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Monday, 28 November 2016

Shows 'n' Stuff | I've been Gilmored *Spoilers*

Spoilers ahead.

So I just finished watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and I have a lot of feelings. Usually I'd vent them on Tumblr but I can't remember my Tumblr login, so here I am. If I don't do it right now there's a big chance my feelings will boil over and that's just never good. This post will probably be a badly articulated, incoherent mess but this is about catharsis, not quality content.

So I watched the first episode last night and then watched the other three today. Usually I'd stay up until the early bird wakes to go worm hunting when I binge watch something but as much as I enjoyed the first episode, I felt the second could wait. To be fair, I had a very busy weekend so that may have had something to do with it.

Revivals are always tricky because we build them up so much that there's very little hope they can ever live up to what we've imagined. Everybody has their own idea of what they want from a revival. The characters they want to see, the questions they want answered and then there's the fact there has to be more than just answers to questions and cameos. There has to be some kind of plot. Nine times out of ten whatever story they decide to tell, while answering some questions we might have, only serves to create more. And Gilmore Girls is no different. We want closure but there is no closure to be had because these are living and breathing characters that carry on with their lives once the credits roll.

While I thoroughly enjoyed my peek into the lives of our Gilmore Girls and the beloved town's folk of Stars Hollow, I found the ending just about as unfulfilling as the first time around. At the end of the original series we saw Lorelai and Luke coming together and Rory deciding to conquer the world on her own after turning down Logan's proposal. At the end of this revival we see Lorelai and Luke getting married after some shoehorned in friction between them and the ultimate cliffhanger, Rory announcing to her Lorelai she's pregnant. So once again, Rory is on her own and about to face a great unknown after breaking things off with Logan and Lorelai is loved up. It doesn't help that I'd internally called Rory being pregnant from the point she fell asleep while interviewing that guy in the queue when she was researching for the piece about lines. Don't ask me why. It just wasn't all that much of a twist and only added to the lack of closure I felt the last time around.

Okay, I'm all for women doing it for themselves but the show was always so centred around both Gilmore Girls' love lives, I became invested in who they'd end up with. Once again we were cheated out of Rory's happily ever after. Instead we're treated to watching our girl repeatedly cheat on a guy she just can't seem to remember to break up with and not only that, she's sleeping with Logan, who is also engaged to be married. Aside from Lorelai saying that's more slutty than having a one night stand with a Wookiee, it's treated like no big deal. I love Logan and having him on my screen - particularly shirtless - is a treat but I thoroughly disliked how both his and Rory's infidelity was handled. Then there was their bizarre tearful goodbye, like they weren't fully capable of actually being together if they really loved each other.

All the chemistry and emotional scenes I was hoping Rory would have with Jess, she ended up having with Logan and I couldn't enjoy them because of the circumstances surrounding their non-relationship. I kept waiting for one of Rory and Jess' old sparring matches and the passion but their scenes together just fell flat for me. Even Rory's tiny scene with Dean felt more emotional. Then to top it all off, the last scene we see Jess - because he misses Lorelai and Luke's wedding but more on that later - he's looking through the window longingly at Rory, after unconvincingly telling Luke that he's over her.

I know I'm complaining a lot but there was a lot that I really loved. I loved all the nostalgia and how they captured the heart and soul of Gilmore Girls. Every scene with the old characters was a joy and I particularly loved seeing Paris again. I wish we had seen more of her and I also wish she'd been a little bit happier in her life. The scene with her meltdown in the bathroom at Chilton was one of my favourites. I'd also love to give a shout out of Kirk and Christopher. I really enjoyed Kirk and his pig in this revival and Christopher is still bae. I swear, that dude has not aged a day. As much as I love Luke, I always shipped Christopher and Lorelai a little more. It's an unpopular opinion but the heart wants what the heart wants. So when I see Christopher, I always feel sad for him. This time was no exception. I'm also glad that Sookie eventually made an appearance. I was worried for a minute.

I also really liked how they handled the death of Richard and I really liked Emily's arc. I think her's was one of the more interesting storylines and it wasn't completely predictable either. The scene where she started calling bullshit on everything made me laugh out loud and I loved that she got a job in a museum. However, it bothered me that she lost out on going to Luke and Lorelai's wedding ceremony, along with Jess. I know they were going to get married the next day again but it still felt wrong considering their history with weddings.

There was a lot more to the revival that I both loved and disliked but I'm running out of steam. I'll finish this post by telling you my head canon for the future of these beloved characters.

So Rory is pregnant. She doesn't say how far along she is but considering she's not showing, it's probably safe to say that Logan is the father. My prediction is that Logan becomes the Christopher in the situation. I don't really know why he would. I don't really understand why he didn't call off his engagement in the first place considering he and Rory obviously have substantial feelings for each other and his marriage is just a dynastic plan, apparently, but Rory will ultimately raise the child by herself. She'll have that same connection with Logan that Lorelai had with Christopher, it will never be quite right but there will just be something there. Christopher and Logan have always reminded me of each other. Smooth, sassy, rich, entitled. However, Rory will eventually realise that she's supposed to be with Jess. Jess will be Rory's Luke and some day they'll live happily ever after and pop out a few more book reading and writing babies, then maybe Jess can stop looking through windows so damn sad. Considering we may never get to know what actually becomes of these characters, you can't take that away from me!

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