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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

My Obsessions #2

"Love your Zelf."

Welcome to the second instalment of the My Obsessions series! You can read the first edition here! Today's is about a new obsession I've acquired in the last week. You could even call it an addiction. I haven't spoken about it much, if at all, on my blog but I collect toys. I LOVE toys.  My bedroom is brimming with them. I go through phases of finding a new kind of toy and basically over a very short period of time amass quite a collection. I just can't get enough. It can be quite damaging to my bank account but alas they make me happy. 

I've seen Zelfs around for a little while and I've always wanted to get them but for one reason or another I didn't. Perhaps because I knew it would break the dam. It's been a while since I've had a new toy obsession after my last one left my display shelves with little space for anything new. Okay, no space for anything new. Perhaps it's because the hockey season is over and I don't have something to fixate on, this weekend I decided I NEEDED to get one. Two days later here I am.

The first day I bought the bigger blue one. She's called Mermalade and she smells like tutti frutti. I also got two little blind mushroom pots. You don't know which Zelf you're going to get in them. It makes it exciting but it can be also disappointing if you get duplicates! Although it looks like I have doubles, I actually don't as they come in three finishes. standard, pearl and glitter. The first day I got standard finish Sketalia (the black one) and a glitter finish Polly Roger (the one with the eye patch)

Luckily I am not alone in my new obsession. Eva is right there with me! I love that we're so similar. Anyway, we HAD to get more. So the next day (yesterday) we went into town to see if we could find some. We couldn't find the bigger versions but we found the little mushrooms. You can see what I mean by mushrooms below. 

I ended up buying three mushrooms in town as well as other blind baskets that Eva introduced me to. Shopkins. They are little shopping baskets two blind bags inside. You also get a little shopping list with different sections. Like fruit and vege, pantry and bakery etc. 

Each blind bag has one little figure in it. There are common, rare, ultra rare and special edition. They are so super cute! I ended up with two rare and two common. Eva got lucky and got two ultra rare! I was jealous. 

Later in the evening my parents were going over to Sainbury's... and yes, you guessed it. Eva and I decided to go see if they had Zelfs and Shopkins! Sadly they didn't have any Shopkins but they did have the bigger version of Polly Roger and the Zelf mushrooms. I bought Polly and two more mushrooms. Eva got lucky again and found a sneaky mushroom from the first season. I was jealous yet again! 

So that is how my little collection grew so quickly over the course of two days. And it may be about to get bigger as my mums in town right now picking me up some more blind baskets and mushrooms! With my birthday right around the corner too, I may have to part with some of my old toys to make room for some new ones. 

To finish off today's post here is a couple more photos of my Zelfs. 


Polly Roger

Back row: Standard Ooma, Standard Sketalia, Standard Cindy-Moo, Pearl Ooma. 
Front row: Pearl Polly Roger, Pearl Smoothie, Glitter Polly Roger.


  1. These are the cutest! <3 xx

    1. Cute and highly addictive go hand in hand I find! :D xo


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