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Monday, 8 February 2016

My Week In Words | #6 2016

"A healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier."
Tom Stoppard

Welcome to this week's My Week In Words. Another busy week. Ice hockey, hospital and shopping! This post covers from Sunday 31st of January to Saturday 6th of February. We're already into the second month of 2016. Where does the time go? Anyway, enjoy!

Sunday was a Belfast Giants game day! I got up and had my fry up with Eva and my dad. Eva was hungover from being out the night before. My aunt Karen made a surprise visit around lunch time and we had a little bit of an impromptu catch up. When she left I grabbed a quick shower and then got ready for the game.

Eva and I had planned to get the train but the weather was awful so my dad agreed to take us. We'd only just set off for a 4pm face off when I decided to check online to make sure the face off was actually at 4pm. It wasn't. Once again it was a 5pm face off and I hadn't realised. I decided not to let my dad in on that little bit of information as I was worried he'd be annoyed. Unfortunately he noticed the lack of Giants fans buzzing around the arena when we got there so I had to come clean. Eva and I went to get a coffee while we waited. Chatting over coffee for about forty five minutes it was time to head into the arena. We were just in time to catch some of the warm up.

It wasn't long until it was time for the game to start. Before face off they turn down the lights and tell everyone to put on their phone lights. It looks so pretty seeing the arena full of twinkling lights. It never gets old. The game itself was nerve wrecking and on the edge of your seat stuff. It came right down to a shoot out. I legitimately felt sick! Sadly, despite the close game, we lost. My dad picked me and Eva up from the arena and when we got home we had dinner while watching Degrassi. You can always count on Degrassi to cheer you up, even when it's ripping your heart out. After that I finished off My Week In Words and got it scheduled before bed.

Last week's edition of My Week In Words was posted as usual on Monday. You can check it out here if you missed it.  The day didn't get off to a great start as I woke up to my mum complaining about mess that didn't even belong to me. I tried my best to stay quiet and distracted myself by watching some YouTube while I ate my breakfast. After chilling for a while I did some work on my Midweek Miscellaneous post. Later on I found myself procrastinating again and took part in The Girl Gang chat that just happened to be Disney themed, which fit nicely with the blog post I was writing.

Once the chat was over I knuckled down again and got to work on Wednesday's post. I attempted to watch some condensed NHL games while I wrote but was horrified to find out NHL GameCenter Live had made a switch to NHL TV. I had known the switch was coming after getting an email a couple of days before but what was a surprise was the fact they'd done away with the condensed game option! It baffles me a subscription service can change the product half way through a subscription, after everyone has paid. Well, shit hit the fan and continues to since. I ended up not being able to watch any NHL games while they fixed some glitches. After being thoroughly pissed off and venting on the brand new NHL TV Support Forum I got back to work on my post and got it scheduled before heading to bed.

On Tuesday my sister and I were supposed to have an appointment with the bank to make a joint account for bills when we live together. I'd made it for 11am but the weather was really bad so we decided to rearrange. It was also an ice hockey game day, so venturing out into the horrible weather once was going to be enough. My mum had been into own the Friday before and had explained the situation to the bank and they understood if the weather was bad that I might have to reschedule. I ended up having more of a lie in and got up when Eva had fixed us breakfast. After breakfast we had a bit of a beauty session. My eyebrows were long overdue a tidy and I shaped them more than I ever have before. By the time I was finished they were on fleek, if I do say so myself. I then jumped in the shower before getting ready to go to the game. We made it to the train just on time.

These Tuesday games are throwing me off my groove quite a bit. I'm not a fan. Though it does break up the week a little bit. We had another tight game that resulted in a loss. Something that we as fans are getting used to, I'm sad to say. But it never gets less heartbreaking. When I got home I was ready to have supper and head to bed.

