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Monday, 12 October 2015

My Week In Words | #41 2015

"Life is a succession of moments, to live each one is to succeed."
Corita Kent

Welcome to this week's My Week In Words. We're almost half way through October already and it won't be long until Halloween is here! I cannot believe it. Anyway, today's post covers from Sunday 4th to Saturday 10th of October. Enjoy! 

Sunday was pretty uneventful and nothing to write home about, perhaps because it was pretty standard. I woke up to my usual fry up and chilled for a while after before setting about sorting out my snails. Cleaning their tank up and checking for eggs. Eva did hers at the same time.

Eva's Pearl saying hi to her cousins. She's the white bodied/yellow shelled one at the top!

We'd just finished up and my aunt Karen arrived for her usual Sunday visit. We had a good catch up and she stayed until almost 7pm! Which is late for her. In the evening I watched my first bit of this year's X-Factor. Which really only survived to remind me why I hadn't watched any of it this far. While I watched I worked on My Week In Words before I had supper then headed to bed.

I got up late on Monday as my dad was back at work. After breakfast I worked on My Week In Words. Between working on it and getting distracted by things online I didn't actually post it until around 5pm. If you missed last week's instalment you can check it out here. By that time Eva had gotten home and we had dinner. In the evening I tidied my desk a bit and found what I needed to do some arts and crafts! The rest of the night I watched True Blood with Eva while I worked on the second and third postcards in my three set of three Halloween themed decorative postcards.

My mum was looking after baby Luca on Tuesday so I didn't get up until late again as she was busy with him. Not that I'm complaining. When he went down for a nap my mum got me up and I got a shower. By the time I got out of the shower Luca's mum, Tasha, had arrived to pick him up. My mum and Tasha ended up talking for what felt like ages and I didn't end up having my breakfast until around 2:30pm. Just before Tasha left I got this adorable photo of little Luca. He's getting so big! Plus he interacts more. It's amazing how they change over such a short period of time.

I finally got my breakfast and so did Edwin. The poor boys had to wait for theirs too!

Edwin looking up at me with 'where's my breakfast' eyes.

I then set about working on Wednesday's blog post. In the evening I fed the snails and chilled watching True Blood with Eva.

On Wednesday I posted the second in My Love Of Fan Videos series. You can find it here if you missed it. All in all it was a pretty chill day. I think Eva made pancakes and bacon as far as I can remember. Or perhaps that was Thursday... I don't remember. I worked on Friday's blog post and in the evening I worked on another series of watercolours I'm planning to do for our Etsy store. After seeing the cat Halloween postcard someone asked if I could do a yorkie one so I thought I would give it a go. I was pretty proud of myself considering I haven't drawn or painted much lately.

While I painted I watched True Blood with Eva. Dude, that show is addictive!

Eva got me up early(ish) for breakfast on Thursday as we had plans to go shopping. After we ate I got a shower and we got ready for the 30 to 45 minute walk to Bloomfield shopping centre. Thankfully we got a nice day for it. Once we got there we had McDonald's for lunch. Our local McDonald's was closed for refurbishment. They have new touch screens to order on etc. Naturally we went for the old order at the till method for fear we might have to ask for help or something with the touch screens. Still, even that was a little different. You ordered and they gave you a receipt with your number on it and you had to wait for that number to be called or something. Basically McDonald's is now Argos. Anyway, I ordered my old faithful. A McNugget Happy Meal.

To be honest, I was ready for a nap after that little meal. However, I had to soldier and do some shopping! I'm such a martyr, I know. Once again I don't really remember much of what I bought. I got a bunch of Halloween decorations that will feature in a later post when I decorate my room. I also got a pumpkin to attempt to carve. My favourite item out of everything was the My Little Pony Funko blind boxes we FINALLY found in stock in Smyths. Eva and I have wanted them for so long! We got two each. They too fill feature in a later Toys 'n' Stuff post. My dad met us over there after work as he was picking my mum up from work anyway. Before we left we got a Subway to takeaway with us. We then nipped into Pets At Home as I had to get cat and dog food. I was sad to find this little munchkin was still there.

It feels like they've (I don't know if it's a boy or girl) been there forever. Though at least they've got a friend now. Every once in a while I go into Pets At Home and fall in love with one of the guinea pigs and so many times it ends up being the last one left and it breaks my heart. One day I will rescue a lonesome piggy. Anyway! Pets At Home have all their Christmas stock in and I seen something I'm definitely getting Rue when it's closer to Christmas.

How cute is that little house?! That being said, I'm not going to go all out for the pets this Christmas like I did last year as we ended up with a lot of waste. Still, I'm looking forward to shopping for them. Feels like having kids. After we hit Pets At Home we headed home. When we got home we opened our blind boxes and ate our Subway. Eva and I then headed to bed to watch the first in the latest series of American Horror Story. I won't say too much about it as I might review it. I didn't feel too well when I got home and felt worse as the night went on so I didn't get out of bed again. I guess the day took it out of me.

Everyone was working on Friday and Mum got me up before she left. Thankfully I'd had the sense to move my stuff into my room and was much more comfortable. My room is nice and cool. Friday's post was scheduled and was the latest in the Bloo's Reviews series. If you missed it you can check it out here. Friday started off pretty productive as I set about taking photos of my paintings for Etsy and getting the listings up.

If you're interested in these pieces or want to check out what else I have on offer in my store check out the link to the store in the sidebar to the right. Once I got them up I rented a series on Vimeo called EastSiders. Again, I'm not going to write much about it as I plan to review it once I finish watching the second season. I did some painting while I watched EastSiders and then while I watched some ice hockey games from during the week. All in all it was a pretty relaxing day. In the evening I did an egg check in the snail tank and was surprised to find more eggs, which I almost squished! Thankfully they were all fine. I then cleaned out Rue's litter tray and let the little lady run around for a while in her box. I had planned to start season two of EastSiders but I got distracted watching the Stand Up To Cancer special of Gogglebox and then Alan Carr: Chatty Man with Eva and my mum. It was suddenly midnight and I headed to bed.

I got up late on Saturday and got a shower while my dad made the usual Saturday fry up. It was a game day so I let my food go down for a bit and then set about putting my make up on. Eva was working and my dad was going to take me to the game until my aunt Karen said she could take me. My mum and dad had went out so I was left on my own to finish up getting ready as much as I could. Which meant watching more episodes of EastSiders while I painted my nails teal for the game. We headed up to the arena around 6:15pm and got there in good time. It was pretty packed, though there was only people on the left side of me where I was sitting and not on both sides. Meaning we weren't squished in like sardines. It was a tight game but I lost my focus on it about a third of the way through when I got a coffee. It left me feeling like I'd had a vodka rather than a latte. Got to love caffeine. I had the attention span of a gnat but I felt going out dancing. It was probably a good thing I was on a bit of a caffeine high as I didn't feel the fact we lost, 2 - 1, in a penalty shoot out as much as I might have. My aunt Karen left me home and I chilled and caught up on the day's events with Eva as I hadn't seen her all day. It wasn't long until I was tucked up in bed after having some supper.

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