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Monday, 28 December 2015

My Week In Words | #52 2015

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."

Welcome to this edition of My Week In Words which isn't actually a week in words but in fact four days in words. I decided since Christmas week is pretty eventful I would break it down into two posts. Leading up to Christmas and then Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day a post of their own. So this post covers from Sunday 20th to Wednesday 23rd of December. Enjoy!

As usual, I got up late on Sunday. I had planned to get up early as I had plans with Eva and my aunt Karen but bed is comfy. I ate my breakfast with Dad and Eva before getting ready. I decided to rock my Belfast Giants Christmas jumper. We had plans to go to Streamvale Farm but when we arrived we soon realised that the farm was in fact closed. They had a Christmas story ride thing on but you had to book in advance and obviously we hadn't. We decided to drive to The Ark Farm and see if it was open. Thankfully it was and for the Sunday before Christmas it was pretty packed. It was the first time I had been at Christmas time and there was such a lovely festive feel. The farm hands were even dressed up as elves! Here's some photos from our time at the farm.

When I drove towards the deer in the photo above the deer made a noise that I would never associate with a deer. I guess it was scared of my wheelchair or something and it started making this high pitched squeak. It sounded like a firework without the bang. Something new at the farm since the last time we were there was this. 

For the longest time we were like 'what does an ark have to do with Christmas?' Well, it took us entirely too long to remember it's called The Ark Farm. I can't even take credit for realising it, it was my aunt Karen. Once we'd visited all the animals we went into the cafe for something to eat before we left.

Eva and I got turkey, ham, stuffing and cranberry paninis. They were so good. Real turkey and ham. None of that pre-packaged processed stuff you can get sometimes. My aunt Karen just got a mice pie and a latte but ended up having half of my panini. My favourite story from the farm was the puppy. My aunt Karen hadn't been looking forward to going to The Ark Farm instead of Streamvale as my other aunt had been there the day before and had told her all about a puppy by itself. She said it was the last puppy left and it would be left there by itself over Christmas if someone didn't come and get it. It was a black collie puppy around fourteen weeks old and in that gangly stage. It was beyond sweet. However, the worker that was with it told us that it's sibling had actually been picked up just that morning so it hadn't been all on it's own and also that someone had called to enquire about it that morning also. So figures crossed it would have a new home before Christmas. Just as we were leaving we seen a family were introducing the puppy to their greyhound and before we drove away they took the puppy to their car. It was like a Christmas miracle! Not only did the puppy get a new home, we got to witness it and my aunt didn't end up spending Christmas worrying about that little puppy on it's own. 

We had wanted to have a Christmas film night with my aunt Karen before Christmas but Eva's work schedule and also things going on with my granny meant that we hadn't had a chance. So my aunt Karen invited Eva and I around for a film after the farm. She left us home for a little bit as she had to help my granda with something and my dad took us to her house a little later. Eva and I brought our Chihuahua boys, Edwin and Berty, with us. My aunt put on a spread before the film and we also brought some festive cupcakes that my mum bought. 

We decided to watch Nativity 3: Dude, Where's My Donkey?! as you may remember the first Nativity is one of my favourite Christmas films. Well, the third left a lot to be desired but luckily I'm pretty easily amused and therefore I didn't hate it quite as much as my aunt Karen and Eva, even if I did cringe at parts. I mostly just love seeing the kids from the first one and how they've grown up. When I got home I let Rue out while I cleaned out her litter tray and fed her. Then I headed to bed.

Monday was a chill day. I had breakfast with Eva while we watched Good Mythical Morning. Eva was working in the afternoon though. I was shattered most of the day as I had stayed up to 7am reading and I was also cramping had as I had my monthly visitor. So I wasn't good for much. I did some work on My Week In Words but mostly I wasted the day away.

Tuesday didn't get off to the best start as I ended up crying before I even got out of bed because of something my mum said. Got to love being emotionally fragile because of your monthly visitor. I was particularly fragile this month for some reason. Eva ended up getting me up before she went to work and she also made me breakfast. We watched Good Mythical Morning until she left for work and then I went and spent a little time with Luca, as my mum was minding him.

Isn't he just the cutest? I played with him for a little while until we got bored of each other and then he had a nap. I ended up being pretty productive the rest of the day and evening, catching up on My Week In Words before having supper and heading to bed. A big surprise I had on Tuesday was these beautiful flowers arriving.

There was no name on the card so I wasn't a hundred percent sure who bought me them but there was limited possibilities. I soon found it it was my friend Pedro. Quite a shock but a very pretty Christmas present. 

It was a big day on Wednesday. It wasn't only a Belfast Giants game day but also the day my sister Jann came home from London. I hadn't seen her in at least six months. Mum was working so she could have Christmas Eve off so Eva got me out of bed and made me breakfast. She was going to shower me but Dad assured me that he would be home in time to help me shower before my aunt Karen picked me up for the game. True to his word my dad came home around 1pm, before Eva even left for work. I had quite a headache and after Dad got back from dropping Eva off to work I decided to get back into bed to read for a bit before my shower to see if I could rest off the headache. Thankfully it did ease a little. I got up around 3:30pm and showered before getting ready for the game. I was sporting my Giants' Christmas jumper again.

The arena was pretty packed and the arena and the players were all kitted out all festive like, complete with themed jerseys. My aunt Karen and I were supposed to be picking Jann up from the nearby airport after the game but during the second break I got a text from Jann to say her plane was 'ahead of schedule' and that she'd arrived an hour early. I think she just told me the wrong time. I think deep down somewhere I knew that we'd have to leave early and that's why I didn't buy a Short Off The Back ticket to win one of the Christmas jerseys they'd be raffling off at the end of the game. Jann said she'd wait for the game to be over but we left with seven minutes to go so we could beat the crowds. It worked well and it wasn't long until we were picking Jann up. I was able to find out via Twitter that the Giants scored a goal after we left, bringing the score at the end of the game to 2 - 0 to the Giants. Aunt Karen and I had decided we wanted to order pizza so on the way home I ordered it on my phone while we picked up my aunt's dogs from her house and then Eva from work as the time just worked out. We got back to the house just in time for the pizza arriving. We had a catch up with Jann while we munched on pizza. It was great to have her home. It felt like it had been forever. After chilling and chatting for a while we headed to bed, ready to wake up for Christmas Eve!


  1. Awww, super cute farm photos! And the quote you shared is one of my all time favourites, it's just so comforting. Love your Christmas jumper too. Hope you had a lovely Christmas Sara! - Tasha

  2. All these photos are just darling! I love the little goats!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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