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Sunday, 5 July 2015

My Week In Words | #26 2015

"There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired."
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Welcome to the second instalment of a three week catch up of My Week In Words. If you missed the first instalment that was posted yesterday you can check it out here. This post covers from Sunday 21st to Saturday 27th of March. It was a fun filled week! Enjoy.

Sunday was Father's Day. Eva was working early and Dad was taking her to work, so they woke me up and we gave him his present and cards.We made him a lavender candle and also bought him a hoody that he wanted. My dad is incredibly hard to buy for as he pretty much has everything. Well, everything he wants that is affordable. So the candle felt like a little more of a personal touch. Once we gave him his present I went back to sleep. When I woke up my dad had made us our usual Sunday fry up. I felt a little bad as it was Father's Day and he also got me out of bed etc. The rest of the day was pretty much spend chilling. We had dinner reservations for the evening at the golf club my dad belongs to. Even though it was Father's Day he was taking us out for free as he had club money he had to use up by the end of the month. My mum was supposed to come but she pulled out as she's been having some anxiety related swallowing issues, much like I have. So it was just my dad and two of his girls, Eva and I.

Don't we all scrub up nicely? Despite having a big fry up for breakfast I was pretty hungry by the time we went for dinner at 6:45pm. I hadn't eaten too much the rest of the day so I could make the most of it, which meant when my food came my blogger instincts went out the window and I totally forgot to take photos of the food.
So you'll have to take my word for it. It looked and tasted beautiful. For starters I had pâté, which I believe was duck. For my main I had silver side, with the best mash I've ever tasted that my mum didn't make. (My mum makes the best mash). Finally for dessert I had my old faithful, sticky toffee pudding. This I did get a photo of! ...But not until it was basically gone. I had a lovely time with Dad and Eva. We just chatted and the banter flowed. I'd say we're the most laid back of our family and we're pretty alike in nature.  We had a lovely view from where we were sitting and as we ate a beautiful rainbow came out. 

Overall, I think my dad enjoyed his Father's Day. At least I hope so. We were all ready to burst or fall into a food coma by the time we were leaving the golf club. I didn't dare move suddenly for fear I'd be revisiting my meal. Once I got home I did the usual pet sorting before I headed to bed. 

I woke up to a hella burnt sausage roll for breakfast on Monday. It was so good. I mean I couldn't get the knife through it and almost couldn't get my teeth through it but that's beside the point. For those of you that don't know, I like a lot of my food slightly charred. But I digress. While I ate I watched more Supernatural then finally watched the last in the most recent series of The Vampire Diaries. RIP Elena. Sort of. Eh, I didn't really like it. It was smart of them to get around Nina's leaving without actually breaking her and Damon up or killing her off but it was all too much for one episode in my opinion. Meaning they kind of neglected or rushed other parts of the story. Sorry if these are spoilers but I'm still kind of smarting from it. For lunch I finished off the dinner I'd brought home from the golf club. Got to love a doggy bag.
When Eva came home we went food shopping to get supplies for Eva and I when my parents were away. We went to Sainsbury's first and picked up a bunch of ready meals. Then we headed to Tesco and picked up more! We also got a bunch of fruit and vege for the snails. Not to mention about £20 of blind bags. We cleaned out the last of the My Little Pony blind bags, which really bummed me out because they had a really good line and it takes them forever to get more in. I don't even know what else we bought to be honest. I'm at the point in my blind bag addiction I can't even wait to take a haul pick anymore. Once we got our shopping done we had a Subway. It had been forever! When we got home I sorted my little critters. Earlier in the day I had seen the seller I bought Duro and Violet from had put up a jade snail (dark shell/white bodied) up for sale. I had really wanted one and I decided to bite the bullet and order one to finish off my critter collection, without telling my parents. I hoped they wouldn't mind.. or perhaps notice. Then I went to bed!

Since Dad was off to get things prepared for going to Greece, I woke up to a fry up on Tuesday. It was a nice surprise. Especially considering I'd have to live without my Saturday or Sunday fry up while he was away. After breakfast I decided to tidy my room and desk as I hadn't seen a flat surface in longer than I would like to admit. I was pretty happy with the outcome.

