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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Treat Yo Self Haul

"The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her."
Marcelene Cox

Yesterday Eva and I decided to have a 'Treat Yo Self' day in Belfast. A day of shopping and good food. I know it probably seems like I've been treating myself a lot lately and I really do need to start taking better care of my bank but I just felt like I really needed a day to enjoy myself with my sister. I've been feeling in a bit of a slump lately and so has Eva, so we just wanted to cheer ourselves up. It was a great day but you'll hear more about that in My Week In Words tomorrow. Today I thought I would show off all the lovely goodies I got.


Usually I hate Primark. I love the clothes and the bargains but the shop itself is just chaos. Luckily we hit the store early yesterday, meaning I didn't have my usual 'Belfast Migraine' that I always seem to get in the city. So I was able to navigate through the hoards, find some great buys and enjoy myself to boot!


First we have this My Little Pony t-shirt. To be honest, it's a little more childish and colourful than I usually wear these days but I just couldn't resist it. I'm going to try and grunge it up a little with my black chokers, black leggings and boots. Or something. I totally know what I'm doing with this whole fashion thing! Can you tell? 


Next we have this generic, grey vest top. It's pretty long so I may wear it as a dress. It's pretty see through so I'll have to wear a vest or something underneath. For a long time I didn't like wearing vests because I was self conscious about my shoulders and arms but now I think fuck it. Who cares? 


The obligatory Primark Friends t-shirt. I had picked up the Central Perk t-shirt but I just wasn't feeling it. It was a bit too bright for me. Then I seen this one and preferred it a lot more. 


Now this wine coloured top. The photo doesn't really do the shade justice. It's a lot nicer in real life. Deeper. Eva got one in every colour they had of this top. I was tempted to get the grey but I'd already picked up the other grey vest so I stuck to just this one. 


I'm a little bit in love with this vest. It's another I'll probably have to rock as a dress. I want to get some nice tights. Or maybe just some nice leggings. Since the arm holes will probably reach the seat of my wheelchair. Tiny body problems, am I right?


The last of the tops I got was this top. I loved the simplicity of the front of it and then I especially loved it once I seen the back. I'm really looking forward to wearing this. I'm hoping Eva and I can have a night out soon and I can wear it then. 


I seen these shoes and just thought they were so pretty. Prettier than what I would usually buy or wear but for some reason I was just drawn to them. I'll probably try and grunge them up a little but I'm not too sure how well that would work. Otherwise I'll save them for next season's Giants Award Ceremony when I have to dress up a little.


A cute little pair of socks. Not much more to say on them than that.


Finally from Primark we have this three pack of chokers. I'm really into chokers right now so fingers crossed that that will fit my scrawny neck. 

Urban Outfitters

I was really excited to hit Urban Outfitters and I already had in mind what I was going there to buy. As much as I love some of the clothing in the store, I could never bring myself to spend the money on them. However back in October when Eva and I stayed in Belfast I had bought a bralette. It's not secret that I don't wear bras. I am basically completely flat chested so I never saw the point and to be quite honest I hadn't come across any, bar pre-teen training bras, that would fit me anyway. However when I'd found this particular one I had jumped at the chance to have something a little pretty. At 24, it made me feel a little more grown up. So I decided that I wanted more!


First I picked out this one. They had another minty blue version too, which I may pick up in the future. This one fits me really well. 


I then picked out this mint coloured one. This one is my favourite and it fits me as well as the first one. The photo doesn't do it justice at all as the light is catching it weird and isn't really showing it's true colour. I loved this one so much that I ended up ordering it in black when I got home. 


I was a bit let down by this one as it didn't fit too well and kind of cut into me. I might see if I can exchange it but I don't know if they'll exchange bras that you've tried on. I guess we'll see! There's quite a few more that I would like to get so hopefully I can get one of them instead. If not, I guess I'll save them for future Treat Yo Self day.

Disney Store

I think this was the best visit I've had to the Disney Store. Usually it's over run with children and I find it really difficult to get around it in my wheelchair for fear I might mow one down. When I got into the store, however, there was only one thing I was interested in.

£3 each

That's right. Tsum Tsums! I FINALLY started my Tsum Tsum collection. I've wanted these for ages! I had wanted to get Sven and Kristoff but sadly they only had Sven, Anna, Elsa and Olaf. So I ended up with Sven and Marie from Aristocats. They're so itty bitty and adorable! I'm in love and I cannot wait to get more. I just wish they had Berlioz and Toulouse too. 

That is my haul from my Treat Yo Self day in Belfast with Eva. We hadn't gotten into Belfast until a bit late and we did miss some shops we'd wanted to hit. I needed to get some make up and such but we plan to head up again on Thursday as we need to take back some stuff that didn't fit. After that I will be letting my bank account rest for a while. Well... that's the plan anyway. I'm full of good intentions. 


  1. Well I love all of your shirts you got from Primark, especially that "I'm A Muggle" and the one with the rips in the back shirts. So grugy! I don't care for the shapes of the shoes, but they are cute! I miss those lacey socks! I used to wear them as a kid and they are my second favorite type of socks but I don't think America sells them anymore :(

    1. Thank you! Primark is awesome for bargains. Especially fandom tops. Thanks. I'm not sure how I feel about them still. I don't usually like exposing much of my feet because they tend to be blue/purple. But hopefully they'll be nice with stockings! Ah, yeah. They're back in style here apparently! :D

  2. Oh I love that My Little Pony top, that's so cute! I really need to get some cute t-shirts for the weekends - I used to have a little collection but I had a big throwing away session and got rid of them all, wahhh! - Tasha

    1. Yeah, me too! Seemed fitting too as I've been collecting a lot of My Little Pony stuff recently. Can't beat the retro ponies though. Awh, I HATE throwing away toys. :(

  3. This is such a good haul! I love the Friends top from Primark - so simple but so cute. You're lucky that you managed to get Sven - my Disney Store in Glasgow has no Frozen tsum tsums in at all any more.


    1. Thanks! :) Yeah, it's one of my favourites I got. Oh, ours had a lot of Frozen ones. Mostly Anna and Elsa. Looked like they may have just restocked recently though. I hope you find some soon! :) x


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