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Thursday, 17 March 2016

My Week In Words | #11 2016

"No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does."
Christopher Morley

Welcome to this week's belated edition of My Week In Words. I'm having a bit of a rest week as I have a lot on, but I still wanted to keep on top of My Week In Words even if it's a little late. The running theme this week was pets! But I also had fun shopping and also with some cute mail I received. This post covers from Sunday 6th to Saturday 12th of March. Enjoy!

Got a little selfie with this little lady when I was getting
her out for a run around. I love this little woman!
I got up for my usual Sunday fry up and my mum graced us with her presence for once, I'm assuming for Mother's Day. The night before Eva and I had been discussing how we really need to try and walk our Chihuahuas more. They hadn't been out in quite a while after Eva had a bad experience when walking Edwin. I think I underestimated how stressful it would be walking such small dogs, especially when they are afraid of other dogs. We don't let either of them off the lead but you can't stop other dogs coming up to them. Anyway, Edwin has gotten a little chunkier than I would like - despite the fact he doesn't eat very much - and therefore we've decided he and we will have to get over our fears. My mum usually goes out for a walk every day and I suggested we all go together for a Mother's Day walk. At first she thought it was a great idea, until she realised she'd have to wait for us to finish breakfast and get ready. She ended up heading off by herself - much to mine and Eva's dismay - and Eva and I got ready to go out by ourselves.

The walk got off to a slightly stressful start as Eva had to manage both dogs by herself as I can't hold either of them. Edwin also wasn't behaving very well and we've realised he's worse when he's walking with Berty. So he was barking a lot at people and motorbikes and such. After we'd been walking for a while he did get better. We took them on a pretty long walk and once they'd calmed it was fun getting out with them. I wish I could have stopped to take photos of them but we had to keep on the move.

We were almost home when we bumped into my mum. She took Edwin's lead and we finished off our walks together which I guess was a slight consolation. We even had a moment to remember as my mum got pooped on by a bird. Cue her retching the entire five minute journey to our house. For dinner we decided to get take out. Eva had wanted to prepare a tea with sandwiches and scones etc but my mum wasn't fussed. So we ended up having kebabs and pizza.

Just as we sat down to eat my older sister - who lives in England - phoned to wish my mum a happy Mother's Day, so my mum went to take the call. Then my granny called to talk to Mum also, so we ended up finishing our dinner without her. We didn't feel too bad though as she ended up wanting to keep hers for later. In the evening we just chilled and did our own things. I took part in some Twitter blog chats and then worked on and scheduled a toy blog post while watching live NHL games until bed. All in all I think my mum enjoyed her low key Mother's Day and she especially loved the giant card and present we got her from the Yankee store.

While feeling anxious in the morning I took a break
and enjoyed a cuppa and some mini cream eggs.
Drinking from a cup I love is an odd comfort.
As I didn't have My Week In Words scheduled for Monday I decided to shuffle my schedule around a little bit and post on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday instead. I got up for breakfast and had my leftover kebab by myself while I watched YouTube. I was having a bad anxiety day so I was proud of myself that I was still able to phone and book my weekend passes for The Friendship Four tournament later in the year. I also phoned the vet to get Baby's test results which all came back clear. My mum took Edwin out for another walk but by herself. She was going to take him to our local dog friendly cafe but found out it was closed when she got there so she walked him into town instead. It was a route he'd never taken before and he did have a bit of a scare with a car but my mum says every time she takes him out his confidence grows. I think it helps a lot that my mum is confident with him too, whereas Eva and I get anxious. I'm hoping I'll get to go with my mum soon and see for myself how he's improved. Later on in the day I got to work on My Week In Words and was productive until it was time for The Girl Gang chat. It was about independence and I've said it before but I will say it again, Jemma (and anyone else involved in putting The Girl Gang and the chats together) is doing such an amazing job. Every chat so far has been a topic I've been excited by when so many other chats have become boring and repetitive. Monday's chat was on independence, a fun topic for me as my independence means something different to many others. I also met some lovely ladies and we ended up chatting away by ourselves. So a little shout out to Beka, Cole and Julia. Sadly, I ended up missing the end as Eva came home from work and I went to have dinner with her. After a little bit of a catch up I worked a little more on My Week In Words while watching NHL replays but again I didn't get the post scheduled before heading to bed.

I got up to see my favourite mini human bean on Tuesday. My mum was busy with him and I thought I was going to be too late to spend time with him, Thankfully I wasn't!

He was a little bit unsettled by the time I went to see him in his pram but I did get some smiles out of him. If you follow me on Snapchat (BloonStuff) or Instagram you probably saw. When he started to cry a bit I played this lullaby video for him and he was mesmerized. Eventually his granny came to pick him up and I retreated to the kitchen where Eva was making her breakfast. We settled down to eat and watch the first episode in season eight of RuPaul's Drag Race. I was super excited! I wrote my first impressions of this year's queens in Saturday's post which you can check out here. Later on I worked on My Week In Words and watched NHL replays. I took a break to take part in a blog chat and eventually got My Week In Words posted. You can check it out here if you missed it. I chilled the rest of the evening and ended up relaxing on my mum's bed for a bit watching television with her and Eva. We started watching a documentary about a girl - Leah Henry if you want to look the story up - who was kidnapped when she was eleven and kept for four days. It was a scary and heartbreaking story but before we could finish the documentary my dad evicted us from his room. Eva and I tried to look for the documentary online to no avail but thankfully we were able to find a different documentary about the same kidnap. We watched the rest tucked up in my bed.