Though my Zelf collection is really taking over. Haha. Once I had a space to work on I finished off my woodlice tank. I read that you're supposed to keep them in an opaque box but I couldn't get a big enough one that was opaque. The tutorial I followed said to keep it in a bin bag to make it dark but I didn't like that option either, so I decided to cover the sides in layers of insulating tape. The lid was already black so I didn't need to cover that. I had to do a few layers as the light could get through too few. It was quite therapeutic doing it to be honest. The box being dark really helped me find the woodlice at first as they started to hide in plain sight, however I think they've caught on to what's happening a bit more now as it's getting harder and harder to find the adults. After I finished the woodlice tank I cleaned out Rue's sand bath. After tidying and cleaning my desk.. this happened.

Not even a speck made it into the jar. This photo basically says everything about my attempts at being independent. Sigh. Anyway! After that I cleaned up the snail tank. The woodlice haven't really started doing their job... like at all. So there's still a lot of mould on the branches. It's easy enough to scrub off though. Once all the pets were sorted I had supper and went to bed.

Early on Wednesday my newest snail arrived! Eva set me up on the edge of the bed to open the package. I forgot to mention this but Eva had me order her one the day before but I'd just missed the guys post run so he was posting hers a day later. He'd said that it was his last one and the one he'd sent me turned out to be bigger than he'd thought. I was expecting one about 4cm but he's around 6cm. I'd said perhaps I'd give him to Eva as he'd be safer with her big snail Gary. However, once I opened the package I fell in love right away. How could you not fall in love with this face?

The seller warned me that he had shell damage but it's all superficial. I'm kind of curious as to what their tank set up was like to give him such damage. You can see it more in this photo but not all of it. 

He's so lovely and has such a lovely temper
-ament. I know it might seem hard to believe that snails have personalities but they really do. I decided since I already had Duro I would name my new snail Agron. Agron and Duro are these fine specimens from the Australian series Spartacus. Agron is the one on the left and Duro is on the right. They're brothers, which might make naming my snails after them a little weird as they'll probably get it on at some stage but I just thought the names really suited them. So here is my little snaily family all together.

Since Agron was bigger than I had expected I decided to make a bigger tank. I feel like a pro at fashioning these tanks now that I've made so many of them. I also decided to move Violet in with Eva's Pearl for a while as I was a little worried she was too small to be in with Agron. She seems to be a slow grower. While I was doing all this my parents left for Greece. It was the first time they'd left to go abroad and left Eva and I behind on her own. They hadn't been abroad at all in over ten years. They wouldn't let me fly after a scare when I was twelve and they went away once without me. I was really happy for them going away and I hoped they'd have a good time. I was also looking forward to playing house with Eva for the next week. After my messy time making my snail tank etc I had a shower and then Eva made us dinner and we watched two episodes of Orange Is The New Black. Leaving us with only one more to watch. Then we headed to bed. 

On Thursday our parents phoned and let us know they'd arrived safely how they were getting on. They were two or so hours ahead of us and it had been super late by the time they'd actually arrived at their apartments. They said it was a beautiful place and they were really looking forward to exploring. They'd also met some friends from back home so they had people to chill with and make it even more fun! Eva's snail arrived and we were surprised at just how much smaller he was than Agron, considering they were from the same batch of eggs. He's got some shell damage too but he's just adorable. A lovely addition to her snaily family. Eva made us pancakes and bacon for breakfast and we ate while we watched final episode of OITNB. To be honest I was glad to get it over with and I think the ending was my favourite part of the whole season. I just wasn't fussed on this season. The fact Bennett wasn't in much of it at all was a big let down for me as Daya and Bennett are a big reason why I loved it so much. I was also really let down by Stella as she'd been built up so much. I mean, she was super pretty and all but her acting, nor her storyline was particularly stellar. After we finished OITNB I decided to have a lie down. I hadn't planned to have a nap but Eva and I ended up going to bed and sleeping until her friend Jodie arrived around 6pm to hang out. We ordered Dominos' and watched a couple of Louis Theroux episodes. One about Neo-Nazis and another about somewhere in Philadelphia with a really high homicide rate. You know... typical Louis Theroux documentaries. I started to get a really bad migraine so I decided to leave them to it around 9pm and head to bed.

