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Monday, 11 April 2016

My Week In Words | #15 2016

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser."
John W. Gardner

Welcome to this week's instalment of My Week In Words. I'm pleasantly surprised that I have this posted as early in the week as I do. I've decided rather than can this series I'm going to make more of an effort to make it more interesting. I just need to learn to manage my time and energy better. This week I did some drawing, crocheting, watched The 100 and did some shopping! It was a good week. This post covers from Sunday 3rd to Saturday 9th of April. Enjoy!

I got up for breakfast on Sunday then chilled for a bit before I started work on my penguin drawing. I spent a lot of the day on it even though I really should have been working on a blog post but sometimes when creativity hits, you just have to run with it. It was our league's playoff games that weekend and although the Belfast Giants didn't make it I decided to adopt the Coventry Blaze as the team I wanted to win. The final between them and the Nottingham Panthers started at 4pm and I kept an eye on the game on my laptop while I drew. Sadly Coventry lost. On Sunday I took part in a couple of Twitter blog chats. I particularly enjoyed the Lifestyle Bloggers chat as the host did a game of Truth or Dare. I wasn't sure how it would work at first but it turned out awesome. It was really fun and I hope we get to do it again some time. In the evening I finally finished the penguin drawing. (I know I said that in my last post but I got my days wrong so I've edited it out now).

I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of him. Eva had gone out with two friends so I decided to go to bed a little earlier than usual and get some reading done. I have a couple of book reviews I'd like to do but I'm behind in my reading.

My mum always gets super stressed out about my sister's safety when she's on a night out, which usually leads to me worrying too. Although I partake in them, drunken nights out are such a weird concept when you really think about it. I mean, you basically ply yourself with a substance that inhibits your ability to function, making yourself highly vulnerable and then just hope you survive it and make it home safe. I ended up getting a call from my sister at 3am. She was crying down the phone that she was by herself and couldn't find her taxi. Her friends had decided to go back to some guy's house and were staying the night. Eva didn't feel comfortable. I was proud that she had enough sense to leave, not so much that she was drunk at 3am, unsure of her surroundings or where her taxi was. She finally made it home and she was still upset. My mum ended up hearing her and came to see what was wrong. I can't really go into it as it's not my story to tell but what I will say is nothing actually happened to Eva. Even so we ended up staying up until almost 7am having tea and talking about everything from rape culture to feminism to gender identity with my mum. It was a very insightful conversation. It would have been the perfect time to talk about my own gender identity but I chickened out... naturally. Eva insisted we finish our chat with a group hug and then we went to bed.

Monday wasn't as late a start as you'd think considering I went to sleep around 7am. I got up around 1:30pm and saw Eva for a little while before she went to work.

In bed with my cuties before I got up.

I ended up having a productive day as I got to work on my Belfast Giants Awards post. I decided to give it a post of it's own in place of the 13th instalment of My Week In Words. Despite being productive I didn't end up finishing the post. I took a break to watch stuff and then got involved in The Girl Gang and Zusterchap Twitter chats. (That counts as networking, right?) Those are two of my favourite chats at the moment. Eva got me to order pizza for her coming in from work and we ate while we watched Skins on Netflix. Eva introduced me to season five a few weeks ago but we hadn't gotten around to finishing season six yet. We ended up being interrupted half way through one of the episodes when my older sister - Jann - Facetimed us as she lives in London. We had a long catch up with each other and by the time we finished it was time for bed.

Early on Tuesday Eva realised her debit card had been stolen when she was out on Sunday night and that someone was spending her money. They'd purchased £160 or so worth of stuff. We were pretty sure it was a dude as he'd spent money on a men's clothing website. We were also pretty sure he was a young dude as he'd bought himself a child's ticket to Belfast.

He also had quite the appetite as he'd eaten three McDonalds and a Subway in two days. It was a lucky thing she checked her bank account for some reason. If it had been me I think it would have taken me a lot longer and whoever had the card would have been able to spend a lot more. Eva was upset but I tried to reassure it could happen to anyone. I think she felt a lot better that everyone that had experienced it said that they had gotten their money back. She phoned the bank and had her card cancelled but it was another three days before the bank did the fraud investigation as their systems were down and it will be another two weeks before she gets her money back. But the main thing is she will get it back. After we got over that drama I finished off my Belfast Giants Awards post and got it posted, you can check it out here if you missed it.

In the evening I took part in my first Twitter game being held by Aloha Lola Cards. It was a zombie apocalypse themed game and basically you had two options with each question and had to survive until the end. It was super fun! Even if I didn't survive...  I made a silly mistake and ended up being eliminated. Oh well, there's always next month! I can't recommend enough that you check her out.

After that I chilled for a while and had some supper before Eva and I headed to bed to watch more Skins.