On Wednesday I posted my Midweek Misc post, My Animated Baes. It was a post I really enjoyed writing. You can check it out here if you missed it. On Tuesday when discussing the Belfast Giants game fixtures I remembered I had a hospital appointment coming up. I thought it coincided with a game but I was wrong. It turned out it was actually the next day. Thankfully I checked as I was sure it was for the 23rd, not the 3rd. So on Wednesday I had a bit f an early start. I was extra glad I had cancelled the bank appointment the day before. I got up early and had breakfast. My dad couldn't take me like he usually does as he couldn't take off work on such short notice. My mum wasn't thrilled at the idea of taking me so Eva stepped up. We got ready and headed to catch the 10:30am train for my 11;30am appointment. It may not seem like an early start for most but I struggle enough to be ready for 4pm ice hockey games! I'm glad to say we made it on time with a few minutes to spare.

I feel like the train is becoming a second home to me lately. We got to the hospital a little early but Eva had barely sat down when I got called into the treatment room to have my blood pressure etc taken. Once again I didn't have to have blood taken as my oxygen levels were showing as 98% via the machine. We then moved to the other waiting area and I was soon called in to see the respiratory nurse. I told her I was doing grand and she seemed happy enough. After that I was to see the respiratory doctor. I usually see Dr Riley but I seen a young woman, that I can't remember the name of, that works with him instead. She just wanted to check with Dr Riley if he wanted me to have my blood tested but he was of the opinion that I would tell them if I thought it was needed and I didn't. Soon I was on my way. The consultations altogether took fifteen to twenty minutes. That's why I love respiratory appointments.

Before leaving the hospital we went to the little cafe to pick my mum and dad a scone up each. My dad always gets them when I have an appointment and I think he was bummed he was missing out. We decided to get some lunch to make the most of the trip into the city and headed to Lee Gardens for some dim sum. It didn't open until noon so we had a little while to kill. The staff were lovely as usual, as was the food. I was too busy eating to take any photos. Sorry.

Once we finished we headed for the train. On the way home we went into the Spar and I splashed out on a bunch of sweets. I wasn't feeling great after the early start - yes, I'm calling it an early start - so I wanted to cheer myself up. When I got home I watched some Degrassi with Eva while I tucked into my crisps and chocolate. Most of the evening was spent procrastinating as I didn't feel good for much. I had planned to do nothing other than feed my snails before bed but that changed when I had a bit of a snail emergency. When I went to feed them I noticed Violet was covered in hundreds of tiny bugs. I'd noticed the bugs before bust mostly on the old food, so I didn't think much of it. But she was covered. Absolutely covered. At first I was worried she might be dead but thankfully she wasn't. I don't know what I would have done without Eva who helped me completely clean out the tank and renew the coir substrate while I bathed the snails and removed the bugs of their bodies. Violet was the worst but there was some on Agron and Duro too.

Everyone seemed much happier once they were cleaned out and I also gave them their favourite, cucumber, so they'd be especially happy. I'm going to have to keep a closer watch on the bug situation. I'm not 100% sure how they're getting in but I'm guessing perhaps with the basil plants I sometimes buy for the tank. I'm not going to buy some for a while and see if that keeps the bug population down. I can just imagine how irritated they were, so I felt pretty awful. Once Eva helped me sort the snail tank out I then had a quick supper and headed to bed.

I got up with Mum before she left for work on Thursday. Eva was working and so was Dad so I was alone for a lot of he day. In the morning a body I had ordered for one of my dolls arrived. I'm a little bit in love with it.

Sorry for the doll nudity! I can't wait to switch the head on to it but it will probably be a while as the doll cost me around £80 and I'm not super confident about taking apart her head. She'll be so much more fun with this body though as the one she is on now isn't poseable. I plan to review this body, so look out for that in the future.

