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Sunday, 6 December 2015

My Week In Words | #48 2015

"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight."
Phyllis Diller

Welcome to another belated instalment of My Week In Words. This particular post only covers from Sunday 22nd to Thursday 26th of November as I've decided to give Friday and Saturday their own post. So look out for that and enjoy this post in the mean time.

Sunday was a ice hockey game day. I got up for my usual breakfast fry and chilled before getting ready for the 5pm face off. Eva and my aunt Karen both wanted to go to the game so they split the cost for an extra ticket. It was the first time just the three of us had been to a game this season. The Belfast Giants were playing the Fife Flyers. It was a fun night and we came away with a win.

Sadly I didn't get a photo with my aunt Karen as she's still selfie avoidant. Dad drove half way to the arena and met us so my aunt Karen didn't have to drive us all the way home. I didn't feel too well by the time we got back so it wasn't long before I had some supper and headed to bed

On Monday I decided to postpone posting My Week In Words and spent a lot of the day working on my advent calendar. I didn't feel very well and had bad cramps but I still managed to be productive. I needed to have the calendar finished by the end of the week but I work better under pressure. I don't really remember much else I did the rest of the day but I'm going to guess I watched some Girl Meets World with Eva at some point.

Admittedly I sucked at keeping a note of what I got up to a lot of the week, so I'm drawing a blank on Tuesday too. I continued with my advent calendar and got as much done as possible as I knew I wouldn't have the chance to work on it on Wednesday. I also watched Girl Meets World with Eva and had a shower so I wouldn't have to get one before I went shopping on Wednesday. After my shower I fed my snails and got this super cute photo of Agron and Duro.

Eva and I had a big shopping day planned on Wednesday as Eva was leaving for Amsterdam the Monday after and had to pick up some clothes and toiletries for the trip. Although we were still in November, it was still very festive. The city was busy enough despite the fact it was midweek. We hit a few clothes shops first and although I hadn't planned on buying any clothes, I ended up buying some. I even bought a top for New Years even if I'm probably going to end up sitting in again. I also got some new leggings and a new bralette that I'm pretty much in love with.

The shop I really wanted to go to was the Disney store so I could check out the Christmas decorations.

I ended up buying a glass bauble with the Inside Out characters on and in it. I'll take a picture of it with my other new Christmas decorations when I decorate my room. I have added a few things to my collection this year, preparing for when Eva and I live by ourselves and have a big tree to decorate.

After we finished our shopping we wanted to get something to eat. It just so happened that the Belfast Giants were 'taking over' a nearby Frankie and Benny's. Meaning they were waiting tables and mingling with fans. There was a great debate whether or not Eva and I would eat there. It sounded like fun but I was a bit anxious about it. The joys of social anxiety. We ended up biting the bullet and not letting the anxiety win and headed in a little early. Being early meant our meals were brought by regular staff but our second drinks and desserts were brought by two players, Darryl Lloyd and Matt Nickerson. It was a tad surreal but it was a good atmosphere.

We drank alcohol which helped us relax too. At one point Jeff Mason brought us someone else's order my accident and Eva and I also had a chuckle over how committed Mitch Ganzak was. He put more work in than anybody, serving orders, cleaning and setting tables, all the while mingling with the fans. Eva decided to make him bae number two, after Nickerson. Most people were asking for photos and such but we were far too shy for that. After spending a fortune in Frankie and Benny's we headed to catch the train. Technically we were late for it but they held the train for us thankfully. Even after that busy day I still had work to do when I got home. I had only fed my snails the night before but hadn't done an egg check. It's a lucky thing that I made a point to as when going through the substrate I put my hand through a clutch of eggs. Luckily I didn't crush any of them though. After sorting the snails I had supper and went to bed.

Eva wasn't well so she took Thursday off. We had breakfast together watching Girl Meets World and then I got to work on my advent calendar post after putting the finishing touches to it and taking some photos. Once I had finished being productive and had the post scheduled I spent the rest of the evening chilling with Eva, watching Girl Meets World. We're pretty hooked on it.

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