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Monday, 8 June 2015

My Week In Words | #23 2015

"Those who wish to pet and baby wild animals 'love' them. But those who respect their natures and wish to let them live normal lives, love them more."
Edwin Way Teale

Welcome to this week's edition of My Week In Words! A day late but here nonetheless. It's been an eventful week, with some goodbyes and a couple of hellos! I hope you enjoy meeting some of my new family members and reading what else I've been up to.

I was rudely woken up around 5am on Sunday by the alarm on my ventilator, signalling it was running on battery rather than electric. I tried to raise the head of my bed to reach my phone. I have an electric bed, the type you might have seen in hospitals. I found it wasn't working either. So I phoned my dad to come see why my electric wasn't working. He tried seeing if there was something wrong with my plugs but then I noticed the phone in the hall was beating, signalling the dock wasn't working. So I told him I thought it was the whole house rather than just my plugs. He tried resetting the electric but it would come on for a few seconds and then trip again. I remembered we had the same problem once and it ended up being something to do with a socket in our shed. So I reminded him of this and he went out to check. He found a slug in the socket. A very charred slug. Poor little guy. I eventually went back to sleep and woke up later. I didn't do much the rest of the day. I relaxed while I browsed and chatted online. I wrote My Week In Words, which you can read here and then later my aunt Karen visited.

Again, I didn't do much on Monday. I did some revision throughout the day for my exam the following morning. I was feeling in a bit of a slump. I can't really explain it. I've been feeling warn out lately and when I start feeling like that I need space. I guess it's my introvert nature. Sometimes I just need some time by myself. Recharge my social batteries. So I took some time and then attempted to have an early night for my exam, which resulted in me reading in bed until around 3am.

I got up early on Tuesday for my 9:30am exam. It went okay. Again I felt that I hadn't written enough but I felt the quality of my writing was good so I hope that makes up for it. Mostly I was just glad I didn't go completely blank. It felt a bit surreal that when I was done that was the course finished. No more class, until I decide to go back. Which I can't see me doing after my anxiety this year. I don't regret doing it. I do think it was good for me in some ways but bad in others. Still, I'm looking forward to getting my grade. On the walk home Eva and I seen not one, but three squirrels! Which totally made my day. I love seeing them. We even got pretty close to two of them! One seemed quite young and didn't really take much notice of us when we moved closer to try and get a photo.

I didn't even zoom in for the photo above. You'd have thought one look at a bulky electric wheelchair coming towards them and they'd be off like a shot. I guess they're used to people being around in this part of the forest. The little one - not the one in the photo above - eventually did realise how close we were and scooted behind the tree but came back to peek out at us I wish I had gotten a better photo of it but you can kind of see it. It's very well camouflaged but it just sat there looking at us.

That put me in a super good mood, plus we found some great sticks for our snail tanks. I decided to treat myself on the way home and pick up a sandwich from Curious Cat Cafe. It was the first time we'd been in since the new owner took over. It's a tiny little place but it seemed much more spacious even though it hadn't actually changed that much. Then the owner said to us that he'd noticed us in a while back and had moved some things around so my wheelchair would fit better. I thought that was so lovely and thoughtful! I'm looking forward to going down more often for a bite to eat now that there's more space as it was space that put me off before. I'm especially looking forward to it as it's a pet friendly cafe and I can never miss a chance to meet some cute pooches! We didn't sit in that day as I didn't feel great, so we made our way home and watched the season 7 finale of RuPaul's Drag Race. It was my favourite finale yet! And I was beyond happy about who won. A new family member also arrived on Tuesday. This little cutie.

Eva's new albino giant African land snail, which she has decided to call Pearl. I thought it just suited her down to the ground. She's so little! Especially when compared to her big dude, Gary.

Eventually Pearl will be joining Gary in his tank but it will be a while as she's so tiny. Wouldn't want her being smooshed! It's hard to believe she'll be his size one day. Anyway! After Pearl arrived I decided that I was going to get a GALS of my own and realise my wild snails. I know I wrote a whole thing about them and I had originally planned on keeping them but my mum kept saying how cruel she thought it was and I was already debating whether I thought it was okay. Then my sister said the thing that made me decide. "If it was any other animal you wouldn't feel okay taking them from the wild." She was completely right. So I let my little wildies free. Well, technically Eva let them free while I sang Born Free in the background. I joked to my mum that I was going to get a GALS and she said, "I bet you have one ordered by the end of the day." So I took that as permission. To soften the blue I had a big clear out in my room. Then I ordered an albino like Pearl. It's a little odd, but you can buy them on Ebay. They come in a box as you can see Pearl in above. As it was a bit late in the day the seller messaged me and said he'd post it the next day, so it should arrive by Thursday. I was so excited! He also offered to send me a free Rodatzi snail to keep mine company as I'd ordered other stuff and he couldn't cut down postage for me for some reason. I jumped at the chance as I wanted a friend for mine eventually anyway. I didn't tell my parents I was getting two though. If you're reading this mum, sorry! I spent the rest of the evening cleaning out Ruzi Q. She had a big nest built and I felt bad demolishing it. Plus I switched stuff around. I don't think she was amused.


"Seriously, why is everything different?!"

"...At least my sand bath is where I left it."

After I finished cleaning Rue out I had supper and headed to bed. It was a long and tiring day. I didn't manage to get a Misc Tuesday post up but I posted it on Wednesday instead.