In the afternoon I worked on editing photos while watching an NHL game. I really missed being able to catch up on a few games with the condensed game feeds but I guess I should just be thankful I can watch at all since others can't. Even if there was a bunch of games that didn't have any video to reply. Not sure why that is. After finishing with the photos I worked on writing the post the rest of the evening. Once I had it scheduled I changed my marimo water and watered my plants, only to find one of my cactuses had died. I'm really not doing well with them. I now only have one cactus, one succulent and a little tree thing left. I have no idea why it went brown and mushy. That's what has happened to all the ones that have died so far. Anyone have any ideas? Once I'd mourned the loss of my cactus I chilled for a bit before having supper and then I went to bed.

I posted the latest edition of my Toys 'n' Stuff series on Friday, Amuse Bootlegs Vs Authentic. I had had the idea for the post for a long time and had fun writing it. Sharing knowledge. It also helped it was full of cute photos. I always enjoy writing posts with cute photos. Eva was off so she got me out of bed after Mum had left for work. I ate breakfast that she'd made and watched some Good Mythical Morning while she got ready to go get her hair done at my cousin's salon. While she was gone I chilled online for a bit then got to work on a letter to my pen pal which was well overdue. I almost had it finished for Eva getting home. We watched some YouTube videos while we got ready to go out shopping. I had a bunch of pet stuff I needed to pick up and Eva wanted to see if she could get something to wear for a work night out she was having on Saturday. Usually when we go shopping on a Thursday or Friday my dad takes us to the shopping centre where my mum works an hour or so before she's due to finish but my mum was finishing early so he picked her up first and said he would take us over later in the evening. When my parents got home they brought Eva and I a Burger King each and while we ate my dad had a nap for a little bit. We didn't end up going out until around 7pm. We hit Pets At Home first, where I fell in love with this adorable bunny!

I also seen some rats that upset me. I think I'm going to write a post on the subject soon, so look out for that. Once we'd gotten the pet supplies we needed we went into Smyths and I treated myself to a toy. I bought a couple of other toys in Tesco too and a bunch of food for both me and for my snails and Rue. I also got a new jacket and a t-shirt. I'm a little bit in love with the jacket as camo is something I really like but often find it's too stylised. Especially when it's for women. I wore camo trousers a lot as a kid as I loved playing 'armies' so it also feels slightly nostalgic. All in all it was a productive shopping experience. When I got home I opened the toys I'd treated myself to and ate some food while I chilled with Eva. Soon it was time for bed.

I got up around noon for my breakfast, courtesy of Dad, on Saturday. I watched a bit of Four in a Bed with him while I ate. After my fry up I decided to be a little productive and took a bunch of photos for future blog posts. The lighting was less than optimal but I did my best. I can't wait until I have more space to be able to perhaps get some lighting equipment to make my photos better. But I digress, once I finished up with the photos I mooched around online for a bit. My mum had been working on Saturday as she'd finished work early on Friday and had to make up hours. When she got home she had to get ready to head to the airport as she was going to visit my granny in England for a few days. I ended up on my own for a while as Eva was working and my dad had to drive my mum. I attempted to be productive by tidying my drawers but Effy was shaving none of it.

Gotta love cats, am I right? I decided since Eva was going out with her work friends that I would splash out and buy the ice hockey webcast as the Giants were playing away. I hadn't planned to and I kind of wish I hadn't bothered, but we live and learn. In short, we lost. Again. 

In the early evening my granda had to be taken to A&E again so we were minding my aunt's dogs as she went with him. It's getting a little ridiculous now how often my granda is in and out of hospital. I don't know why they keep sending him home before he is 100%. They were in A&E for hours before a doctor even spoke to them. The house was a little hectic with five dogs but thankfully they calmed down eventually. Even with them staying with us I was able to be productive and I sorted out my snails and Rue, as well as working a little on My Week In Words while watching some NHL. It was late by the time I had my supper and I was just heading to bed when my aunt Karen came to pick up her dogs. It was around 1am. My granda had finally been admitted to hospital and perked up some once he'd been put on a drip. Hopefully this time he stays in until he's fully mended.

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