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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Pets 'n' Stuff | Mini Hamster Haul

"I love to think that animals and humans and plants and fishes and trees and stars and the moon are all connected."
Gloria Vanderbilt

Welcome to the latest edition of my Pets 'n' Stuff series. Today I have a mini hamster haul. The haul is mini... not the hamster. Though I guess Rue is kind of teeny too. But I digress, as hamsters spend a lot of their time in their cages I feel like it's not only important they have a big cage, it's important that you change things up every once in a while. I never change her surroundings completely or clean everything at the same time as I want her to have some familiarity so she's not stressed, but I sometimes change enough that it keeps things interesting. I have a box of different bits and bobs to be able to swap out and it's fun to add to that box every now and then. Anyway! On with the haul. All these items were purchased in Pets At Home.

WHIMZEES are always a winner with Rue. I already wrote about them a while back in the post Rue Recommends. They are marketed towards dogs as dental treats but they are also great for giving hamsters something to gnaw on, which is important! They come in different sizes and as well as the crocodile you can also get a hedgehog, a toothbrush or a stick. One of the smallest size ones lasts Rue for quite a while.

These are not to be confused with Greenies which are NOT the same thing. Greenies have a far longer list of ingredients and a lot more protein. They are fortified for dogs and therefore not suitable for hamsters.

This is Rue's mini one compared to the medium sized crocodile I got for Edwin my Chihuahua. You can see he'd already had a nibble on the tail of his before I had a chance to take the photo. 

I figured a size reference with my Ruzi Q herself would also help.

Next I got her a packet of three Vegetable Patch Refills which are sisal and grass carrots.

Quite a while back I got her the small Vegetable Play Patch. For the longest time she didn't really take much interest in it. She nibbled it here and there but mostly it seemed like a fancy decoration. Then a month or so ago I noticed she'd started taking the grass parts out of the carrots and using it in her nest. Now her old ones are a little bare, so I decided to get her some more. I'm glad she's found a use for these and it's just another way to keep her stimulated and using her natural instincts.

Finally I bought her a small Loofah Car Hideaway. I had bought her a loofah toy before and admittedly she didn't really have much interest in it but I thought since this was also a hide that even if she didn't chew on it it would still be useful. 

The car looks super cute. It's made up of green and purple panels of loofah and held together by sisal string. 

As you can see the loofah is pretty thin so that leaves plenty of room on the inside. 

The size of the car in relation to Rue does look quite small but I'm happy with it. She fits inside comfortably and the side doors are nice and big. Sometimes a lot of hides sold in pet stores are more appropriate for dwarf species of hamsters but this loofah car is a great size for Rue.

So yeah, there you have Rue's mini haul from this week. She seems happy with everything I got her. Do you have a hamster? Is there anything that yours loves that you recommend? I'm always looking for recommendations. Maybe it will feature in my next hamster haul.


  1. This is soooo cute! That car! Awwww! I love how much you love your pets :)

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.com

    1. I know! I loved the bright colours. I'm always torn between a natural cage and a brightly coloured one. Haha. Yeah, I owe them a lot. <3

  2. I forgot that your hamster is called Rue - she is so cute!
    When I had a hamster, we always got them those sisal thingies... great choice.


    | princessparasox.wordpress.com | bloglovin' |

    1. Yeah, I need to take more photos of her and stuff. She's too cute.
      For ages she mostly ignored all the sisal things but now she just loves them. She's completely destroyed her vegetable patch since this blog post. Haha. xo


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