Wednesday was a chill day. Eva was working so I just browsed and chatted online. I think the day dragged in a lot because I was looking forward to my snails arriving. I found out that some of my favourite drag queens from season 7 are going to Dublin during the summer. I didn't get myself excited in case the place wasn't wheelchair accessible. And low and behold it wasn't. I was really bummed out. However, I spoke to the host queen and she says she's going to talk to the hotel it's in to see if there's anything that can be done. I'm not holding my breath but speaking to her cheered me up because of how lovely and willing to try and help she was. I really hope I get to go see Violet, Trixie and Katya live. We'll see! The rest of the evening and mooched around, just wanting to got to bed, which I eventually did. 

I woke up to pancakes on Thursday, courtesy of Eva. We watched an episode of season 2 of Drag Race while we ate. I feel like I spent the majority of the day watching the front door for the post. Post that never came. I wasn't so much disappointed that my snails didn't arrive but worried. Worried because the longer they're in the postage system the more likely they may get injured or worse. On Thursday Eva tried some of the new smells we'd gotten for our candles. Plus my mum was going to visit my granny in England on Friday and wanted us to make her a baby powder candle in a granny mug she'd gotten her. So that passed some time.

We had some problems with the candles that we'll have to iron out. The dreaded sink hole! But this is why we're doing tests before actually launching the Etsy store.

Once I knew for sure the snails weren't coming I tried my best to chill the rest of the evening. I did my nails all pretty.

I also posted a belated Thursday blog post about them! Which you can read here. My Bloo's Reviews and Arts 'n' Crafts posts are a little out of whack right now but hopefully you guys still enjoy the posts I put up and aren't missing them too much.

In the early hours of Friday morning my mum left for England to visit my granny. Then around 9:30am my snails arrived!

I hadn't really thought about the fact they might be different sizes, so the fact the rodatzi was so much bigger was a surprise! A pleasant one though. I was a little nervous opening the package was they'd been in the post two days and I was worried they might be DOA. When I opened it I knew the bigger one was alive as he was out and moving a little. I touched him and he was FREEZING. Like an icicle. The little albino was too. So we put them on the heat mat and tried to warm them up. Once they got some heat into them they started to become more active, especially the bigger one. He was also glad to get some melon in him.

Look at that adorable face! I had originally planned to call them Violet and Chachki after a drag queen. The albino being Violet and the rodatzi being Chachki. However, after bonding with the rodatzi I didn't feel like he seemed like a Chachki. Instead I named him Duro, after a character in Spartacus. I really think he suits it! I still named the albino Violet. Since Duro was so big and active I wanted to get him into a bigger tank asap, so I set about setting up the little tank I had the wild snails in (it was thoroughly cleaned) until I could get them an even bigger tank. They seemed happy to have more space.

Once I moved them in I left them to settle. I was worried about them not having a heat mat as the ones I'd ordered hadn't arrived but thankfully more post arrived! Heat mats and some second hand Zelfs I'd bought from someone on Facebook. 

Aren't they adorable! After that I decided to go to bed for a little bit as I was shattered for some reason. Perhaps the excitement of my new pets arriving. I got up for dinner. My dad had made steak. Just before I was about to take my first bite my dad poured me cola and I took a drink and proceeded to start choking on the foam. The more I tried to swallow and get it down the more it got fizzy and wouldn't go down. It probably only lasted about 20 seconds but it felt like forever. I thought I was going to pass out. Eventually it just kind of spurted out of my mouth. Needless to say I was put off my dinner as I was scared of choking again. The funny thing is I avoided steak for so long because I choked on it a number of times but this time it was something as silly as cola. Eva was really shaken up after it too and was almost crying. The rest of the evening I was really anxious and overall didn't feel well. Which was particularly annoying as we were staying at my aunt Karen's house. We packed up and brought our chihuahua boys and our snails with us. It was nice seeing aunt Karen and such but I just wanted to go to bed and sleep off a massive headache.

By Saturday morning I felt so much better. My headache was gone. Eva had left around 8:30am for work but by the time I woke up at 11am she was back as she hadn't felt well. She's still not very well. I had a cuddle with my aunt's giant collie, Lily, before I eventually got up for breakfast. Aunt Karen had made us bacon! I was starving as I hadn't eaten much before bed so it went down real well. A bit later my dad arrived at my aunt's house after he finished playing golf. He took Eva to the pet store to get dog food while aunt Karen and I went to my granny's across the road to start up the fry up for lunch. My dad and Eva met us there after and we all enjoyed some lunch. Granny was in a good mood and was cracking a lot of jokes. It was good to see her laughing and such. After some family time my aunt Karen, uncle Brian, Dad, Eva and I all headed to the factory shop to pick up some stuff. I wanted to get a bigger bin to make a tank for Violet and Duro. I decided not to go for the biggest one but one about half the size of the one they'll eventually go into. It's a perfect size for them right now without being so big I might lose little Violet if she burrows. After the store we went home. I was glad to get home and excited to set up their new home. I ended up making the air holes in the lid by heating a knitting needle on a candle as Dad said drilling might crack the plastic. It was time consuming but therapeutic.

After I had the air holes in it was time to set it up. I feel like a brow setting these up now as it was my third time in just over a week. Right now it looks very similar to the layout I had in the other tanks but I plan to add more into it. My sis picked me up a little water dish/pool for them which looks awesome! I want to get more natural looking stuff.

After I had their tank ready and had moved them in I gave them some grub and they were both over as fast as their feet could carry them. Then they set about munching on the cucumber for ages! It's so interesting to watch. Or perhaps I'm just easily amused. Eventually I left them to get settled in and then chilled the rest of the night before I headed to bed.

There you have it. My very eventful week. I didn't realise quite how much I'd done or had happened until I started writing it! It wad sad saying goodbye to my wild snails but it was fun having them while it lasted. Eva said they looked happy to be free. As if they were saying "Scatter lads! Before she changes her mind!" But yeah, I'm really looking forward to watching Violet and Duro grow. Hopefully, like Gary, they're around for a long time.

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