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Thursday, 24 September 2015

My Week In Words | #38 2015

"If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?"
Vince Lombardi

Welcome to this week's belated edition of My Week In Words. I've been very tired lately which has thrown everything out of whack. I'm hoping by next week I'll be on the ball again. We'll see. It wouldn't be the first time I've said that and haven't followed through. Anyway! It was a pretty good week and definitely had a great ending thanks to the Giants! This week's post covers from Sunday 13th to Saturday 19th of September. Enjoy!

It was great getting home on Sunday. I mean, I loved my stay away but I was looking forward to seeing my babies. I think Effy missed me most of all, even if she wouldn't look at the camera when I was taking a photo. She came up right away for cuddles and nuzzles. Edwin was only really interested once he seen Effy getting the love.

Once we settled in a little Eva and I set about showing our parents the numerous things we bought. We then did it all over again when my aunt Karen visited later on. Most of the day was spent chilling. I was pretty shattered after such a busy weekend. In the evening I took part in a Twitter chat before I sorted out my snails. When I opened the tank I was shocked to find Agron and Duro mating! Something I had never witnessed before. I was so surprised by it that it took me a moment to notice a few eggs sitting on top of the soil. However, it wasn't just a few this time. A look at the tank revealed there were quite a bit more than a few!

I wasn't sure what to do because I wasn't sure how long snail mating lasted and they were stuck to the bath which the eggs were laid against. I needed to move the bath so I could probably access the eggs. In the end I was able to safely pull the bath away without disturbing the love birds or damaging the eggs. After moving the top soil I was surprised to find out just how many eggs there was. 

I decided to keep an egg for me and my aunt Karen each and Eva wanted me to keep a really tiny one just to see if it would actually hatch. I disposed of the rest. As of yet none have hatched but there's still hope. So we'll wait and see. After I finished off sorting the snails I headed to bed.

Monday started with a frustrating visit from my Occupational Therapist about my shower chair. The forth or so appointment about it. As if that wasn't frustrating enough I asked her rather than using my toilet chair in the shower when I move if I could use a fold down wall seat much like the one I used at the Premier Inn and she said no because it would be too difficult to get me on and off it. I asked whether or not they could use a hoist for that but she said she didn't think so because it would be against health and safety to use a hoist in a bathroom with a wet floor. It's frustrating hearing something is against health and safety in your own house. I understand when it comes to the safety of the carers but I think if I'm happy to use a piece of equipment then it should be up to me. I should have the right to make both good and bad decisions. That's what independence is about! What made it even more frustrating was the fact I'm pretty sure she was making it up as she was going along. So yeah, all in all I was pretty disheartened by the end of the visit but if I have to I will buy my own shower chair that is more to my liking. After that fiasco I remembered it was the first day you could redeem your NCAA hockey weekend tickets. At first I was going to email but my friend Eimear assured me it was easy by phone and even offered to ring for me. However I decided to try and be brave and ring myself. It ended up super easy. I know many of my readers struggle phoning places and will understand why I was quite proud of myself for being able to do it. In the evening I worked on My Week In Words and got it posted up late. If you missed it you can check it out here. I spent the rest of the evening chilling before going to bed.

By Tuesday I was still pretty shattered from the weekend so I didn't get up to much. I relaxed and watched Nashville. My mum was looking after Luca but I didn't see much of him. The only productive thing I did all day was take some photos for future haul posts.

I woke up to a lovely postcard from Dee of Prompts By Dee on Wednesday. It was such a lovely surprise! I think it's the first postcard I've ever gotten.

I can't thank her enough. It really made my day. Please go to her blog and check it out. You won't regret. She's all round awesome. Another cool thing that happened on Wednesday was a message I got from the lovely Victoria of My Pet Moon on Instagram. She told me about a website she was launching in the following week called Femtrospection, a space for women from all around the world to come together to share, transcend and empower each other. Yes, that's on their logo. Basically she wanted to know if I wanted to be one of the first six women to be featured on the website. One of the original women had to drop out and Victoria had planned to ask me for the next round but thought she'd see if I could put together a submission in the few days before the launch. Sadly my mind just couldn't focus enough after my busy weekend to get blog posts written let alone an important submission such as the one I'd need to write for this. I felt bad declining but I have every intention of contributing in the future if Victoria will have me. It's such a wonderful idea and I urge you all to check the website out. I was glad I did decline in the end after reading the submissions from the amazing women that were featured. 

I was still shattered by Thursday. That's when it became apparent that I wouldn't get the Femtrospection submission finished and I let Victoria know. I decided that I would take an impromptu blog break as well as I just couldn't focus with my brain all fuzzy. I spent Thursday relaxing as I had a busy weekend ahead.

I got up a little earlier on Friday as Eva and I were heading into Belfast to finally get Eva's long awaited dim sum before the Belfast Giants game that evening. We had breakfast, got dressed and then headed for the train.

We were taking a little bit of a chance as we were getting off at Botanic because it was close by the restaurant we were going to but it was quite a walk from the SSE arena. The restaurant we were having dim sum in was Lee Garden. I'd been there once before with both of my sisters and I believe I wrote about it back then but I wasn't feeling so well at the time and felt like I hadn't gotten the most out of the experience. I enjoyed it so much more the second time around. They have a separate dim sum menu and Eva ordered three dishes and I ordered two.

