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Monday, 7 November 2016

Christmas Decoration Wishlist

"Christmas makes me happy no matter what time of year it comes around."
Bryan White

Howdy and welcome to my first Christmas related blog post of 2016! I can barely believe it's this time of year already, although I'm sure some of you would argue that it isn't. Last year I didn't blog much at all around Christmas because I took a bit of a hiatus as I was in a bit of a blog rut. This year I want to make sure that doesn't happen but I also just want to try to be more organised in regards to Christmas in general.

This year is the first that I'm living alone with my sister and as such it's the first time we'll be decorating our own place. I've been practising for this by decorating my bedroom the last few years but a whole bungalow is a different matter. As excited as I am, I'm also a little nervous because I want it to be perfect but more than that I don't want it to look exactly the same as how my mum decorated every year. So I must invest in some new decorations because the last thing I want is the place looking bare. While browsing a few different stores I decided to put together a wishlist of decorations I'd like to buy. This post is strictly decorations to hang on our tree but I may do another for non tree ornaments. 

My mum always stuck with white lights with a mostly red and gold theme. Eva and I have decided to go for a brighter and more colourful tree. Something a little more fun than vintage. So here are some decorations I'd like to add to my collection. I'm looking forward to growing the collection over the years like my mum has. It's exciting to me that some of what we buy now will be what we bring out for years to come. 

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Tesco Direct

Glass Santa Scene Bauble
Weiste Blue Snowman Open Christmas Bauble
Weiste Pink Snowman Open Christmas Bauble
Felt Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree Decoration
Bambi Christmas Tree Decoration
Gingerbread House Christmas Tree Decoration
Brussel Sprout Christmas Tree Decoration
Bright Pom Pom Bauble
Peacock Prism Christmas Tree Decorations
Copper Bells Christmas Decorations - Set Of Twelve
Felt Pom Pom Tree Shape Christmas Tree Decoration


Unicorn Iridescent Christmas Decoration
Sequin Christmas Tree Bauble
Unicorn Purple Christmas Decoration
Sequin Burger Christmas Decoration
Reindeer Bell Bauble
Gold Glitter Deer Decoration
Silver Glitter Deer Decoration
Mini Glass Star Sequin Baubles - Box of 9
Multi Shatterproof Baubles - Box of 180
Globe Baubles - Box of 4
Mini Glass Star Sequin Baubles - Box of 9
Neutral Shatterproof Baubles - Box of 180
Multi Shatterproof Baubles - Box of 25
Glass Jewel Decorations - Box of 4

Disney Store

Chip 'n' Dale Christmas Decoration
Mickey Mouse Blue Bauble
Disney Traditions Mrs Potts and Chip Hanging Ornament (broken link)
Disney Traditions Winnie the Pooh Hanging Ornament
Chip 'n' Dale Decoration
Flower Bauble
Mickey Mouse With Presents Decoration
Pluto Open Globe Decoration

So there's an idea of some of the decorations I hope to be adding to my collection and links to where you can buy them too. Closer to Christmas I'm hoping to do one or two Christmas decoration haul posts or a 'What's On My Tree' post, so you'll see what I end up buying.

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  1. Ooh, I love those globe baubles, they satisfy my inner cartographer. I also love the iridescent unicorns, and the reindeer and Christmas bells - they're lovely. And those Brussels' sprouts are so, so cute! - Tasha


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