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Monday, 5 October 2015

My Week In Words | #40 2015

"The more we do, the more we can do."
William Hazlitt

Welcome to this week's My Week In Words. I can't believe we're done with yet another month and into October! October is going faster than I'd like already. Before we know it we'll be done with Halloween and on to Christmas. Okay okay, I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyway! This post covers from Sunday 27th of September to Saturday 3rd of October. Enjoy! 

I got up for my fry up on Sunday and then worked on My Week In Words. Eva had watched three episodes of True Blood while I was at the ice hockey game the night before and had instructed me to catch up while she was at work but I took longer writing My Week In Words than expected and had just finished when she came in. I was having one of those days when I felt like...

And I had a headache to boot so I just wanted to go to bed and binge watch True Blood with Eva. My aunt Karen was supposed to visit but I let her know I wasn't feeling up to it and headed to bed. I got up later to have something to eat and then headed back to bed for the night.

On Monday I posted My Week In Words, you can check it out here if you missed it. Eva was off on Monday so I didn't do much other than binge watch True Blood with her. While watching True Blood I set about trimming my Aurora doll's hair. I had used fabric softener to smooth it out as much as possible but some of the ends were salvageable.

I also put her hair into a bunch of plaits to make it wavy but I haven't taken them out yet to see how they are, I've also bought curlers so I may give her back her curls at some stage. I can't say it was much of a productive day but I sure enjoyed playing with my doll's hair and binge watching True Blood. Ugh, I still need to give her a different name. Any suggestions? 

My dad was off all week so he got me out of bed and made my breakfast almost every morning. Tuesday was no different. Some week off, right? The day didn't get off to a great start when I found Edwin had chewed the foot off my little blue bunny I'd gotten from Tofu Cute a while back. It must have fallen off my desk. It wasn't expensive or anything but I was still annoyed. It's all grubby now and I don't want to remove the tags to attempt to wash it. Sigh. The joys of chew loving dogs. Anyway, Eva and I had planned to go into town and thankfully it was nice day. I was craving a nice coffee, so I was looking forward to dropping into Caffè Nero. We went to a few stores before then and bought a few things I don't even remember. How terrible is that? I'm sure I totally needed it, whatever it was. I'm looking forward to going into town perhaps this week or next and picking up some more Halloween decorations for my room and perhaps some things for some Halloween crafts. Eventually we did get my long awaited coffee. I don't know why, but I've been having a bit of a craving for it lately.

The one thing I do remember buying was toys for Edwin and Baby. I was really looking forward to giving them their treats when I got home. I Snapchatted the whole thing. Edwin was super happy when I gave him his, just like I knew he would! (If you want to add me on Snapchat I'm BloonStuff)

Edwin LOVES toys. Any and all toys. He even love things that aren't supposed to be toys. Many times Eva's bought a new toy for Berty and he's had little to no internet so Edwin has adopted it. Baby can be a little hit and miss when it comes to toys. She's a retriever so she likes to carry stuff around in her mouth but she tends to be sentimental over certain toys and doesn't always give new toys much interest. This was one of those times. I gave her her toy and this is what I got in return.

Could she look any more depressed? Oh well... Edwin ended up enjoying both of the toys in the end. So I guess it didn't totally go to waste. Later on I set about doing an egg check and cleaning up the snail tank. I had bought a couple of plants for their tank from Asda, only to find some kind of white rock things in them. I don't know what they were but I didn't want to chance them being something harmful to my snails, so I ended up just trimming the plans instead and using them as food for their bowl. My girls/guys didn't seem to mind. They also finally got a new piece of cuttlefish.

I can't quite believe how much Violet has grown. However, at this rate I don't think any of them will ever reach to Eva's Gary's size. Not that I mind so long as they are healthy. I'm just worried it's something I'm doing or it's because something is wrong that they're not reaching their full potential or well that of the average Achatina Fulica. Although Duro's (the dark body) growing has slowed down I am happy with how well his shell has come along from the damage it had when I got him. Colouring is a little odd but it's looking pretty strong. Violet also has some interesting patterning on her's with the darker yellow stripes.

I really can't recommend these as pets enough. They are so interesting and have so much more personality than people would think. How could anybody not love these smooshie faces?!

I'm not sure what else I did the rest of the evening. Probably a bit of blog work and watching True Blood before I headed to bed. 

On Wednesday I posted the final instalment of my posts related to my most recent stay in Belfast. My toy haul! If you missed it you can check it out here. I was really looking forward to showing off all the cute things I bought. I was a little productive on Wednesday. I started working on Friday's blog post until the heat from the window on my usual spot in the kitchen got too much. I left my laptop and chilled in my room for a while until the sun went away. I finally got around to listening to the A View From The Bridge podcast, my first of the season. While I listened I wrote a couple of letters and got them packaged up. How old school, I know! In the evening I watched True Blood with Eva after she came home from work. Okay, so the evening wasn't exactly productive but you know what they say about all work and no play.

My dad got me up on Thursday and we watched Storage Hunters together while I ate breakfast. I then set about working on Friday's post again. I switched between working and procrastinating throughout the day and eventually got it scheduled. I love the feeling of having a post scheduled. It's like a weight lifted off every time. In the evening my dad and I picked Eva up from work then headed over to do yet more shopping. I needed to pick up a couple more things for the pet swap I signed up for on the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. Other than that I didn't buy too much. It felt weird... Anyway, we also got dinner while we were over there. We couldn't decide whether we wanted Subway or Burger King and we ended up getting both and sharing. It was glorious.

Our main reason for going shopping was that Eva needed something to wear for a night out with work friends on Saturday. Clothes shops is my least favourite kind of shopping so by the time we got home I was pretty wrecked. We watched a couple of episodes of True Blood and then it was off to bed.

I watched the latest episodes of Nashville on Friday. I was going to wait until it came on Netflix but curiosity got the best of me. I chilled most of the day. I made myself a couple of new bracelets as I'd misplaced some of my old ones. I was pretty happy with the result.

It was the first time I had made myself one of the twisted ones. If you'd like your own custom macrame bracelet you can find them in my Etsy store. They can come with charms and/or letter beads that say whatever you want. Check them out here. While I made my bracelets I watched some YouTube videos. I finally got around to watching some of Willam's Beatdown. It's hella funny! In the evening, when Eva came home, you can probably guess what I got up to. True Blood! And the rest is history. 

I got up late on Saturday. My dad had been getting me up around 10/11am during the week. It was nice to be back to my usual 1:30pm that my mum usually gets me up. I got a shower while my dad set about making my usual Saturday fry up. There was no Belfast Giants home games this week and as much as I love going I was a little relieved. I was shattered for some reason. Still, that didn't stop me from visiting my grandparents. Once again Granny got quite the kick out of my blue hair. She's such a hoot. After we left my grandparent's (well, technically my aunt's house) we went to pick Eva up from work. As Eva was going on a night out with work friends I decided to buy the webcast for the Giants' away game. Eh, it wasn't a great game. We lost 6 - 1. I sort of wish I hadn't spent the £8 to watch it but I guess it gave me something to do. While I watched the game I also worked on the first of a new watercolour postcard set. I wanted to do something Halloween themed. I was really happy with the outcome.

I look forward to completing the set and getting them up for sale. I also have a couple of other watercolour pieces in mind for the future so watch this space! Once the game had finished and I had supper I headed to bed. 

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