Jodie ended up staying over so she was still there when I woke up on Friday. Eva made us breakfast and we ate while we watched an episode of Kevin Hart. That dude is funny. Jodie kept dropping hints about wanting to make candles. I say she kept dropping hints, she just out right asked to try it. Haha. So we all set about picking out own scents and colours. Eva went for a grey Earl Grey candle. Jodie made a ivory maple syrup candle and I made a strawberry and vanilla pink candle.

They turned out pretty well even if we're still having some trouble with imperfections on the top. They are getting better though! Jodie really loved hers. After she left Eva and I chilled. Aunt Karen had invited us to go with her to Bloomfield to do a bit of shopping. We jumped at the chance to pick up ourselves a few more treats. Again, I didn't actually take any photos of what I bought but we bought.. A LOT. I also bought something that I see featuring in a My Obsessions post in the not to distant future. For such a long time I've wanted to start collecting Pokemon cards again as I LOVED them when I was younger. However, I didn't see the point in doing it alone. I mean, I wouldn't have anybody to trade with or play with. BUT, then when Eva seen some booster packets she expressed her interest. I jumped on it. Now we're both the proud owner of a new collection of Pokemon cards. We've gone a little crazy since but it all started by chance and a few booster packets. I love that Eva and I are basically the same person.

We were out again on Saturday. We chilled during the day until my aunt Karen came to collect us and bring us to her house for my granny's birthday tea. She became the grand old age of 86! When we were shopping on Friday we'd picked her up a pearl necklace and we got her a card with a badge on it and a rhyme. She really loved them. She had a lovely birthday tea and we had a lot of fun. Though I did get into a bit of a... heated discussion with my aunt and uncle about homosexuality and same sex marriage. I wasn't totally on my own though as Eva was on my side and even my Christian aunt and uncle didn't agree with everything my other uncle and Christian aunt had to say. I felt a little bad though since it was my granny's birthday but it felt wrong to let them think that I possibly agreed with them if I just bit my tongue. The rest of the time was really fun and enjoyable. My uncle Brian (not the one I argued with) was showing me how his butterflies had hatched. He's really enjoyed it the last few weeks showing me and telling me how they've been getting on. The next day, when he was letting them go, he sent me photos of the release. They were lovely pictures to have. When Eva and I got home we played the Pokemon card game online. We'd planned to get starter decks (which we didn't see in Tesco) the next day in Argos so we could play in real life but until then we could only play online. It's cool because you get a code so you can unlock your booster or deck online too. It's a lot of fun playing and was a good way to learn how to play the trading card game. Something I never did when I was a kid. I just traded for the cutest or my favourites. I basically spent the rest of the evening chilling with Eva and playing and then I headed to bed.

The next instalment of the three week catch up of My Week In Words will be posted tomorrow. 


  1. I wasn't a huge fan of the final episode of TVD either - it kind of felt anticlimatic and I'm not sure I see the show lasting for too much longer. I feel like it hasn't been as consistently good since the Originals left. There have been a few storylines which I really enjoyed (particularly the more serious/darker ones) but it's almost like there's a gap now that the stronger characters keep leaving (it was sad to see Katherine go) and I don't feel as invested in the remaining ones. It's a shame as I used to really love the show but hopefully the next season will convince me to change my mind!

    1. That's exactly how I felt! Someone told me the next series will be the last but I'm not sure I even really see the point in it. I agree. I think they kind of peaked with the Originals. It just wasn't the same after they left and then Katherine left too. I have to say I liked Enzo but I feel like they didn't really know what to do with him or how to use him well. I even liked Kai but they just wiped him out too. Lol. But yeah, I'll still watch next season to see what happens. It looks like there's a time jump which could be interesting! :)

  2. Woah! That was a lot of writing. Never thought I would say this but your new snail is so cute. And you are too beautiful xx

  3. Yeah. LOL. I can be a little long winded with my writing, especially with My Week In Words. :) Aha, yeah. He is! They're great pets too. :) Gosh, thank you! You're great for my ego. :) xo


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