Eva got me up before she went to work on Wednesday and we ate while watching some toy videos on YouTube before she headed off. My mum had an appointment in town but got home not long after Eva had left. A man came to do some measurements for the adaptations I'm having done to my bathroom. I thought he'd have questions for me but thankfully he didn't as I was still in my pyjamas and looked like a complete slob. My mum said he was rather attractive so I was glad I didn't venture out of my room.

When he eventually left - after my mum gave him our whole housing history and future housing hopes - I attempted recording my first toy channel YouTube video.

It did not go well. At all. First I kept getting interrupted by my parents and my dogs. I then ran out of space on the card but luckily found another one.. only to have the camera battery run out before I could finish. It was an intense time and the footage I did get sucked anyway because I'm such a rambler. Still, I'm going to try and piece something together. I mean nobody expects your first attempt to be amazing, right? 

Once I had it recorded I abandoned it for a while as it had caused me enough stress for one day without attempting to edit it. After dinner I took part in a Twitter chat then watched some episodes of The 100 while I got to work some a crocheted blanket. Which I'll talk about in a later post. Eva came in around 11.15pm and after she had something to eat we headed to bed to watch Skins.

Once again Eva helped me out of bed on Thursday. We watched The Lion Guard while we ate and then I phoned to make a mystery hospital appointment. I had gotten a letter that said I could make an appointment with 'SLEEP, SLEEP'... I'm assuming it was possibly a typo for SLEEP CLINIC as the confirmation letter for the appointment is for a sleep study, which I have annually. Once I'd handled that I got back to crocheting and watching The 100. I was putting off starting season three until I had enough episodes to binge watch. The third season is still airing but I had 9/10 episodes to catch up on. I forgot how much I love this show and it's cast. Later on I cleaned my snail tank and showered my slimey babies before dinner. In the evening I took part in my first Belfast Hour and then cleaned out Rue.

A super dark video of Rue checking our her cleaned out cage. 
Sorry about the bad quality!

By the time I had that all done I was pretty beat and looking forward to bed, which I headed to after some supper. I was pretty happy with my productive day.      

On Friday I had breakfast with Eva before she headed to work. We watched stuff as usual while we ate. She then headed off and I was left by myself as my parents were also at work. I really should have got to work on My Week In Words but instead I crocheted and watched The 100. I feel like because the crocheting is for a good cause that lets me off with not being blog productive. I ended up catching up on all The 100 episodes out currently and felt at a bit of a loss after that. I know the season isn't over yet but I still wish it was longer. But I digress, later on I took part in the Gorgeous Bloggers chat for the first time. I'd always wondered what GBloggers stood for and now I know! So I'll definitely be taking part in the future. My parents brought me a kebab home for dinner and after I ate I spent later in the evening working on My Week In Words, finally. It was around 1am by the time I was finished and I was supposed to schedule it but ended up hitting publish instead. Even though I meant to schedule it I'd had to rush and hadn't proof read the end, added a quote or given it tags. Thankfully here was no major mistakes. You can check it out here if you missed it.

Speaking of mistakes, another thing that happened on Friday was that I let my domain expire by accident. I didn't even notice. I had been getting emails about it but kept forgetting to renew it. Thankfully the lovely Charlotte brought it to my attention and I was able to rectify the situation.

I had my usual fry up on Saturday. Eva was off so we ate together. It was Eva's dog's birthday so we decided to get ready to go and get him a present. I had a shower, got ready and we headed out around 4pm. It was my Edwin's birthday on Sunday too so I was getting him a present. We went to Pets At Home first and naturally I checked out the animals. My favourite bunnies were gone. It was bitter sweet but I sincerely hope they found a great home. I checked out the adoption section and found these cuties.

There was also a gerbil. It's sad to me that they never have an empty adoption section yet they continue to buy more 'stock'. I spent a fortune on pet stuff as I obviously couldn't JUST buy Edwin a birthday present. I ended up getting Rue and Baby a present too. I plan to do a little pet haul later in the week so look out for that.

After Pets At Home we headed to Smyths Toy Store and I bought more blind bags and another toy that I can't wait to blog or make a video about. I've already recorded another video opening some of the blind bags I got. I just need to edit it. We also went to Tesco were I got some more blind bags and some food. I also tried to vlog a bit, which was kind of funny. Not sure if I'll ever use the footage for anything yet, we'll see.

Eva and I got Burger King to bring home and then my dad picked us up. By the time I got home I had an awful headache. It's starting to get frustrating that any time I spend out of the house results in a massive headache. Then again, a lot of the time I end up with a headache whether I leave the house or not. I chilled for quite a while when I got home but I was eventually able to be productive and wrote a toy post that I was able to schedule before bed.

And that's all the fun times I had last week. What have you been getting up to? 

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