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Monday, 25 January 2016

My Week In Words | #4 2016

"The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom."
Arthur Schopenhauer

Howdy! Welcome to this week's edition of My Week In Words. It was a pretty good week. Lots of Degrassi and something a little bit crafty! And ice hockey as usual. This post covers from Sunday 17th to Saturday 23rd of January. Enjoy!

I got up for my fry up as usual on Sunday. It was ready just in time for Dad to take Edwin to his hair appointment. It was the first time Edwin had been to the groomers since he was around 6 months old. I was a little nervous about how he'd get on as he can be weird about certain things. Like scissors and people being near his butt. I took a few photos of him before he set off.

When Edwin left, Berty wasn't at all happy. He cried basically the whole time Edwin was gone and wanted to be held. We didn't encourage the behaviour and he did eventually settle some. While Edwin was away I worked on My Week In Words and caught up on some NHL games. Time passed pretty fast and it wasn't long until Edwin came home. I couldn't believe how different and more puppy'ish he looked. They'd trimmed his ear tufts and his hair was all poofy. He reminded me a little of a Pomeranian. The groomers said he'd done really well and they'd been able to trim his nails and everything. Something he'd never let me do. Dad said he'd been really good for him too. Usually when he's out of the house he just barks constantly but he was quite, even when he was standing in line in the store to pay for something and there were other dogs around. I was proud of my boy.

After dinner I did more blog work while watching ice hockey. I had a headache so I ended up using my ventilator to see if it would shift it. I also felt like I perhaps had a cough coming on. I couldn't wait to get to bed but I was determined to get My Week In Words scheduled for Monday. Once I did I headed to bed.

My Week In Words was posted on Monday. It felt good to be back on track with my posts. You can check it out here if you missed it. I got up for breakfast and Eva was off sick. We watched YouTube together while we ate. I got some post and was happy to find out some doll stuff I'd ordered had arrived. A wig and shoes. I haven't actually shown my dolls on my blog yet as I wanted to wait until I wrote a post dedicated to them but I couldn't resist taking a couple of pics for my Instagram.

I know she looks a little creepy. She hasn't got her face painted yet and those are just the eyes she came with. I'm waiting for brown eyes to arrive for her. The wig basically goes down to her feet. I can't wait to finish her and write a post about her. I got her wig and shoes from a store on Etsy. How do people even make these things?! Anyway, I spent some time looking at doll stuff online. After dinner I had a shower and then put on some nachos to watch Degrassi with Eva. It had been ages since I'd had nachos and I'd been having a craving. They went down a treat!

After some Degrassi episodes I cleaned up my snail tank and checked for eggs. I also gave all my slimey babies a shower each. I've noticed that Violet is looking a lot bigger recently. I'm going to have to weigh her soon.

After that I gave Edwin a quick brush and then got into bed with Eva to watch more Degrassi. 

I got up late on Tuesday and ended up missing Luca. I was a little bummed out I didn't get to see him for a while but we'd stayed up late watching Degrassi. Eva was off and made pancakes and bacon for us for brunch. We watched Degrassi while we ate and most of the rest of the day. In the evening Dad took Edwin for a little walk after I talked him into it. He feels silly taking such a little dog, much to my annoyance. Eva still had something working on her so she had a nap and I took the opportunity to work on my post for Thursday. Later on we headed to bed and watched more Degrassi. 

On Wednesday I posted the first in a new YouTube Spotlight series. You can check it out here if you missed it. Eva made eggs for breakfast and we watched Degrassi while we ate. I had some sealant arrive so I decided to set up the airbrush I got for Christmas and start the face up process on the doll shown in the photos above and the little rabbit I got a few weeks ago.

There wasn't really any instructions with the airbrush and I was a little nervous I was going to do something wrong. I watched a few tutorials on YouTube but I couldn't find the same model that I have. Then I decided to just use my common sense and it was super easy from then on. My dad got me this super spiffy mask from work to wear.

I removed the doll's heads before spraying them as I didn't want to get the sealant on their bodies. I was super nervous because these dolls aren't exactly cheap. Okay, they are relatively cheap compared to other similar dolls but expensive enough for me.

The sealant dried a little while in the gun and the gun clogged up. I took it apart and was super worried as I had no idea how it was supposed to go back together. It wouldn't work properly at first but I got it fixed in the end. I worked on these most of the evening, giving them layers of sealant before I could start working on the actual details. I also took a break to have dinner. I started doing the rabbit's eyes and ended up missing up. Real bad. I knew I'd have to start over. But being a noob I used the wrong thing to clean off the face. On other doll's I've used acetone but I didn't think to make sure it was ABS plastic safe. It isn't. The rabbit's head got melty and some of the cotton wool got stuck to it, making the rabbit look fuzzy. I was really annoyed with myself but I guess everyone has to learn and make mistakes. Still, my heart breaks a little every time I look at the rabbit head. I still have it as I'm hoping I can salvage it for something. I'm thinking perhaps a zombie bunny? We'll see! I haven't started the details on the other face yet. I'm hoping it will go a little better. Once I'd given up trying to salvage the bunny head for the night I tidied up, had supper and then headed to bed to watch some Degrassi with Eva.