The pots were Eva and the plates were mine. We were supposed to share but I was really enjoying the duck spring rolls and barbecue pork pastry roll things. I can't remember what they were called. They were pretty filling too. Once again we were able to bring some home with us. Unlike last time I fully enjoyed it this time and I'm looking forward to going back. Hopefully I'll branch out a little more next time. I was just a little conscious of overdoing it as I had a long evening ahead. Once we finished we made the long track to the SSE arena. It was still pretty early by the time we got there. We picked up our NCAA tickets at the box office then headed to a cafe to get a coffee and wait for the doors to open. 

Just after six or so we finally made our way in. This evening we were playing the Edinburgh Capitals. It was a great night as usual. I got to say hi to Shirley and Dom for the first time in person. I'd been talking to Shirley a bit on Facebook over the summer as we have a few things in common. It was nice to finally meet them in person. 

Eva being a goober

Well, right until the end. Okay, the mistake at the end of the game wasn't totally to blame but we ended up waiting around for a few minutes as the ref called the game a tie at 3 - 3. However the players were pretty sure there was supposed to be overtime but at the refs insistence they called the game finished and everybody left. We'd decided not to stay behind this week and headed straight for the train only to find out we'd missed it by 6 minutes! In hindsight we should have checked the train times beforehand but you know what they say about hindsight being 20/20. We couldn't even go back to the SSE arena as my chair was so low in battery so we had to wait an hour for the next train which was the 10:45pm train. Not ideal to be waiting at quite a secluded train stop so late at night. Thanks to the wonders of smartphones and wifi the time past faster than I imagine it would have without them. The train was packed on the way home as there was a culture evening or something on in Belfast. I was never so glad to get home. After some leftover dim sum I headed to bed.

I got up to my Saturday fry up pretty late. It was hard to believe a week had passed since I'd gotten up early for my Premier Inn breakfast. I chilled a bit in the afternoon before getting ready to head to Granny's. Eva was working so my aunt Karen was getting her first turn with the shared season ticket. We had to make sure we left early enough to make sure we didn't miss the beginning of the game as it had been decided that the game the night before should have had overtime to determine a winner and therefore it would be played at the beginning of Saturday's game since we were playing Edinburgh again. I did not want to miss that. My hair was a talking point while I was at my Granny's. My granny's Alzheimer's means a lot of the time it's like she's seeing things for the first time because she doesn't remember. Last time she'd liked my hair, this time she did not. She got a good kick out of though. We left around 6pm to head to the arena. It was another great night. We started off the night with a win when we scored during the night before's overtime. During the game I learned a valuable lesson. Never wear a jersey with nothing else underneath. I was so warm I ended up having to buy a t-shirt from the merchandise to change into. That's never happened before.

The game was great and we came away with another win! Not many teams can say they've won two games in one evening. On the way home my aunt Karen stopped off for us to pick up KFC. A great way to finish off the evening before bed!

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  1. Hey,

    Earlier I had read the post you uploaded about the weekend to Dublin (? I think that's where you guys went?) when you did the big shopping spree and the game. I had a whole big comment thing I was typing for that post and was almost finished when I hit the wrong keyboard button and deleted the blasted thing. Not important though. It was mostly just rambling about how my life here compares to yours.

    But I can sum it up here. You do more in one evening than I seem to get done in a whole week! That's not a moon, it's a space station...Err...No wait, that's Star Wars.

    But seriously, just that train ride alone would be a big deal for me. Man, I just now realized how lame my life really is?! I don't know how you do it. You must be a big time city girl or something.

    I read somewhere that you wrote something about "tea time." (I think it was on here where I read it.) Do you guys really have tea time there? Here in America we see movies all the time about Europeans mentioning tea time but I didn't know it was a real thing you did.

    I've also heard that Europeans drink hot tea with cream (or milk) in it? I'm in the southern region of the country (America) and here we drink what we call "sweet tea." It's basically just iced tea that has a lot of sugar put in it when it's made. We make it by the pitcher instead of in a tea pot. It's also good with a slice of lemon in it. I'm drinking a big thing of it now actually.

    Anyway, God bless you. It's really fun to read your posts. You've got a good writing style. And don't feel like you need to respond to any of my comments I post. Just know your fame is spreading.

    Keep taking care of yourself Kiddo. And best wishes on the shower chair problem. Stick a bucket in there the next time the therapist comes by and tell her that's what you've been sittin' on. :)

    1. Howdy! It was Belfast we stayed in. Oh goodness, that's so annoying! I hate when that happens. Haha. Well having a blog helps me attempt to do more than I would probably do if I didn't need things to write about but I've been a little lazier than usual recently. I think it all catches up on me sometimes.

      I wasn't completely on my own. My sister was with me. I don't go out on my own really, so no worries. Though I'll have to learn to do that soon. I used to do it more but stopped. It's nerve wrecking when you depend on an electric wheelchair that could break down in the middle of a road or something! Haha.

      Tea time is what we call dinner time. We use them interchangeably. Or that's how I use it at least, so I imagine that's the context I meant. :)

      I drink my tea with a little bit of milk, I've never heard of cream in tea though. My sister loves iced tea! Though she just buys bottled stuff, which probably isn't as nice as what you're talking about.

      Thank you! I try and reply to most of my comments but sometimes I'm a little slow. Take care!


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