Wednesday was a bad day. I had a monster headache right from the get go. I ate breakfast by myself while I watched YouTube. Later on I procrastinated on Twitter for a while and ended up going on my ventilator to attempt to ease my headache. This week I decided to try something new. I closed Twitter when I was writing so I wouldn't be as distracted. It worked a charm! I was tons more productive even though I was watching ice hockey at the same time. It helped I was also writing about something I'm passionate about. I got my post for Thursday scheduled in time to take part in a blog chat and then had supper and headed to bed early to watch Untucked and other RuPaul's Drag Race related things on YouTube. I was happy to get into bed as I felt super drained after having a headache all day.

Bracket my Resin Soul Li.
On Thursday I posted a new Pets 'n' Stuff post called Pet Store Real Talk. You can read it here if you missed it. It's a really important topic and I hope some people have learned something from it for the future. Early in the morning Eva took Baby to the vet for her operation to have some benign lumps removed. I was nervous for her but I know we're so lucky that they were just benign lumps. Eva made us breakfast when she got back and we ate together while we watched YouTube. I was excited when some post arrived. Not only did my weekend passes for The Friendship Four arrive, a dress for my Resin Soul BJD I'd ordered from Etsy weeks ago also arrived. I was excited to dress her for the first time and take some photos. I felt bad that I'd had her for months and she'd been naked the whole time! She'll feature on my toy blog eventually but I couldn't resist posting some photos of her here for now.

Most of the day I chilled with Eva until around tea time Eva and my dad went to pick up Baby. I was glad to get her home and I'm sure she was glad to be home. She was pretty alert considering the sedation and painkillers. Though the cone of shame meant she was still feeling pretty sorry for herself.

It wasn't until later in the evening when the painkillers started to wear off Baby started to feel uncomfortable and obviously in pain. Thankfully they'd given us painkillers to give her and soon she was much more comfortable again. My night consisted of a couple of Twitter chats before accidentally starting a Windows 10 update on my laptop, meaning I couldn't use it for a while. I was so nervous about having Windows 10 as I'd heard bad things but so far it's been okay. But anyway, Eva was watching a replay of Crufts 2016 on YouTube so I ended up watching it with her until bed. You may have seen that on Snapchat too. So many beautiful dogs.

My mum was off work on Friday as she was unwell. She'd had to come home early on Thursday too as both of my parents came down with some cold virus. I had breakfast with Eva as she was also off and then had a shower before getting ready to go shopping. I'm going to the Belfast Giants Awards on the 20th of March and I still hadn't gotten an outfit so that was both mine and Eva's mission for the day. We had to walk to the shops and then our dad was going to pick us up so we wouldn't have to walk home too. It was a cold day but thankfully it wasn't raining. I wasn't in New Look long before I found two tops I could wear as dresses that I liked. I decided to try them on in store - something I don't usually do - and I really liked both. One has a shirt collar and the other is lower cut, so I got both and I'll decide which I feel more comfortable in on the night. If I'm feeling reserved I'll wear the shirty one and if I'm feeling my fantasy I'll go with the strappy low cut one.

Our New Look has a lovely wheelchair accessible changing room! 
Eva couldn't find anything in any of the shops so I rang my dad and asked could he take us to other another shopping centre instead and he agreed. He wanted to have a nap first so we did a little bit of food and toy shopping in Tesco before hitting Starbucks to wait for Dad.

Modelling a giant cup. Not really. I'm just tiny.
We got a bite to eat and chilled in Starbucks for almost an hour. It was a nice little rest after our clothes shopping, which isn't exactly my favourite thing. My dad picked us up and took us over to Bloomfield, where we usually go. Once again Eva couldn't find anything to wear. Apparently our local stores don't stock anything over a size 10. It was incredibly frustrating. We ended up buying some more food and I picked up a Lego set in Tesco so the trip wasn't completely pointless. I'd just got home when I seen talk of another Girl Gang chat so I was happy I hadn't missed it. The topic was the 90s and being born in 1990 meant the chat gave me a whole lot of nostalgia. I loved it. I was supposed to write a post for Saturday but after a day of shopping I was pretty shattered so I ended up just going to bed.
I got up for my Saturday fry up and then chilled by myself much of the day as Eva was working. I took part in blog chats but eventually closed Twitter to work on the post I'd missed out on writing the day before. I ended up writing while I watched a Belfast Giants webcast as they were playing away in Cardiff. The post I wrote was the one I mentioned above on my first impressions of the season eight queens from RuPaul's Drag Race. I got it finished and posted late in the evening and finished off watching the game, which was a disappointment because the Giants lost. Eva went to her friend's after work so I didn't need to stay up to wait for her so I headed to bed after supper.

And that concluded my week. It was a pretty good. I'm glad Baby's operation went well and had no complications and I'm also thankful I was able to find something I liked for the award's night. I look forward to taking photos for you lot.

How was your week?

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  1. I always enjoy your Week in Words posts Sara, they're always interesting and fun! I love the Resin Doll you got, there's something almost lolita-esque about her, very pretty and the dress you for her is lovely. I love seeing the chats on Twitter too, though I usually miss them as I'm too tired after work - they're great to get involved in though. - Tasha


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