After staying up late to watch Degrassi I got up late for brunch on Thursday. Eva was off so we watched Degrassi while we ate and for most of the day. When we took a Degrassi break I finished off the post for Friday that I'd started earlier in the week and got it scheduled. It's the first week in a long time that I've got my three posts up. I felt accomplished. In the evening Eva dyed my hair with some green hair dye that she'd left over and wasn't going to use. I figured I may as well put it to good use. We watched Degrassi while we let the dye take and then I got a shower. I finished off the evening by drying my new green mop of hair and having supper before watching Degrassi in bed with Eva. 

I finally posted my highlights of 2015 on Friday. You can check it out here if you missed it. I had felt at New Years when I thought back over 2015 that I hadn't done much all year but when it came to actually narrowing down my highlights it was harder than I thought it would be. It was a pretty good year. I'd developed a slight twinge of sciatica on Thursday but it was a lot worse when I woke up on Friday. I had breakfast by myself as Eva was finally back at work after not being well. Mum was at work too. She left a little later than usual so I told my dad he didn't have to visit at lunch time. I spent a lot of the day watching YouTube videos and generally procrastinating. I did get a little bit of work done on My Week In Words too. It was an ice hockey game day so I eventually started to get ready for the game. Eva finished work at 4:30pm so when she came in she only had a little bit of time to freshen up before we had to head for the train. We made it to the train stop for the 6pm train. After making it to the arena in good time and decided to get food before the game started as we'd missed dinner.

The food was good, the game... not so much. The Giants just weren't playing to the best of their abilities. It can be very frustrating to watch. The teams were tied at 1 - 1 by the end of the game so it ended up going into overtime and then a shoot out. I like close games but I like close games with a few goals. All complaining aside, we did win. Our game winning goal was scored by a new player, David Rutherford, who was playing his home d├ębut. He is quite the joy to watch and I'm looking forward to seeing what more he brings to the team. After the game we had a bit of a miscommunication with Dad. He was picking us up but he didn't phone us when he got there and was on the phone with someone else so we couldn't contact him. We ended up waiting for half an hour after the game before we realised he'd been waiting for us for forty five minutes. None of us were best pleased. When I got home I had supper and headed to bed.

I got up for my good old Ulster fry on Saturday and ate with Dad as Eva was at work. I swear this is the one meal I'll never tire of. I'm not eating well at the moment but I always look forward to my fries. Though I'm thinking of giving up pork, so I may have to find an alternative to add to my fry up. Any suggestions? 

After I finished my brunch I chilled online and eventually did a little work on My Week In Words while my dad had a nap. When he woke up I got a shower as Saturday was another ice hockey game day. While I was in the shower Eva came home as she'd been let out of work a little early. We both set about getting ready but we were a little bit behind schedule so we decided to get the later train as we'd just made it on time the last time we'd done that. It turned out to be a mistake.

About to head for the train, sporting my new Belfast Giants scarf that I got on Friday.

We ended up having two delays while on he train. First we got stuck at a stop because a teen had ran across the tracks. He wasn't injured or anything but I guess they had to sort him out or something? I don't know. Then one stop from where we were getting off a group of girls asked the train conductor if they could check if they'd left a phone on one of the seats. So we had to sit and wait for them to check and then when they didn't find it they had to give the conductor their details. They were just being super difficult about it and stuff. I was glad when we were on our way again. Thankfully we only missed eight minutes of game play and no goals had been scored yet or anything. I was also glad to see the Giants were also playing a ton better than they had the night before. After getting off to a rocky start, with being late, it turned out to be an awesome night.

The game was a great watch and another win! The atmosphere in the arena was great, both nights were pretty packed and there was a bunch of fans over from Coventry as we were playing the Blaze both nights. It's always great when there's a lot of away fans over. After the game my aunt Karen picked Eva and I up as my dad wanted to have a drink. She didn't stay long after she dropped us off. I let Rue out for a little while and I checked my snails quickly. I'd been worried about Rue as I hadn't remembered hearing her moving about in her cage much the night before. Thankfully all was well. Less was well with my snails when I happened upon Agron and Duro mating again! No eggs so far though. I'll have to keep a close eye. When I went to bed I was surprised to find I was in a lot of pain with sciatica. It hadn't been so bad when I had been up but bed was a whole other story. It was so bad I couldn't have Edwin sleep in beside me. I didn't sleep well as I couldn't get comfortable or move. It was not a fun night.

How was your week? Tell me something you got up to!

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