eva and I also had a look in Topshop. I don't buy out of there often as I just find it really expensive. I know you get what you pay for but I don't feel like wear out my clothes enough to warrant spending so much more on 'better quality' clothing. If that makes sense. However, what I do love to buy from there every once in a while is new underwear! Usually I just wear boy shorts from H&M but every now and then I like to wear something a bit more fancy. At £10 for three pairs I figured I would treat myself.

I decided to go for a pretty pair, a sexy pair and a fun pair. From a spoonie point of view, I find the top type the best. They're made of like a silky kind of material and when I wear them in bed at night I find them much easier to turn over in. The lack of friction means it takes a lot less out of me. 

Lastly I picked up this lovely necklace from Topshop also. At £8.50 it was a bit more expensive than I would have liked but I've been breaking my handmade Etsy necklaces lately because I pull on them when I'm feeling anxious. I thought this one might be a little more durable as it's a string rather than chain.

And that is my cruelty free and Topshop haul. I'm a little bummed out I didn't get this posted up yesterday like I had planned but like I said, I've been busy. However now that I'm running out of money I'm pretty sure things will calm down. I think I need to become a recluse for a while... and avoid online shopping. Easy enough, right?


  1. I'm trying to be cruelty free too. It's flipping hard to get cruelty free makeup without spending an absolute fortune. I'm finding B. makeup by Superdrug surprisingly good though.

    1. I find Barry M. very affordable. Though my sister didn't find their foundation very good. GOSH isn't too expensive either, but I guess it's all relative to your budget. I haven't tried B. yet myself. I'll have to give it a go! :) Thanks.

  2. This is a really useful post to read - I'm doing the same as you and slowly switching across, so any product shout outs I always go looking for! - Tasha

    1. I'm glad you found it useful! Yeah, I find something like this easier to take in than the big list of cruelty free brands. I find the process quite daunting so any way to make it easier is definitely a plus. :)


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